If you were an animal..

what animal would you be? and why?(:

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I would be a ferret!

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A Dog - mans best friend - treated right, always has a good attitude towards it's owner/s with that tail awaggin' !! - might even get spoiled !

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A CAT! Cute and cuddly, but can defend itself *rawr*!

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I wud be a dolphin because there wicked smart, my favorite animal, are supposed to bring luck, always in the water and so beautiful! :]

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I would be a monkey because they are my favorite animals!!!

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A scorpion mostly like a bark scorpion or an Israeli Deathstalker, the worlds most venomous. They are the perfect predators and can hold their breath for like 3 weeks.

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A pigeon and just shiiit on every other pigeons

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A Cheeta!!! :) They are fast powerful and stealthy, they are the underground king of the jungle, lions have nothing on them! and cats are playful but fun and wild!

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I probably would be a cat and here is the reason, being a cat would be great for some of them don't need to go outside, they can lay around, be friendly towards people, and, be loved.
Another thing about being a cat, I wouldn't need to go to college. Haha. That was a little humor there. If I was a cat, I wouldn't need to work around the house for I'd have my owner do that. Haha. Anyway, I thought I'd add some humor in this answer.

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A Rat.. because they are smart...

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I think I would be a lion, because they are independent and strong. : )

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I would either be a fox
a kitty =]]

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