If you had a cleaner each week. what would you have them do?

if you had a cleaner come each week what would you get them to do for you. It may be little things you hate doing yourself or just jobs you dont get time for ???

Answer #1

Cool. I have ten staff who I order around lol. They love it lol. I asked because I had one of my girls come and do my place on monday and even though it wasnt perfect it was so nice to come home to see the floors and bathrooms done. Kiasu you lazy bugger cant you iron. ?? lol

Answer #2

Things I can’t always do.
Mopping Cleaning windows or glass of any sort cleaning cupboards Dusting Help in the kitchen would be great

Answer #3

Well I live at home with my parents but I know my mom would probley want a lot of stuff dusted. She gets time to do all the basic cleaning but she has a lot of collectible stuff I’m sure she’d love to have nicely dusted. It drives her nuts but she just doesn’t have the time.

Answer #4

I have a cleaner each week and a lady who collects all our clothes, takes them away and brings them back ironed and on hangers.

Its lovely!

Oh, how the other half live!


Answer #5

Kitchen floor, ceramic tiles I hate cleaning it. It actually only gets cleaned when someone drops a glass on it and it breaks, or if somethng spills.

All vacuuming, dusting

Scrub toilets, sinks, bath, shower

Then theres that nasty stove top with all its blackened rims and bits dropping down inside. ugh. But if thats done once every six months it would be ok! I know I shouldn’t be confessng all this. but I’m not very good at cleaning.

Laundry, I’d love that to be done for me. But I don’t think it’s usually included in the work that cleaning companies do.

Answer #6

the smell :) I love the way the house smells when she’s done!

Answer #7

My rooöooom!! Since we moved to this house I didnt get the chance to clean MY OWN ROOM! I need help while my brother is messing up my room all the time, I always find my room destroyed from him!! Everytime I start cleaning my desk and organizing my books he stands behind me and starts tickeling me or calling me a freaky banana head! He never leaves me alone! Ugh!

Answer #8

lol, I have a cleaner come in, she mops, takes out the garbage, wipes surfaces, cleans the bathrooms, occasionally cleans the appliances (fridge, mircowave etc), loads the dishwasher, changes and cleans the sheets, hoses down the garage (I’m sure she does more stuff…)

Answer #9

Dear bigmuma, Oh, I would be in heaven…my hubby is an asthmatic and we both have sensitivities to dust, scents so I have to keep the place very clean and still work. Although I do enjoy the housework (ya I know, it’s a frame of mind) the thing I hate is putting groceries away. I would buy them but have the helper come in once a week just to put them away, I’d love that LOL. I’m actually too fussy to have anyone else do my cleaning. Sue

Answer #10

Mel, whats the going rate in your area to have someone clean your house once a week? or twice a month?

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