How do you know that trees don't have souls?

If trees could talk, do you think we would still clear forests like we do? I’ve seen people writing that they don’t believe animals have souls…but how do they know? How do you know that trees or any living thing doesn’t have a soul? I’m sure if there is a ‘higher’ being it would be able to communicate in some way to all living things…just not in any way we could imagine…what do we really know about anything??? All we do is assume…and assumption is the mother of all phuck ups!!

Answer #1

I shroomed in a mountain…and I felt all the energy coming out of trees, lizards…everything. There is a universal language that isn’t spoken…its felt by your instinct. Now your instinct, your spirit is constantly opressed by rules society makes us follow. Humans are more like robots…that act and think but don’t feel the importance of other living creatures besides them

Answer #2

Old growth forests shouldn’t be cleared…plantation forests are ok (they don’t scream very loudly)…but in the long run, I would like to see life on Earth survive without trees, animal products are EASY to live without if you are selective…there is always a way.

Answer #3

Tricky, this. We have a wood-burning stove, which we use to heat our home to reduce fossil carbon consumption. Now you’re making me feel guilty about the poor ikkle logs out there in my wood shed…

Answer #4

hmmm… interesting…

Answer #5

I think nothing would be a living thing without a soul or somthingmake it live grow … animals are not that differnt from people but trees … I dont know if they feel .and if they do ..the same feelings we have they must be differnt from the feeling we know

Answer #6

I believe it says in the bible that only people have souls and only they are welcomed into the kingdom of heaven. Your right people care more about their lifestyles then the environment and that will ultimately be our downfall. Before you guys start becoming hypocrites though I would like to see you live without another wood or animal product for the rest of your life.

Answer #7

The world is actually just so stupid.. The government, and people who kill animals and cut down trees clearly don’t care if animals or trees have souls. Because those people are so selfish. They are doing whatever it takes to earn them money without even really putting a whole lot of thought into what they are actually doing. I actually hate people who cut trees down. I hate hunters too! So much. People going out there killing deer and such, to lower the deer’s population. Pfft. Bullsh*t.

Answer #8

About half is produced by trees and plants on land, the other from photoplankton in the oceans

Answer #9

Actually, we get most of our oxygen from the plants in the sea.

Answer #10

Yeah, trees probably do have some sort of soul~~they give us a lot of the oxygen we need to breath

Answer #11

Well, I can tell you with absolute certainty that if I was cutting down a tree and it started screaming, I’d stop…and start screaming myself. lol

Answer #12

im reminded of Lord of the Rings.. shivers

Answer #13

hahah that made me laugh xD

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