What are some ideas for a fundraiser in my school for the Japan earthquake?

Answer #1

Bakesale or just maybe a donation jar, good luck

Answer #2

make an art exhibition. You and your friends can make some handy crafts (use recycle materials) or paintings. You can do this within a week or so. Then invite your parents and students, local government officers if possible to the event. In the program you hold an auction for some dance or drama performances.

Answer #3

Bake sale, Raffle (get local businesses to donate items to raffle off), Walk-a-thon (each person who participates get people to sponser them and donate money towards the cause), Plate lunch sale (get a local business of board to donate food in exchange for advertisement of their business), Ribbon day (have ribbons made for your cause and sell them around school or at home for a profit then have a designated day where they are worn to remember japan and the people they have lost), Dunking booth (get teachers to volunteer to get in a dunking booth, students will love being able to pay to drunk them and the profit can be donated).

Answer #4

How bout like a sushi fest or something. Like a party at your school and there is a lot of japanese food there people pay at the door and have fun. They also have to pay for food and etc. Y’know show their culture and also maybe have like boards around saying what has happened or stuff like that.

Answer #5

hmmm, fashion show, talentent show, multi cultural festival, car washes bake sales, cook offs, plays, etc

Answer #6

You could do small game tournaments in the gym at lunch, like twister or dodgeball, any games that people at your school would enjoy competing against for a good cause.

Answer #7

Maybe you could get contact with some Japanese kids on the internet and have them send pictures of the destruction - photos or scanned paintings - and their personal stories about how they experienced the catastrophe. Then you make an exhibition or a booklet with these pictures/ stories and ask people to donate. You can also add you own thoughts and maybe some neutral information about the tsunami/earthquare/ nuclear power plant catastrophe.

You could also sell the booklet. So if it costs you 50ct printing one, you sell it for 3$, use 50ct for financing the print and donate 2.50$ for kids who lost their home in the tsunami.

Answer #8

u mean dunk not drunk right lol hahah

Answer #9

i would do a community talent show, or a community event on the campus with food, candy, drinks, jumperhouse for little kids etc. that what my school is doing but its for the cheerleaders. maybe u could do the same thing, but for japan. good luck!!!

Answer #10

bake sale, auction, grage sale, sell choclate of something similar, hold a dance or party and charge a donation to get in.

Answer #11

could host a fair or have a charity auction. Takes a little coordination but thats usually what I have seen a lot of people go to.

Answer #12

make bracelets that say Japan on them. maybe bake some Japanese sweets and sell them. bake cookies in the shape/style of the Japanese flag

Answer #13

thanks everyone for your suggestions! I really appreciate it! :Dx

Answer #14

You can sell baked goods, a dance off, a dress down day if your school has uniforms. The students pay a specific amount of money to get to where their own clothes.

Answer #15

Make origami cranes and other figures (origami is the Japanese art of folding paper) to raise money by selling them. They are very beautiful and charming, and you can make either simple or elaborate figures for different prices.

You can use decorative kinds of paper and paper glazes, and experiment to find the best medium for stiffening them to be a little more durable after they’re folded - like hairspray! You can write secret inspirational messages (encouragement, condolences, prayers, etc.) on the paper before you fold it, and record the message on a little attached gift card so people know what’s written inside.

If you get your local newspaper or TV to cover the project, that will help you raise more money. Students who learn the art well could also raise money by giving origami lessons to people outside the school who want to learn it. And you can send photos or video of the project to Japan along with the money you raise.

This project also gives you an opportunity to learn something about traditional Japanese culture at the same time that you work to help the people suffering there from earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear power plant failures.

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