Ideas for a 16th birthday?

the title kind of speaks for itself. I dont really have that big of a house to have that many people over. But I want to do soemthing really exciting that not a lot of people do for their 16th birthdays. Any ideas?

Answer #1

Depending on your budget, maybe you could rent a limo and have a couple close buds over and go out to dinner at a nice restaurant that the limo takes you to! Or you could have a spa day with a couple of your friends!

Answer #2

I WAS going to just rent a pool and do that sort of theme with tiki huts and pizza…with games like “bigest splash”, water volleyball, best move on the high dive, etc. And you would recieve an award or something for winning..buuut the pool closed down. didnt have enough money. SO what I thought about doing was a dance party. all neon. and we would have dance dance on xbox or something…buuut it cost too much. both great ideas but I couldnt do that. then I thought karyoke. but the hey some people would get bored after a while.. I would have fun for like a couple would get boring tho. . .then I came on to this website and thought “hey” I have woods in my backyard. we could have a BBQ, a volleyball net or something, and I already have a trampoline, and we could just walk in the woods together or have a slumber party in the woods:p . . .but im still thinking it would be boring from time to time so im just thinking of ideas to do at the party(: sooo I hope that all my suggestions really help

Answer #3

hey, im 16 this feb, I want something that will be fun and everyone coming (lots of people)will remember it, I thought about camping but I want something me and my friends can be free to do whatever, also it might be abit chilly because of winter but my mum doesnt want a lot of people here, I dont have a big budget either, please help im out of ideas =S

Answer #4

I think ashley has the right idea! im a girl too and I love going go carting it is so fun! My 16th birthday is in 7 days and I have no clue what to do I was thinking a movie with 2 or 3 close friends and maybe dinner after, so we can just sit around and talk but I wish they had like go cartingaround here that I could do cause I love being behind the wheel of a fast moving car! (:

Answer #5

Its My 16th Too :) I Was Thinking Of Going Camping With Like 6 Of Me Best Mates Like and Then Meet Lads There and You Cn Hire Cheap Caravans For Like £200 :D And I Think Getting Drunk It Fun So :P and It Dznt Meen Wer Following A Crowd :) <3

Answer #6

ha okay the only reason I looked on this was because I was looking for ideas on what to do…and hell, I DO NOT want a party…seriously, you invite people who don’t freaking even like you, that are just coming for food and entertainment…seriously,I want something fun and money isn’t an issue.

Answer #7

my sweet 16th b-day is not until july 8! but I think I am gonna try to talk my parents into renting me a limo and my closest friends , and maybe our boyfriends. and having a a lot of people at my party. and the party is gonna be hollywood themed if we do all this. I hope we can!

Answer #8

It’s my 16th next month (yay!). I think the idea of a barbecue with your closest friends sounds the best. But I’m thinking (because my birthday’s is in summer) I will have a barbecue with my closest friends and family at the beach, take out a volleyball net, some games, have lunch there, and then make a bonfire at night :D yeah, that sounds fun to me.. and cheap too, if you don’t have a volleyball net, ring close friends or family, see what they have that you can bring, if they have a boat all the better!

Answer #9

my sixteenth is in five days and I’m freaking out I don’t know what to do. I have snow here so can’t do anything outside and I only have about ten friends anyway and movie is outta the picture to we can’t agree on one we all want to go to I need help!!!

Answer #10

uhhhm bonfire/ bbq rent a hall and have a dance go camping go paintballing have a kareoke party- sounds stupid but its fun go to a movie and dinner go miniputting - also sounds dumb but fun with the right people go to the mandarin go to the beach soo much stuff to do, now you just have to decide

Answer #11

I am having my birthday soon too, and I am not sure exactly what to do. My theme is night on the town I was thinking of having a very long party, one that lasts like 24 hours (slight exaggeration). There is an upside and a downside to having a long party, the good part is the fun never stops and everyone is always surprised, but the downside is that some people might end up getting board. For my party I wanted to first take 20-30 of my friends and do a scavenger hunt all over my district, parents can volunteer to drive. When that is over the winner group will be awarded with a small prize. Then I would have everyone get back in the cars and surprise them to where we are going. I would then bring them to the bowling ally we would then play a few games there, and everyones parents would come to pick them up besides a few close friends. I would bring those close friends back to my house for a sleep over, we would have fun and play many games and give each other makeovers, and watch a movie. The next morning we would open presents and eat cake. I hope it will be very fun, this is a great idea for a party! If your budget is tight then you can have your friends pay for their own things

Answer #12

I just celebrated my sweet 16 in december, I didnt do anything extravagant I just had about 15 friends over. You DONT need a big house to have a party. make the party kind of short (mine was 5-9) so that there aren’t a lot of dull moments and people don’t leave thinking it was a snoozefest. plan at least two fun games to play. (Have you ever/ten fingers are always fun and it lets everyone get to know each other better). The two most important things are: HAVE GOOD FOOD ON HAND EVERYWHERE AT ALL TIMES, and HAVE A GOOD THEME FOR YOUR PARTY. doesn’t matter what the theme is, but whatever it is, decorate everything including invitations, streamers, balloons, wall & table decor, EVERYTHING, according to the theme. make sure you feel comfortable and relaxed at your party and just have fun!

Answer #13

scatteredthoughts, For my 16th birthday party my parents rented me a hall. The place was really nice and we had a DJ and lots of food. Everyone had a really good time. You should see about doing that. -ѕтәpн♥

Answer #14

Make it special night by getting a strobe light. No Cake, its lame. And a bonfire!!! With no flames… Its more exciting that way. OH and drink it up.

Answer #15

Make it special, get a strobe light. No cake because its lame. And a bonfire… with no flames because its more exciting that way. You can just imagine that there are flames, that way no one gets hurt when they fall in it cause theyre drinking it up.

Answer #16

Im hopefully going away on a camping activity weekend for my 16th :) if thats any help to anybody? I was thinking of skydiving but knew I’d chicken out haha

Answer #17

We do not have a big house either so usually I take the party goers out to the pool, ice rink, the beach, or bowling. I do not have teens, but this might give you some ideas. Think of things that you and your friends like to do.

What do kids do these days. I don’t remember what I did for my 16th, I remember we had dances and movies…Oh and well some other things that I do not recommend(actually I was a very good kid, but we still were a little dense sometimes and did things I would never want my kids to do!!). Good Luck

Answer #18

have a bonfire, strobe lights, dancing, eating, friends over, family over, black lights, detergent glows with black lights, balloons that have glow sticks in them, ETC (:

Answer #19

strobe lights, dancing, balloons with glow sticks in it, glow sticks, music, dj’s, food, friends, also ! detergent glows with black lights !<33 ETC (:

Answer #20

If you can get a hold of a karaoke then you can have song competitions for the best imitation, funniest, & group effort.

  • dance competition
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