Ideas (decorations, games) for a Candy Themed Bday Party?

So, I’m turning 17 next month! Last year I had a huge Sweet Sixteen, so this time I’m only inviting about 15 people to my house, for a get-to-gether. BUT-since it’s my last birthday at Curacao (the island where I live) because I’m moving to Holland next year, I want to be awesome as well. Sooo.. my party’s theme is “CANDY” ;D I just went to America on vacation, and I bought some awesome candy, like lollipop-flowers, chocolate&strawberry body pens, “birthday girl” gummies; But I just wanted to know if you guys had any cool ideas for the party.

For example, the decorations. How should I decorate my house? The party is going to be in the livingroom AND outside-any ideas?

And games-Me and my friends still love silly games. I already have this “box of questions” (about me) and the person who knows the MOST about me, will get a special candy-cane, or whatever. Any more fun ideas what we could do?

Also, FOOD. Ofcourse, theres going to be a lot of candy, but I was actually thinking about chocolate-fondue? for example with strawberries? I just don’t know how to do it.. And maybe a (big!) punch bowl. Red punch.. I thought that might look pretty candy-ish.

Okay, those are all my ideas so far. Please help me out! I want this to be an awesome party! (or gettogether, however youd like to say it) I would be soo thankful!

Answer #1

I am using a candy theme for a baby shower in Nov. I am waiting until the day of/after halloween to buy the most of the candy, because I figure they’ll be on sale. If you’re setting up a candy buffet, I suggest you have small treat bags on the table so that the guess can fill their bags and take the candy home. As part of my candy buffet I am having loose candy with a scoop as well as wrapped candy. I found some bubble gum machines for decoration at the dollar store. You can also make a gumball machine. Check out this website for directions . I am making one for a game – I’ll fill the bowl with candy like skittles or jelly beans and have them guess how many pieces. For prizes for the games I ordered some candy theme sunshade holders from They have a variety of kinds, I ordered a jolly rancher and tootsie roll, they are $2.99 ea. I also found some candy theme t-shirts for $5.98 at a store called Steve & Berry’s, that I will wear as the hostess and to give away as prizes. the invitations are in the shape of a piece of hard candy (example: peppermint)and I will use a bright color like orange or yellow cardstock. You’ve got to incorporate lots of balloons! and you can make giant lollipops for the yard. Also, instead of having a traditional cake, I doing cupcakes and that too will be part of the candy buffet. I bought cupcake holders to put them in, it holds 19 cupcakes, I got two on sale at Michael’s (craft store). I am also making personalized candy bar wrappers, probably use the minature candy bars (more economical…and it’ll look like you have more with the little ones that the big ones). You can do all kinds of stuff! Just make sure you have a good variety of candy and to make it look really good you’ll need a good bit. this is one of the many tips I found on the web: For smaller parties or occasion showers: for a small party you will need 7-10 types of candy / 6-10 pounds each. Hope this helps! I tend to go to the extreme! (smile)

Answer #2

Well I remember one game me and my friends used to do, its called the chocolate game (seems appropriate for your party)What you need to play the game is 1 dice, lots of chocolate bars,a plate, a pair of gloves (like woolen or winter, ski ones if you have them would be best because it makes it harder) and a knife and fork (metal would probs be best so they dont brake). What you need to do for the game is to sit in a circle, decide who is going to start, maybe you since its your party, and that person rolls the dice. What ever number the dice lands on will be multiplied by 10 to get a time limit, eg a 2=20 seconds. Once the timing starts (whether counting outloud or with stopwatch on someones phone etc), the person has to put on the gloves, and cut a piece of chocolate off the bar and eat it. If the person fails to do so in the time, they have to do a forfeit or dare. They can be whatever you want them to be, if you need any suggestions, just ask. Go around the circle until you have run out of chocolate or cant eat anymore hehe. Was thinking as well,you could go all willy wonka and dress like him or an oompaloompa for your party, which is obviously candy themed. I’m British so am not too aware of all the candy you have in America. Oh thought of another game. Over here we have flumps (long marshmallows), dont know if you have them or something similar, but could use these or normal marshmallows (as long as they’re not too small) and dangle them from string on a beam or ceiling. Have your guests blindfolded and try to eat as many as they can before a minute is over. I’ve played it with donuts which is funny,if you do it with donuts, see if they can eat them without licking their lips which is really hard if its covered in sugar.

Hope I’ve helped, if you need me to explain anymore or want more ideas let me know :)

Answer #3

Have a candy buffett set up on one wall Chinese take out boxes with colorful bows filled with candy for each guest. Blindfold people and play “Name that Candy” lollipop tree. Whoever picks the one with the colored stick on the bottom wins a prize. Have a candy cane path that leads to your house as the guests arrive On the outside of your door, wrap it with silver wrapping paper and decorate with huge pieces of candy To make the candy, just take different Styrofoam shapes and wrap them in cellophane. Tie each end of the cellophane with ribbon, and you have candy! Decorate the party table with a brightly colored tablecloth, along with various pastel colors of plates, napkins, cups, and utensils. A bubble machine would look awesome against some bright pink decorations. Make huge lollipops out of styrafome and tinted see through paper and sticks.

Answer #4

hey i need help do u know a bakery i can get a candy themed cake

Answer #5

I live in the UK, so if you want an American bakery, I can’t help I’m afraid. I’m sure if you ask around ones near you they could help customise, or go online on a cake specialist, or cake customiser website and they could help too x

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