What are some icons that can be used to represent the word individual/individuality?

I have to do a poster on  individuality. I have to use icons/pictures to represent the word "individual". Any ideas on what I could use?

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Maybe a zebra in group of horses, or one fish swimming the opposite way in a school of fish that's different colored.

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Perhaps a busy city street, with people wearing formal work clothes, then in the middle, or sitting on the floor busking, a man wearing a bob marley shirt, playing a guitar, with dreadlocks etc, and you could use a photo editing program to make the picture black and white, but keep the busker colorful, like color splash.

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People All Walking Barefoot.. One
Person Has Shoes. Or Like One Blue Fish In A Bowl Of Gold Ones. One Person With Red Shoes.. While Ten Other People Went With The Crowd And Bought Blue Shoes.. Does That Help

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Aha, ill try the Bob Marley idea. I love him!
Thanks :)

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Look at Reham's profile pic


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A picture of Boy George

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I once saw this cartoon..
There are lots of people sitting in a room, all wearing the same stuff, with stiff faces and a choir speech balloon "we are all individualists" and one smaller bubble somewhere from the back of the room saying "I'm not!!!".

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That's the truest answer here.

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I don't know who invented it, but I do like that cartoon. :-)

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