Icebreaker Games

Does anyone know any icebreaker games that help a group of 25 learn eachothers names ? I’m working at a camp, and I want to have the kids learn eachothers names easily while having fun at the same time. They’re 6-7 years old. Icebreaker name games would be nice (: Please name the game and explain it! thank you(=

Answer #1

That’s so good! thank you(:

Answer #2

stand in a circle. have each person say their name one at a time, but…they have to say the previous persons name. it’s hard…but fun. so the person at the end, will have to have memorized everyone elses name… (sorry if it’s confusing…:)

Answer #3

Red Rover. With this game you’re gonna seperate the kids into 2 even as possible groups. Then you’re gonna have them stand in 2 seperate lines opposite each other. Have them face each other running distance apart. Your gonna stand in the middle but not in between the space that seperates them. Then you gonna yell out “Red Rover, Red Rover, send Sally right over!” After you say that then they have to repeat it. Both sides have to stand with their hands linked. And Sally is going to run from one side to the other side and try to break the linked hands like she just won an olimpic sprint. (she has to run directly infront of her to break the hands that are linked in front od her) If she breaks the link then she can return to her side(the side she ran from). If she don’t break the link(she only gets to try once on that run) then she becomes a part of that link of hands. If either one of the games are of interest to you, please send me a fun mail. I just want to know I was of some help.

Answer #4

how about “who stole the cookies from the cookie jar?”: have them stand in a circle facing one another. you stand in the middle since you are the one in charge. and you call out their name and have them repeat after you. YOU: “who stole the cookies from the cookie jar?” KIDS: “who stole the cookies from the cookie jar?” YOU: “ashley stole the cookies from the cookie jar!” ASHLEY:”who me? couln’t be!” YOU: “tom stole the cookies from the cookie jar!” TOM:”who me? couldn’t be!” Keep this up until all the kids have gotten a chance to deny tking the cookies. after the last child, say that you stole the cookies.YOU: “I stole the cookies from the cookie jar!” KIDS: “who you? couldn’t be!” YOU: “yeah me!” or…

Answer #5

good ideas guys (: red rover was actually banned from the camp though but thank you (:

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