How to skateboard?

I just need a little advice on how I can start skateboarding. I have a skateboard and stuff and I try it but it just is no use.

Answer #1

XD I never knew (but wanted to learn) until my cuz brought his over! Make sure your not running over any sticks or twigs cause they r hard to go over! Pretty much stick one foot on it then push off with the other.Then put the foot you pushed off with on it ^-^ start out slow!It might help alittle Good luck!!!

Answer #2

just keep practicing and stuff… you’ll get better at it! start hanging out with people who skate and then they can show you too.

Answer #3

I have been skateboarding for a couple years now. The type of skateboard you have definitely makes a difference - a cheap one won’t even roll or ride properly… and the deck (board) can be flimsy… If you’re seriously interested in perfecting the art of skateboarding, you’ll have to get a quality skateboard, from a skateshop… Ask them what they recommend for the type of skateboarding you’re going to do: ramp (vert) or off ramp (street). When you have a good board:

  1. On a flat surface, find out which way you feel most balanced/comfortable riding: right foot first (goofy) or left foot first (regular). Push off the ground with your back foot and put it back on the board as you ride. Use your arms and upper body to keep straight and balance. Keep practicing this until you’ve mastered riding, pushing, and balancing.
  2. Once you’re confident in your ability to push, ride and balance, the most basic trick is a manual: which is like a “wheelie”. You do this by getting up a lot of speed while riding on a flat surface, and with your back foot on the tail, gently press down so that the front of the board is raised, while you’re riding. Your front foot needs to be over the top screws to balance, and you need to use your arms to balance. Practice this until you master the art of pressing down the tail the right amount, and holding it for long amounts.

Most of all, have fun!

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