How can I lose weight and get into modeling?

okay, so I kinda need help. I want to model like really bad. but I think I’m kinda fat & I want to lose weight in the tummy area. I need something that I can do around the house to make me lose weight. that I can just do in my room without going anywhere. I have no transportation to go anywhere because my mom doesn’t drive. so yeah, like someone help me out. & also like how would I get into modeling? if anyone knows like good facts about that, help.

Answer #1

You DO NOT have to be skinny to be a model. There are tons of areas where you can become a model. Print, runway, commercial, etc.

You don’t need to lose weight or anything. You are perfect. You simply need to go to some agents. Find out where you are located and find some modelling agencies. From there find out the snapshots you will need. Most places want a headshot no makeup no smiling, headshot no makeup smiling and a full body shot.

Those are some Modelling agencies websites. You can see the “become a model pages” Where you can send in your photos so they can review you and set up appointments for you to come in.

Modelling takes alot of driving and travelling as well, so you need to make sure your mom is in with this. You are perfect. Eating healthy, and getting exercise everyday is the way to go. You’ll tone up nicely. Remember, models now adays are starting to get back into the healthy way of losing weight because they just banned size 00, and 0/1 off the runway in Madrid. It was a turn in fashion history. Most models need to lose the weight healthy otherwise if they do it unhealthy(anorexic/bullemic) they will gain it back right away when they eat. When you do it properly, it doesn’t come back becasue you are exercising and eating right.

Pushups, sit ups, running around your house outside. Eat healthy! Go see some agents! Simple as that. The snapshots dont even have to be professional. Dont let any place tell you they must be professional. They can be polaroids or digitals. Just don’t alter them.

Answer #2

ok.. first of all you don’t look fat to me, and if you are really considering modeling, these days you have to be rediculously skeletic which i think is not healthy. Umm but back to the diet. if you like eating a lot, eat every 3 to 4 hours and balance out the food. For example, if you are going to have bread don’t eat sweets that day.. and most importantly your eating portions have to be the size of your fist. But don’t worry you won’t starve as long as you eat healthy. Excercise you can do around the house.. do laundry, and the dishes. In my opinion those are the easiest chores to do. If not drink a good cup of soda (just once a day lol) and start reorganizing your room. Ummm you can do some dancing for 30 an hour. or jog in place for 30 an our in the bathroon right befor you go take a shower. What else lets seee… O yeah, practice your modeling skills.!! that’s fun. And walkin makes you sweat. For the tummy, just do 50 sit ups (all the way up) and 50 crunches 3 -4 days a week. You can do these in 10 mins. I suggest you do right b4 the shower and you won’t feel lazy at all. Plus.. once you do it every day or every other day it will become a habit and you won’t stand a day without doing it. OK?? hope this helps if you wanna know more just let me know.

Answer #3

I agree with that first person…my cuzzin Mellissa models and she’s fit and filled out you cant see her spine or ribs or anything, shes 17 and she weighs 134lbs, me and her were boxers and she’s gonna take me to see her agent so he can recommend me to some people because apparently even though people say ‘your chunky’ or ‘your fat’ I’m gonna make something of myself. I am 16 and I weigh 99lbs so I think if you want something really do whatever it takes to get it and let nothing stand in your way of acheiving exactly what you want. because I didn’t and I have a pretty good chance of acheiving a record deal and a modelling contract.

Answer #4

Please, you’re perfect the way you are …Don’t MODEL… i don’t want you to be treated as a puppet and to be told what to do…you’re great & I don’t want you brainwashed with them saying you are fat or whatever when you are really normal.. just get educated and be healthy but if you want to lose weight here’s some sites:

to know your body frame size :

To pamper yourself to feel good :

Answer #5

sorry i wrote something wrong.. first the excercise can be half an hour and where i say that you won’t starve is because you will be eating around 5 to 6 times a day which means every 3 to 4 hours… which means you most definitely won’t starve. And that’s exactly what models do. see when you eat like that and excercise your metabolism increases which causes you to go to the bathroom more often which is awesome cause thats a part of loosing the weight!!! good luck!!

Answer #6

u look pretty skinny to me. but if u say so, just do pushups, crunches, ya no, all the elementary p.e stuff. to get into modeling, google it. you will find SOMETHING!

Answer #7

u dont need to lose weight plus models have it the best cause they can still model and est whever the hell they want!

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