How do I make the first move with my girlfriend?

I want to make out with my girlfriend but I just dont know how I should make the move, I mean we have been going out for six months now and we have talked about it before hinting and stuff but I dont want to move in fr it if she is not ready, I would never want o make her feel like I was making her do something that she doesent want to do. how can I do this without upsetting her and where should I do this?movie, alone at the house?

Answer #1

there’s really nothing to be scared about. just lean in for a normal kiss, then start kissing your girlfriend some more. then start using tongue. it doesnt help to practice, it just happens. everyone says they’re really scared to makeout the first time. even I said that. but honestly, it’s nothing. just make the first move, trust me, I’m a girl and girls love that :)

Answer #2

next time u guys are alone and ur eyes catch just go for it im sure she wants to if uv talked about it and since uv been going out for so long

Answer #3

I think that you sound really sweet and your girl friend is lucky to have a guy like you. Mist guys would be into kissing the first week. but not you. you are a great guy to go out with her that long and not do anything she doesn't want to do. I respect you for that. Just ask her and tell her that you don't want her to feel pressured in any way. She'll propbably want to. good luck. -Caitlin

Answer #4

Start by spending a nice evening together and just chatting and having fun. Try to be somewhere were you can be alone (like at home without parents!). If you want to make out with her maybe you should talk about it. Ask her if you can kiss her and if she wants to make out a bit. If you tell her that you don't want her to do anything she isn't ready for then she shouldn't feel pressured and will probably respond a lot better. Take your time! you have all your life!!!!

Answer #5

ok im 15 years old n me n my girlfriend made out the first day we went out but maybe u guys arent like that see i used to be like that scarred to make the first move i know how u feel but after the first kiss is over u wont be scared no more trust me so next time u guys r alone put ur arm on her hip use ur other hand n put it on her cheek or on the back of her head n just a lil kiss n if she seems like she likes it or she dont back away open ur mouth slightly n gently slide ur tounge into her mouth and if she puts her tounge in ur mouth then u guys jus start makin out

Answer #6

Best approach is keeping it simple for a first kiss. Like gg ok here’s the game plan, knock her off her feet with romance nothink too fancy, be your good ole smooth self. CONFIDENCE is the key buddy!!! Never forget that or you will crash and burn. You got to make the romantic gesture something special that shows that you listen and really understand her, something from the heart not $$$ though. Romantic gesture will get her in the mood.

Go on with your night then there’s like 1 moment when she might look into your eyes, DONT LOOK AWAY because this is your chance. Then just act all smooth like you have been doing and just go in. you make the move she should follow if she really wants too. Does it slow so if you don’t see her wanting too you can totally back out. Gg first kiss hold it for a bit mouth a lil open nothink fancy. You got to be sending her those signals. Before you can get in with the tongue and make it an art and go for what seems like forever you got to start small.

Answer #7

well I find that when im at the movies with my girlfreind at the beginning of the movie put your arm around her… if she leans into you your good to go if not dont try anything else.. when the movie gets to a romantic part you should look at her if you make eye contact just go in for the kiss because otherwise it will be pretty ocward if you just stare at her..
hope this helps ya

Answer #8

Wow… I just wanted to say… you've been going out for six months and still haven't kissed and made out? That's sweet of you guys. It sounds like you really have something special that you can be together for that long before getting "sexual" in any way. Or maybe my friends and I are just fast… because I've never waited to kiss someone for that long. My advice would be to just go for it. I hate making the first move, and if I'm going out with a guy then I KNOW I want to kiss him. So I would say she probably wants to too… she's just like most girls, and wants her guy to make the first move. Did you ask HER to go out? If you did, then just think of it the same way… pick up your courage, and just go in for it… talk close together, and get really whispery, grab her head in your hands, and just KISS her. The first time is always the hardest, but after that… at least the pressure's off and you're much calmer. Well, I hope that helped some. Good luck! :)

Answer #9

Im 14 My First Kiss Was Wierd She Made The First Move (I Had A Freak :D) But For You I Advice Just Wait You Will Know If Your Ready Or The Boy Has To Make The First Move Variations are Fun :D

And The Movie Theater is Your Best Friend :D [It Was For Me]

Answer #10

wow that is along time 2 be goin out w/out making out dude. ok im assuming ur pretty young and i am 13 so yeah kinda same box i guess cause i asked for advice on the same question. ok just wait until you are in a romantic part in a move (every movie has got one) then you just gently lean in to her. she will notice this and turn her head. tilt your head and kiss her on the lips mouth open just a little, put one hand on her hip and other hand on either her cheek or the back of her head. i hope this helps

P.S. you can also do this at your house or somewhere private b/c if its your first time you dont want your friends, parents, ect watching u ok.


Answer #11

Well I had a dream. This is one weird dream. I was a girl (im a guy tho) and we played chase.. I know that seems gayyy but it doesnt matter. uhmso I ran and he chased me. Apparently he was fast and ran and kissed me THAT WAS SO GAY.

Answer #12

I recently made out with my girlfriend and it wasn’t as hard as it seems to make the move. We were at the theater and I had my arm around her, and she looked up and me and I looked at her and she gave me a peck on the cheek, so shortly after I brought my head around and gave her a kiss, and from that point on we would look at each other like every few minutes and the kisses just got longer and longer till I felt her tongue touch my lips, so I guess it was kinda her move, and I immediately got it and we started playing with our tongues. It’s all very natural actually, so don’t sweat it, we have only been dating for just over a month, so by now I’m sure you both want to make out. go for it man

Answer #13

ok.. i love it when my boyfriend is like aggressive with it and just kisses me when im not expecting it. but he and him have already had sex and sometimes thats where the aggrssive kissing can get ya! lol. and im thinking yall are like 12 or somethin so i wouldnt want yall taking that big of a step.. so neways.. i agree, the only way u should start is by asking about it. it will open SO many doors for yall.. like itll be so much easier to talk about everything. youll be shy asking at first, but yall need to talk about stuff like that. just wait when yall are alone.. maybe give a hint like.. gently grab her chin and look into her eyes.. she should respond and move to you.. but if shes too shy move slowly to her.. if she pushes away just apologize.. shell be thinking about it the whole night

Answer #14

Now that it is a year later, I really hope you’ve kissed her by now. But, come on, six months? She probably thinks you’re a huge pussy by now and now you are just a friend. So kiss her hot friend. And then kiss her exactly 1.4 months later. Then she’ll want you back. And then, if you can pull it off, kiss them both at the same time for the famous triple-kiss. Well, that is all the advice I can give for free, but rest-assured, I am a pro. Good luck my boy, good luck.

Answer #15

ok I’ve got experiance ok im a girl and I’ve been taken advantage of and it doesnt make me like the guy more but if you really want to make your move just go in for a normal kiss and then start using tongue trust me us girls love that lol just trust us people we know what it feels like to love someone and not want to hurt them!!

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