How to tell my mom i want to live with my dad?

I live with my mom, but I want to live with my dad. Does anyone have any advice on how to tell my mom?? I don't want to hurt her feelings or make her mad.

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I'm going thourgh the same thing. I was looking up how I should tell her. I'm just really tired of my stepdad. My dad ony lives like 5 minutes away and I would come here. Partly I want to also move because I miss a lot about my sisters, too. I think what 24girltime said was really true. Because I would hit and hurt myself because I didn't want to tell her. I would always keep my feelings bottled up! Last night we go in a fight. I think ya got some really good advice here. I'll talk to her tonight. Wish me luck!

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im going through the snae thing, my mu is quite loud and outgoing so if I tell her im scared she will be really mad, my dad lives about four hours away from me, any advice?

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NEVER LIE just to make someone happy or because its hard for you to tell them the truth. You and both your parents will have happy and sad feelings. thats part of life. tell the truth so you can all get thru it as a family. they might even be mad at first but that changes. its just how relationships are

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Plaese all of you listen carefully. If there is an abuse issue please let me know I can help. You can also petition teh court yourself or I can help. Always address your letters to teh court as Dear Honorable Judge___
You will petition the court in which the divorce or custody was decided. I have been thru these issues before most states allow a child to decide if they are 14 or older.

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hi... I guess the best thing to do is to tell her, and be really gentle but honest about it. I think that as a parent, and a mother at that, she always wants what's going to work out well for you. and if that means letting you live with your dad, then I believe she'll concede. (--,)

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How old are you?
I think that children or teenagers should be allowed to live with either parent as it is where they are going to do best with a happy and clean mind.
I've looked after my daughter since she was 4 as she wanted to "Live with daddy" once my marriage broke up. My ex didn't want this but my daughter kept asking (poor kid it was so sad for a while) and then she released her to me and things have been fantastic for 12 years, and she still sees her mum.

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I think that's understandable. I'm actually going through the same thing, the only thing is my dad is across the country.

My advice is just sit down and talk to your mom tell her it has nothing to do with her that you want to leave you just need a change.

Explain to her your feelings and just make sure you're comforting either way she will be sad but your her daughter and she will do anything for you... anyways good luck.

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Just tell her that you need to talk to her and then she shouldnt get upset she should understand that your only a kid and you need to make life expereiences

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Ok so If she was my mother I would just tell her how I would feel,she might go through some pain,but sooner or later you have to say something, but yeah I think you should tell her,and she shouldn't get mad because your father wants to see you and his probably hurt because he don't see you as much as your mother sees u,so she should let you move with your father so your she can see how it feels,I'm not tryna be smart,but yeah).But then you never know,because when you move with your father and he START gettin on your nerves then you going to be like, 'MAN I want to MOVE BACK WITH MY MOTHER",SO YEP.

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just sit her down and tell her whats going on if you delay you will only feel worse and if you tell her a least its the truth sometimes the truth hurts but sometimes the truth is the best thing it may hurt her but at least you told her and who knows thing may turn out like you didn't expect it
good luck

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you know what I think... we talk about it a lot at the gym...
I say... tell her... or call the you know whooo

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