I want to get into modeling, how do I start?

First off – I want to model . BADDD .

but – how do I convince my mom ?


how can I start ?

Answer #1

ahaa! I used to model. all yu do is yu walk into the modeelling studio, yu ask if they are looking for models & they hand yu an application. yu fill it out.. than they have an interview with yu. yu have to pay $186 for it. than yu rehearse & what not. yu have to have a portfolio of up to 50 photos. its hard work trust me. I still talk to my modelling agency. I can refer yu to him if yu want.

Answer #2

im short so I would have to be photoshoot model , not runway . but a lady at the mall came up to me about a year ago gave me her model agency card and said I was just what they were looking for . but I lost it .

Answer #3

Ha used to model.. I quit though. lol and this is how I talked my mom into it:

Fisrt be a suck up for about a week and make her love you mroe than she already does. do nice things for her, help her out around the house. and ask her. You have to have the heart for it. Just show your mom how much you want it and show her you can be responcible. Thats extremely important.

Answer #4

how do I start ?

Answer #5

honestly I don’t think you have the best facial symmetry so I don’t think you could model

Answer #6

Nathans Model Steps

  1. Ask yourself “Am I Model Material?” if yes “Do I really have a body?” if yes go to 2
  2. Tell your mammy and friends you want to become one and make sure you have a logical reason when they ask you “Why” if yes go to 3
  3. Start looking for local model competiotions or runway shoots and go to them and model if yes go to 4
  4. If the judges like you they will call you…if your lucky and they call go to 5
  5. After being signed by a local modeling company keep up the good work at school to get scholarships for modeling at a modeling school if good grades go to 6
  6. Choose a school in New York or L.A. where you will get noticed more and become a more household and famous name if famous your DONE.

This is a very slow process btw.

Answer #7

I’m really sorry to say it, but the ‘talent scouts’ that come up to in the mall are just going to try to get money off of you in the long run. If you want to do serious modeling, then you go to the top agencies and show them what you’ve got. REAL modeling doesn’t have anything to do with you paying them. The only money being spent out of your pocket(or parents pocket) should be money spent on your portfolio and the gas to get you to the agencies. I’m sure that if you went to the ladies agency, she would sit you and you mom or dad down and tell you that you need to pay them for modeling classes. They ask for a percent of what money you may “possibly” make. And they will be trying to get you into whatever comes their way…low budget commercials, adds for walmart (yes, I said walmart) and other things that may get you recognized, but there’s no way they can tell you that will definitely happen.

Honestly, you going to professional agencies will cut out the ‘middle man’ aka talent scout from the mall, and get you further, faster. Not to mention all the other people those talent agents talked into coming and paying the money for the classes. They will all be in line for the same commercial POSSIBILITIES I mentioned above.

Just skip to the bigger people to get ahead of the crowd and get your foot in their door first. One of them are bound to love your look…It may take months, but if you’re serious, and you have your heart in it, you’ll make it somewhere!

Again, Good Luck! :)

Answer #8

just explain all the benifits you can get with it if you stick with modeling for a long time

oh and my friend signed up for modeling at a booth in the mall??? so…

Answer #9

Depending on how tall you are, you could do either run-way or photo shoots. Most places would like a run-way model to be at least 5’10’. Any shorter they would only want you for shoots. First off, you need to build up a portfolio. Head shots, and different styles of photos. Your head shots will be the first thing any agency will look at. It should be very natural looking. Don’t try to paint on a ton of makeup. They want to see what they have to work with. An empty canvas! As for the other photos you add, try not to have all of them be sexy or high fashion. Mix it up. Some agencies like innocent, some like extra sexy. You have to show that you can be what they want you to be!

Good Luck! It’s a tough career to get into. Just don’t get caught up in all the comments you may hear. I once walked into an agency and they told me that I was gorgeous and that I could consider myself hired, as long as I did one of two things: Get a boob job, or have my hips shaved down. In other words, they thought that my butt was too wide for my smaller chest. I told them no thank-you and walked out. And the next place I went to thought I was picture perfect. It all depends on the agency.

Answer #10

ok I used to model in carrollton over by martian’s and the maodeling com. and just tell her that is is a very big deal to you and that you will do any thing!!

Answer #11

no no no Cheer wants to be a famous model…and is a slow process…Hannah saying “you will do anything” wont work

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