I want to be pregnant

I want to be pregnant because I want a baby. Babies are so cute and I love taken care of them. I understand the money I have to put in it as well as troubles during pregnancy.

I’ve being wanting a baby really bad for about 7 months.

Is it a mind thing? Is it a stage? Im so confused! :(

Answer #1

ok ladies, time for my input… Babies are cute and adorable and I could see just why you guys would want to have one. My best advice to you is to have one when you are truly ready, not when you are just fascinated with the thought. Realize these things first:

  1. The partying stops, so does running the streets and hanging out all the time
  2. If daddy leaves, he leaves…you might have to do it alone.
  3. You are now more then just Mommy; you are “provider” “protector” “educator” “supporter” alone with whatever job or career that you may have - it can get stressful
  4. Finally, having a baby doesn’t guarantee happiness or the feeling of being loved.

This is not in attempt to make you believe that wanting to have a baby is wrong or bad because it’s not. Just know what your getting into before your into it.

Answer #2

Wow hun I want a baby to so bad and I’ve been wanting one since august and I don’t know what to do either I thought it was a stage but every month it juss gets wrose and I want 1 more and more…how old are you

Answer #3

All this is just a phase I have wanted a baby before and I still do but the feeling is not as strong anymore now that I am taking care of myself. But I am actually glad that I’ve decided to wait until I get older because I was a foster child and I recently heard that this girl who was in the foster home with me, I hear how hard her life is and she was always the one people were jealous of because she had a job, she was pretty, the list goes on and on. She got accepted into a university in louisiana and all that came to a halt when she ended up pregnant after going out with her boyfriend for prom night. Now she’s alone and struggling and stuck with a baby. And that’s sad. He left her because he wasn’t ready to give up his freedom and his money and besides there are always prettier, smarter, sexier girls he can find why would he want to be stuck with her ? I would advise you to think about those kind of things before you have a child that you are not ready for. It’s not just changing diapers it’s about loving someone more than you love yourself. Someone who’s completely dependent on you.

Answer #4

Yeah I agree with all the above especially with “Mrswright “ who know what she is talking about because she has experience she has lived it. I believe it’s natural to want a baby because females are naturally made to be nurturing I know you want a baby because babies are cute. but that’s not a good enough reason just to want one a your age. You need to experience more things.(Just think what kind of future would the baby have if it’ mother is only 15?)

Answer #5

Think about how much you’re life will have e changed by having a baby! Wait until you’re older and ready and with someone that you love and loves you back.

Answer #6

one: how old are you? two: do you have someone you knw isint going to leave you once your pregnant and leave you stuck with the baby. three: yes it probly is a phase/stage. four: try asking someone you know if you can try spending a WHOLE day, or even a couple with there kid, and make it like the kid is your own, so you have toguess what the kid wants you cant ask there parents. five: tell me how everything works out when you’ve tried it xD

Answer #7

Okay, slow down. Yes it’s a phase. Yes it gets harder to overcome as time goes by. This is because until a few hundred years ago women were usually married and having children by fourteen or fifteen.

BUT… nowadays you have to take a good long look at things, because you can’t just rely on someone to support you if you have a baby. A baby can take a lot of work. I had mine at seventeen and missed out on college, parties, dates, and a lot of other things I really would have loved to do. Also, because I didn’t attend college, the best I can do for work is the kind of work based upon experience rather than knowledge, and while I’ve worked my way up through the years, even now I have a hard time supporting my family.

Here’s the kicker. I want another baby myself, so I know what you’re going through.

They have this great tool that they use in health class where you have this type of machine baby that you have to care for for one week. I didn’t use it myself, but they used it at the grouphome where I lived after I had my son for any girls who were undecided about adoption. Anyways, two out of five chose adoption before the week was out.

Just take some time, let yourself have fun, be a kid for a while. You know, boys, school dances, everything like that, and wait for a while for the trips to the er with an earache, or the diapers that seem to pile up to the ceiling, and the choice between nursing and bottle.

Baby clothes might be cute to look at now, but trust me, they are expensive, and ususlly stained within a week of purchase. Plus in a few months you just have to buy more. And diapers, and wipers, and bottles, and bottle brushes, and burp cloths, and everything else. Try purchasing that on a part time job while paying for night school. WHEW! let me tell you it’s exhausting.

Oh, and the greatest person to talk to about these urges is a femae family member who has kids, prefeably your mom, but I didn’t have one so I went to my Grammy.

Answer #8

I know you say you understand the money issue and troubles during pregnancy, but believe me you don’t. you may be aware that it takes money to raise a child, and that pregnancy can be uncomfortable, but you really have no idea that there is so much more to it. babies are cute, you’re right. and when they belong to someone else they are fun to take care of. but actually being a mom means that this baby is 100 % dependant on you. for everything. every second of the day. every second of the night. for everything. words cannot describe what a major life-changing commitment it is to become a mother. please do yourself a huge huge huge favor and wait until you are older. I am 24 years old and have an 8 month old daughter. I work full time and have a wonderful husband, and we still struggle. it is so hard. someone else may try to feed you a bunch of BS about how it’s not that hard and if you want it, go for it. but take it from me, you are too young. go live your life! gain knowledge and experience by being out on your own, that way you have wisdom to pass on to your child when the time is right. what will it hurt to wait? at 15 years old, you don’t have much to offer a child. I’m not saying that to be mean, but it’s true. by waiting until you are older, wiser, more responsible, employed full time, living on your own, independant, and not to mention in a serious long term relationship with another person, you will simply be ensuring that your child has better opportunities than if he/she were raised by a 15 year old who is unemployed and living at home. I beleive it is a stage that most young girls go through. the idea sounds fun and exciting. the reality is that although being a mother is the best thing in the world, it is an exhausting, draining, sleep depriving, full time, around the clock for the next 18 + years job. please think long and hard about this, you sound like you know it’s not really the best time for motherhood.

Answer #9

sweetie I know I shouldn’t be telling you anything because I’m 13 but I’m wanting one too I sort of think it is a stage but don’t get a dog OK I’ve got 10 and it still don’t help do I need help tooo???

Answer #10

Understand that motherhood is a natural and good instinct. If we didn’t have it, there wouldn’t be a human race.

We’re programmed to go goo-goo-ga-ga at babies, and we usually start taking an interest in them at a young age, like 12.

Fortunately we also have a brain, so we can decide when is the best time to start a family.

Answer #11

I think you should get a pet like a dog or cat until you are older and are TRULY ready to have a baby.

Answer #12

It’s selfish to have a baby just because you WANT one. Wait until you’re ready to put your child before yourself.

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