I want to be a stripper: I'm 14

Im 14 and I REALLY want to be a stripper and maybe even a porn star. but all websites are saying you have to be 18.

is there anywere that lets a 14 year old be a stripper, a porn star…or both.?

im desperate

Answer #1

Ok first of all why do you want to be a stripper? Is it because you need money and that’s the only job that you can think of where you can get it instantly or do you just find something admirable about taking your clothes off for a bunch of drunk old men? You’re 14yrs old and I am sure you can find a job that requires clothing being worn. Why would you want to disrespect yourself or even want to put your life at risk at the age of 14 just to be a stripper? Do you know that strippers put their lives at risk every night by dancing for perverted men who may become a stalker and possibly a murderer? You really need to think twice about this career path, because even if a perv did have you stripping at 14, you would get into so many things like random sex and easy drugs that you may be lucky if you live to see 25..Live your life as a 14 year old, not selling your body…GET AN EDUCATION! I’m sure your a very beautiful girl that can earn some cash another way than by taking your clothes off.~Good luck and I hope you make the right decision!~

Answer #2

Gee, why don’t you become a street walker while your at it. You have posted your a virgin but people call you a slut, then your not a virgin, and your boyfriends on here talking about you. Now you want to be a stripper and porn star? At 14 you should not be thinking of all these sexual things. You know why people accuse you of being a slut and I think you make like it. Chick you need a self esteem boost and this is not the way to get it. You seriously need to slow down before you ruin your life or end up dead. I am not trying to be mean I just hope you get it through your head that the things you are doing are for adults and the things you want to do are way to adult for you. Get back on the right track. And also what kind of parents let a 16 or 17 year. Old boy sleep over at their house with their 14 year old daughter? I hope you get some self respect.

Answer #3

no, illegal places might but would you rather keep your dignity and respect than stoop as low as illegal stripping? if the money is all your interested in you need to rethink this stripping is about showing off your body (no sex)you need to be comfortable with being naked and dancing in from of complete strangers, no matter how old they are you need to make sure that what you choose to do wont affect your social life, work ect and that you wont regret doing it later either if you think youd love to be a stripper and love to show off to people and dance ect wait untill your 18 but dont just do it for the money you need o be 100% comfortable at 14 though, do wait untill your 18 for now just learn more about it and work out if this is something you really want to do

Answer #4

yea, I think you shud wait until 18. By that time you will have been more mature and taken this more seriously, because stripper and porn star still have all the social stigmas and stuff. you shud consider all that before deciding to become one of them. Hope this helps:)

Answer #5

No I think it is a requirement to be 18 or older to be a stripper or porn star! Cause I think that you have to be legal (which is 18) because on the movie screen of porn movies you may get stuck having a sex seen with a guy twice your age and that is illegal if you are not 18! And cause you have to be a certain age to get into strip clubs and it may be with that way when you apply for a job at a stip club!

But I don't blame you for wanting to be a stripper...I think it would be awesome to slide down them wick'd awesome poles!

But stripping isn’t my thing!

Answer #6

I was a stripper and in the 2 years of danceing I had so many stalkers and I had 3 or more men that tried to hurt me. the mmoney is not worth having men look at you as a pieceof meat you are still a baby live your your life. and if you ever want to get a boyfriend somebody that really cares about you you have to think about wht you do now because sometimes ok alll the time what you do in your past will effect your future and the kind of men you attract. hope that if you like to dace dance at a school recital with your clothes on. there is plenty of things you can do to let your creativity out.

Answer #7

Move to Canada, You can start stripping at 16.

Answer #8

Are you kidding, is it not obvious that they wouldnt let u. Were you born yesturday

Answer #9

Why though

Answer #10

A friend of mine also wanted to be a stripper/porn star at a young age. She is now stripping and going to college. plz contact me. Ran across your question while I was researching to see if this is a common desire for teen females. Kenny knnyth at aol dot com

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