How to become a porn star?

I want to be a porn star how do I become one

Answer #1

You people are funny, bunch of immature teens thinking porn star is the worlds best job, because your virgin and sex is all you dream about!

First thing first, if you sleep around a lot, you will find it harder in later life to become attached to (or love as they say) your partner. Sex is a bonding act, not just a physical pleasure, makes you closer to each other (which is why religion says keep sex till marriage, so your marriage is stronger etc).

If you and your partner sleep around a lot before meeting each other, you both will feel less attracted to each other once you both find out (which in any open an honest relationship, your bound to discuss it eventually), plus you will both find it harder to bond and feel closer to each other from the start, you may lust after each other, but that is temporary, once your desire for sex with each other dies down, what will you have left? A cold marriage and inevitable divorce is what lol (sure not right then, but 5-10 years down the line).

So keep the sex for somone you feel about, not just random people you can get for the sake of an easy lay, doing it for a carer will be 100x worse for any future relations.

Secondly and more importantly! The sex industry has the highest rate of sexual related diseases, simple because they force you to work hard! imagine a chick getting her vagina pumped anywhere from 2-3 hours to 6-12 hours a day every day!!! The walls of her vagina will become thinner, thus more prone to breaks and tears, once your blood is exposed to a non condom wearing penis, you become at risk of HIV! and other infections/diseases!

Same goes for the guy, too much sex and your penis shaft skin can break or tear. Imagine doing an unprotected anal scene, the guy is at risk the whole time, the girl will be at risk once he goes from anal to vaginal sex (which is common in porn). Too many actors have become sterile as a result of an infection/disease they caught from a porn shoot, good luck to those thinking they can have a family after all that cash they think they will make to support the future family lol.

You will not get to wear any condoms or anything to keep you safe from disease/infection! Simple because there is no demand for safe sex porn (people like to see the bare penis for some gay reason, given 99% the watchers are male, bunch of fags).

Plus if you look close on most hardcore porn, those expressions the girl is making, not expressions of pleasure, but of genuine pain! What would you feel like if your vagine felt like it was on fire, because of the inflamation and tears/breakage of the vagina wall, due to all the sex over the past few hours and days! They are in real pain most the time they shoot, they just cover it up with faked moans of pleasure! The viewer does not notice since they too busy watching the penis (again bunch of fags) and masturbating/touching themself.

Lots of actors turn to drugs and alcohol (or both) to numb the pain during sex scenes and to cope with the mental issues being a porn actor brings! Good luck keeping what little money you do make for the future, when its all blown on drugs and alcohol.

Finally, those who stay in porn for too long eventually become impotent! Yes they cannot get an errection through stimulation physically or mentally (unless you like Hugh Hefner and get hard at gay porn, wonder how long thats gonna last him lol). They have to resort to Viagra and other similar products or as mentioned, gay porn (which is why most male actors eventually go into gay porn, they no longer can get hard for women! So have to take gay porn because the directors etc dont want them taking viagra etc and still being hard after ejaculation!

Same goes for the women, they no longer get wet down below, makes sex worse for them since they can only have spit as lube, makes the pain in the vagina much more worse! Plus having to use the guys spit as lube mid sex scene, again risk of infection/disease!

So after reading all the above, if you think porn is a good career, then by all means go ahead, just dont look back in regreat, you no longer have the right to do so once informed but still choosing to go ahead. But if you do, good luck with your future life after porn, you will need it man! (unless your super lucky and make it as a porn star! Then you have enough cash to drown away your sorrows and emotional issues lol).

Answer #2

whatss a fluff girrl?? my friiend told me to be one?

Answer #3

It’s very demeaning to women and I wouldn’t tell you to do it either. It doesn’t require intelligence either.

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ummm. that is not a great profession, to look into, I hope you are joking, but anyhow.. I guess connections, and marketing yourself out there… I would also insist going for a REAL career, because porn is’nt steady..

Answer #6

It doesn’t take much believe me…I’d rather have a career that I had to work hard for, than one that anyone could do. The porn business will use you, abuse you, then throw you to the curb when the next big thing comes along. You need to plan for your retirement…and the last time I checked (which was NEVER), you can’t collect social security for your porn gigs.

Answer #7

I have a 11 inches long dick and 2 1/2 thick and I last for about 45mins I not tall I’m 5,6” and 214 pound and I’m always horny I can say about 24/7. Do you think is a good idea for me to get in this profession?

Answer #8

First you need to decide if it’s something that’s right for you.

Remember that most likely your family and friends will find out about it and it may impact your ability to get a job in the future. We all know about Vanessa Williams and her Playboy fiasco… just think what a potential boss for an public relations or grade school teacher will think if they find out about your porn history.

If you have or plan on having kids you need to take into consideration that while you may be able to explain to them what you do as a good choice for you, the other parents, teachers and kids may not and your child may have to face the stigma of their parent being a porn actor.

These are just a few of the things you need to think about before jumping into the porn industry as it is important to make a well thought out decision about something that can be potential controversial for you in various aspects of your life.

You’ll have to obtain a health record which indicates your HIV status and sexually transmitted disease status. Most producers want these to be less than 30 days old. Tests are very inexpensive and may even be free. (so expect to do STD screenings every 30 days.)

It may be a better choice to try and volunteer as an assistant or “Fluffer” before you dive in the deep end. For those of you who don’t know, a “Fluffer” is someone who stimulates the actors (mainly males) to aid them in maintaining their erection for scenes.

Getting a reputable agent is key. They will not only help you with advice, bookings and providing a valuable resource but they can handle negotiations for you by already having your needs in mind while using their vast knowledge of the industry. You must find a reputable Agent or you can get screwed before it gets filmed!

Calling an agent with too many questions from not doing your homework will be a sure sign that you are not ready to even get an agent let alone start your career in porn.

you can try - pretty much a myspace-like porn star site

xox Sika

Answer #9

being in the sex industry is really bad for your self esttem I started in the escort busiiness and went from that to being a dancer. you are never happy and you have to keep doing something that makes you unhappy to support your new life stlye. my best friend is in the porn bussines and when she goes home to her husband she dosnt even want him to touch her. the money is ok but you can only do it for so long if you are really seroius about doing that at least have some sort of back up plan. and you have to think about it what happens when you want to have a family one day. I dont judge pople you can do what ever you want to do but I wish I had gone to school and not gone into the sex industry 3 years ago.

Answer #10

honestly I think I’d be taking two steps backwards if I became a porn star. I want to have a husband and family one day. What nice guy would ever want to marry me if I became a stripper or porn star? and what would I tell my kids? and most importantly, how would it all sit on on my conscience? One day we will have to face God. When I face Him, I want to say that I served Him as much as I could and that I did the right thing as much as I could. I love Jesus way more than I love money, that’s for sure.

to those of you who are not saved or if you don’t know Jesus Christ, this man changed my life so much. He’s the answer. When it comes down to it, life comes down to the choices we made and if they honored God. that’s it. We face Him in the end.

One of the other users here posted something I agree with: When you get done w/porn, the Lord will be waiting. Just like after every mistake you have made, He will be right there waiting for you, arms wide open, loving you right through your sins and faults, ready for that close loving relationship He wants to have w/you. That offer will never expire as long as you are living. There is still time and hope for you, my dear friends. Take Jesus as your savior today. It is the most important decision you will ever make. He’s nothing but love, yall.

Answer #11

porn star? just because you get into doesn’t mean you’ll become a star.

Answer #12

well I want to be a porn star im a natural red only a b/ and every guy has ALWAYS said im the best sex theyve ever had.BC I LOVE ALL SEX. and people tell me all the time to be a porn star theyd buy it.. with how money is these days I would totaly do it, it could proberly help me with college if I do it a few times. I was reading about the grade school shit.. I wanna be a k-8th grade teacher.. if I only do a few. how is every one going to find out? I don’t have to put it on a resume.. and I don’t want to do it my whole life? I wouldnt mind implants.. and I love sex.. id NEVER be a stripper or escort or anything like that (ID RATHER B HEALTHY), I want great money now. and if I have to do the best thing in the world SEX thts fine wit me.. and std testing.. I get testd every 3 mo.. I don’t care if I gotta get tested every 30 days.. how the hell do you start? do you have to pay for an agent? they cant just get a % of what you make? wheres the website?? this was really no help..

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Answer #14

how do I become a porn star being a canadian living in the states…?

Answer #15

This is Andrew Woods and ia m 19 in Memphis,TN and I really want to be a porn star when I get old enought

Answer #16

The last to women are absolutely right I am a man 18 as a matter of fact and anyone who goes or even considers going into porn is stupid. Honestly guys out here in the real world dont like girls who screw all the time. Damn a girls vagina after porn is like freakin stargate. I dont want to be with a girl who has slept with so many men I will feel unimportant and I dont like that and I dont think any other men do either.

Answer #17

Its the best job in the world

Answer #18

am mike from scotland! Anyone know how to do this in britain? Am very decent built, w/e, very very high sex drive and open mind! am 35 tho! not a problem for most women mind you lol! Am very decent and youngish looking! chrz

Answer #19

Although there are some big name porn stars who make a lot of money compared to the average person. About 70% of women in the industry barely make minium wage because it is so hard to break into the industry and they look for certian talent. It’s not just about having sex it’s about acting, having your body in good shape, being mentally ready, and almost all are required to get implants within the first year of their career. The average cup size for implants are usually a big D cup and up which can cause extrme back problems later in life. In some ways the porn industry is great but most girls stop at age 25 and do not have another source of income to live on which is problematic. I suggest if you do want to get into porn then go to a post secondary school as you are doing porn so when you are out of the industry you actually have a dependable income anyway these are just some of the negitives I suggest you write a list or pros and cons and see if you really want to become a porn star good luck

Answer #20 name is mario,am 20years of age and i really really want to become a porn star…can this website help me? this is my phone number +39 327 33 08 254

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