How can I be thin like Barbie?

How can I be thin like Barbie?

Answer #1

Barbie is supposed to be stereotypically ‘beautiful’ and ‘attractive’. It’s no wonder that you want to look like her when she has been designed to represent the accepted ‘look’ and body for modern girls. However, to be thinner you should really try muscle toning activities and eat less sugar/saturated fatty foods. Saying this, I suggest you get yourself a different role-model, because NO-ONE is perfect like a Barbie doll.

Answer #2

exactly fizzpop12 lol as thin as a barbie lol

Answer #3

Barbies aren’t real. It is impossible to be that thin.

Answer #4

Barbies are fake. Fake is not pretty or sexy or beautiful, real is beautiful. You don’t need to be thin or blonde or fake to look great- just be healthy. Eating healthy foods (lots of fruits and vegetables) and working out a little bit every day will keep you healthy and looking like a truly natural, beautiful person.

Answer #5

y do u wanna be so small im small and i dnt lik it jus be urself

Answer #6

Dude, I’m as thin as a tooth pick, I’d switch bodies with you if I could anytime.

Answer #7

Well barbie doesn’t eat, so you can follow along with that

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Answer #9

You don’t want to be like Barbie. I agree with liluxo. Barbies are fake and if they WERE really, they are so disproportional that they would fall over and cease to function. Natural and real beauty is what makes us beautiful. The more you see yourself as beautiful, the more others will be drawn to that energy and will more and more find you to be truly beautiful.

Answer #10

Work out that is how you can have a slim sexy body. Go walking or jogging, and do situps. Guys dont like fat stomachs. You have to be dedicated. a lot of women want to be smaller but are too lazy to actually do it. PS-Fudge Barbie. Barbie doesnt even look good, why would you want to be like her. LOL. You must be young.

Answer #11

barbies are ugly. gross. FAKE.

Answer #12

barbies are fake and plastic and barbie is now like 50 so y would u want 2 b like barbie

Answer #13

WARNING: plz dont try 2 be like barbie i no shes cute an all but its creepy to be 2 thin, i`ve seen ppl like that an its unhelthy!

Answer #14

If Barbie was real her head would be about the same circumference as her waist. Which would mean that she would barely have enough room for half a liver and a measly few inches of intestine. So she wouldn’t be able to survive!! No one is as thin as the appear in the magazines either they have been airbrushed to be half the size they really are!! I think more people should be made aware of how unnatural and fake the beauty world has become! We are being influenced by something which does not exist in reality x

Answer #15

is this a serious question?

Answer #16

if Barbie was real, she would be at least 5’9” and 100 pounds with about 34D boobs. I think that’s right. Basically impossible. Don’t try.

Answer #17

Sounds to me like you’re struggling with low self-esteem. I can truly empathize with you, because I’m struggling with it myself and let me tell you, it ain’t no picnic. It’s not my size that’s bugging me, it’s my face, but they still come from the same root, so I’ll help you in the best way that I can. The media is always flashing around this mould that women and girls should fit into and we’re all weak enough to let our flaws get the better of us and give in. I’m guilty of it myself, but I’m seeing a counselor and working towards changing my low self-esteem. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with safely shedding a few pounds to get yourself in the healthy range ( I lost 30lbs myself and have kept it off for over a year)—IF YOU’RE ACTUALLY OVERWEIGHT!!! And even if you are overweight, looking like a Barbie doll shouldn’t be your goal. You should be aiming at being the best you can be, stop comparing yourself to Barbie dolls, girls at school, people in the media etc, because you’ll just wind up doomed to feeling terrible about yourself for life. It’s sad, the media is even targetting little girls with their stereo-types now, but that’s a whole other story. Anyhow, the bottom line is that you need to be more accepting of yourself, afterall, this is the hand God dealt you, you can either work with it, or whone about it. As agonizing a decision as that may be ( detect the sarcasm?) I’d definitely go with work with it. And about this whole thing with Barbie; did you know that if she was a real person she’d be about 5’7 and 80lbs ( pretty sure). And do you know what that means? She’d be too frail to even hold her head up! Is that what you really want to be, another weak female? You should get involved in a sport that makes you feel strong and healthy. Girls nowadays view themselves as toys for men and that’s just not the way it should go down. Besides, most men like a woman with curves, but the hell with men, this should be for you. Lets just be honest here, who are you really trying to impress? I hope to God it’s not people at school who don’t give a flying f**k about you and you’re putting yourself through hell just to look good for them. It’s terrible. The day you die, is it really going to matter how big your ass was? Is that what you’re going to think of as your accomplishments? No, you’re going to be thinking about who you were as a person and how you lived your life. And believe me, outward appearances have no relevance to how you live your life. Anyhow, PLEASE get back to me through fun-mail and tell me how you’re doing. I’d really like to help, I can relate to you more than you’d think. Best of luck, peace!

Answer #18

hello have any of you played with Barbie dolls??? . . . . . she’s curvaceous with enormous DD boobs and a huge butt! and really most of you are over the age of 18 . . . . do you really wanna look like a doll that you played with when you were 2 years old!! i take my hat off to the girls with skinny bodies and look great . . . but the fat ones . . . i take my hat off to you if you love who you are, but if you pop diet pills and throw up then. . . i hope you stay fat and ugly for all your life . . . only god can judge you! once you start getting obsessed with your weight you never stop . . soon that’ll be all you talk, think and do . . . i don’t think your boyfriend cares how much calories are in his hot dog roll and he doesn’t give two hoots about “if i eat that it’ll go straight to my butt” he just wants to have a good time and laugh and take you out. just think about it: would you enjoy the day out with friends/ boyfriend more if you

keep worrying bout how much weight will i gain if i eat that OR just living for today and loving who your with and the love they have for you at that present time!!!


Answer #19

Most girls like Barbie want to be Barbie and those girls look at Paris Hilton they like Barbie and Paris Hilton. Don’t starve yourself just to be like Barbie I know Barbie looks perfect but no need to be like that. They are fake girls who want to be like that cause there not themselves at the end of ttheday you can love the colour pink though. UK bigbrother those twins we’re fake they wanted to be Barbie and Paris Hilton they weren’t themselves they were acting childish and sreaming and that .

Answer #20

Dear myomayaa,
Some great info about Barbie: If Barbie were a real person, she would be 6’ 0”, weigh 100 lbs., and wear a size 4. Her measurements would be 39”/19”/33”. She would probably have had to have back surgery from being so top heavy. Sue

Answer #21

u can be thin either in two ways, if u work for it or if ur genetics says so! thin is nice but u have to be fit and healthy as well.

Answer #22

I love barbie and paris hilton there both really cool bitches! loves it! im kind of like a barbie but dont be like diff. im myself even it means im a barbie or outgoing dosent mean your as outgoing or whatever but to help u dont listen to crap like barbieugly or blahhblahhh!cause thats a lie! eat skinny but have some treats , friuts green everything u can have a red apple but green burns fat better! water 1-8 - 10. I think thats right! do pilates , yoga and dance! makeup pink lipstick is something u should have Id say vs lipstick vs makeup lorailli is good 2! be cute at all times makeup doesent just make u look good make sure your hair is hot 2! and nail toes hair! shave wax everywhere i mean like everywhere! twezee eyebrows! wax color in! extentions vodka keeps u skinny lol bitch hope I helped! loves it!

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