How can I become more girly?

I want to be more of a girly girl. I’m a total dork. I wear glasses keep my hair in a pony tail and wear baggy sweaters. I want to change but I don’t know how. What should I wear? What should I do with My Hair? Should I keep my glasses? what should I do?

Answer #1

Well u can wear make up ,bright colors ,tighter jeans, talk more girly, hang out with girly girls, and flirt with guys

Answer #2

wear pink and a lot of it Guys love the color

Answer #3

If you think your glasses work 4 you keep em or you can get can keep your hair in a pony you can just think or something different like a low side pony,or lose tjhe pony at together and get your hair straightend,curled,waved,or watever you want.u could lose the baggy sweatshirts though try regular t shirts (not really baggy),long sleeve tight through the middle shirts,maybe some blouses you could also get leggings if you have some really long (dressy) shirts,u could get skirts they have jean skirts that if your not really ready to go all 4 the girl thing take 1 step at a time.wear some make up not to wear people will thing you dumped your head in a tub or make up just some blush,lip gloss (deffinatelly),eyeshadow,eyeliner,and you might need the make up remover cream 2.4 eyeliner you might not wanna start with black try a brown first try applying it right above your lashes it works 4 me.with blush you CAN’T press. Hard in the blush or when you brush it on it’ll look like someone slapped you on your cheeks…hard.with shoes its not really a big problem you can wear flat shoes they kinda look like ballet shoes but there not.u can wear boots with belts on them you probly can only wear those with skinny jeans.I love converse you could also wear those with skinnys. Thx 4 your time hope it helped it took 2 finga cramps to write this whole byeee

Answer #4

I can help, I’m a total girly girl. Most Girly Girls don’t dye their hair, but not me! So if you did that already its alright, but if you didn’t try not to. Ok, now lets get started.

  1. You must wear tight Jeans, their comforable, or you might wanna wear a skirt. 2.Some girly girls wear make up and some do.I sometimes do and don’t.So try to get blush, lip gloss or lip stick, but lip gloss is more prettier.Maybe eye shadow. 3.Paint your nails, at least some do. You may paint them any kind of color, like pink, blue or purple. 4.Some girly girl curls their hair so try to do that.You may have both curled and in a ponytail. 5.Girly girls don’t have fake tan, Fake girls have that.So you might want to tan outside in the sun.In a bathing suit and put your tanning lotion on.You may by those at stores like Target and Wal mart and alot more. 6.Shop at Claires, Dusties and more girly stores.I have many, but i can’t list them all. 7.You might want to wear high heels.If you get fustrated, like tripping and stuff.You need to take little steps at a time.They get more easier, trust me.
Answer #5

Hey kacic2007! I am SUPER girly so I hope I can help! First of all I believe that every girl goes through this phase- wanting to look more mature, etc, so don’t EVER doubt yourself for feeling like that. The best thing you can do through the entire progress is be confident in yourself, if you want people to notice you more and to notice the change you have to present yourself as a changed person. I don’t mean start acting like a “Mean Girl”, but be proud to be who you are. As far as the actual physical femininity, let your hair down for a change! Try straightening it with friends maybe or do low pigtails (very stylish, cute, and easy). Start experimenting with glittery eyeshadows or lipglosses, etc. Don’t do more makeup than you are comfortable with. Skirts and dresses are super flirty and fun, and can be worn with leggings if you aren’t ready to be “bare”. And personally I think you should keep your glasses (maybe get a more stylish pair with rhinestones?- look at what celebrities are wearing for ideas) because you can keep a part of your own personality with them, they are what sets YOU apart making you you. If that makes sense ahah. Don’t let anyone change you- make the change for yourself! Hope you find your inner girl, I have faith in you!

Answer #6

Ooooh, I LOVE this kinda stuff! ok so I think you should:

  1. Get contacts or a really cute pair of glasses. If you do stick with the glasses the you should get a normal pair and a sunglasses pair.
  2. Wear only a little makeup. if you wear 2 much people may say you are trampy. I sugest a little blush, mascara and eyeshadow or eyeliner. (eyeshadow is usally easier to apply). Also always have lip gloss with you. I am a girly girl and my mouth looks like it was covered in saran wrap it has so much lip gloss om it!
  3. do diffrent things with your hair. high and perky ponytails are cute, but not for everyday. pigtails are cute 2! but dont do them high. tie them low and loose that way they look cute and kinda sexy, not girl scout. Alos straigtened hair is cute just worn down. Many girls have side bangs that they like to pin up or just leave down.
  4. cute clothes that are fashoinable are eveywhere! I suggest skinny jeans, boot leg or flare jeans, skirts, legings, and skimps.abercrombie and hollister are my fav stores, I buy everything there exept for legings and skimps. You can get those an kohls or target. thats what I do. also use lots of camis for layering. abercrombie and hollister have lotz of lacy ones in fun colors.
Answer #7

I had and is still going through the exact same thing that you are so I understand completely. The advice Juniper one gave you is perfect advice and is actually advice that I gave myself for my ‘transformation’. I went to a salon and talked to someone that I felt comfortable playing in my hair and giving me tips on better haircare and simple styles. Then, because I wanted to start wearing make-up but didn’t know much about it I went to Walgreens and talked with the lady in the make-up department and we went through all the brands and found stuff that suits my skin color. I watched all of Michelle Phan’s youtube videos and got great advice from there and don’t wash your face with soap, it’s really harsh on you skin and causes breakouts and I’ve noticed huge improvements with my acne (don’t know if you have that problem).

Then just one at a time start replacing your wardrobe and you definitely want to go alone. Unless you have a female friend that you’re completely comfortable with helping finding clothes that fit your body.

As far as your glasses go, you can wear them and still look great but if you love your eyes then get contacts. As you make the outward changes your attitude toward things will change with it. :)

Answer #8

1.where puffy bras and stuff it with paper 2.wear pink 3.where perfum and tons of make up 4.when you put on a skirt make your under wear show 5.dont fight 6.say a lot of bad words 7.have a boyfriend trust me this works I did this and like I got of friends

Answer #9

~wear make-up…natural colors ~smile or laugh at everything ~Do your hair in tons of different styles…the popular you become the more crazier it can get ~Never flirt…Play hard to get ~Be the kinda girl that can dance around in their underwear and sing with a hairbrush ~always wear tight jeans,skin tight shirt, acceries,but never ever wear a ponytail around your wrist ~be cute!!!

Answer #10

Well I am kinda like you I love hunting and being in the woods, but I can still clean up preety good! LOL You should definately try (but not to hard) to change using baby steps and never forget who you really are on the inside. Inner beauty is still more important than outer beauty, it is still good to put on mascara,lip gloss,powder or foundation(what ever floats your boat),eye shadow, and so on. Do not go over board though you really look like a clown!!! ;)

Answer #11

i was the same till year 8 i changed step by step get a new haircut and stuff wear some make ( mascara, lipgloss , a little foundation NOT TO MUCH other wise u will look like a clown lol ) and u dont have to wear pink u can wear bright colours instead of black and darker colours and such hope i helped ] good luck x

Answer #12

1)wear makeup 2)wear pink all the time 3)have a chrush on somebody 4)listen to mucisc 5)love makeup 6)u don’t have to wear high shoes 7)u don’t have to spell correct 8)have tons of fun 9)have lots of frindes 10)text if you have a phone11 11)do not call any body just text and if you do then call 12)eat heatly 13)read the twilight saga 14)have an ipod nano or somethin that you can listen to music to 15)dont ever wear purple or green on eyeshodow I’am a tomboy and no I a sarting to by like a grily gril and I hope that you take me avidce!!!

Answer #13

I grew as a tom-boy running through the woods climbing trees…ect. Im now 15 trying to be more girly and talking to my friends. My hair is a few inches longer than my shoulders and its naturally curly I put tresmay flawless curls mousse and scrunch my hair then run a wide tooth comb through your hair and blow dry your hair with a defuser and when the hair is dry put it in curlers the time length depends on when you have to leave the house I take the curlers out of my hair 10-15 minutes before I leave the house and spray hair spray to hold the curls. I wear makeup I like to make my eyes pop out I use dark brown eyeshadow and liner (my eyes are grey-blue) and black mascara. Also try to find colors that look really good on you, hope this helps :)

Answer #14

Firszt Of All Try Contactsz. No Nerdy Glassesz.! Only Cool Onesz.(: Wear Skinny Jeansz . Pink. Pink. Pink. (: Go Geht Some Sexy Shirtsz Muh Story Isz I Wasz A Toltall Tomboy.! Then My Kuszn Told Me To Make Chanqesz So I Ckut My Hair&Died it Then My Faveorite Thinq To Do Isz Shopp.!(: I Wasz 11 when I Wanted To Chanqe. 2 Yearsz Laterr.! Gurlly Asz Can Bee(: For The Makeup I Just Wear Mascara&EyeLinerr&LipGloss.! Well I Hoped I Helped(:

Answer #15

if you really typed in and searched that question then you can’t help the way you are and the way God chose you 2 b! I’m a tomboy oviouslly I hate cheerleaders and it is not a sports I looked it up! softball now is deffenatly a sport!

Answer #16

well I am a girly girl at heart, but I was friends with so many tomboys that I kind of went over to that side. then I realized that they didn’t really care if I wear makeup or whatever, so now I do. I would recommend going to some stores like forever21, american eagle, even sears and macys, but be careful only to choose cute clothes. Wear skinny jeans, and cute, kinda well-fitting shirts. For make-up, I would wear light foundation and concealer if your skin isn’t perfect. If your skin is okay, then no need. Then wear a brown eyeliner (it really makes your eyes like pretty, but natural!) Then get a pad of eye shadows in light, creamy brown and white colors. Prime your eyes first, and then put on a light brown color on half of your lid. Then use a slightly darker brown for the upper part, and as the creaser. Then use a white color as a highlight. I would say then to get a cute lip gloss, but not a sticky looking one. Just finish of with a little blush! If you need more advice on make-up, check out some youtube videos like her videos are really good! Then, just be confident in your personality, and develop some interests. Know what kinds of music you like, and be nice to all the girls, but kind of tease the guys a little. GOOD LUCK!

Answer #17

I want to know how girly I have to be to have a guy like me or just have boy friend

Answer #18

my question is how girly do I have to be to get a guy to like me

Answer #19

You want to be girly hey!!!

~You have to love the colour Pink!!! Just like me ~Don’t keep your hair up all the time let it down do all sorts to your hair put it in diferent styles like piggy tails, plat it do all sorts. ~ Wear like jeans and t-shirts, dresses,skirts, shorts, boots, sandals, flip flops, wear pink clothes, white, black just really nice nice clothes. ~ Put make up on like powder, mascara, eye liner , blusher , Lip gloss ~ make be wear fake tan. ~ have your hair dyed to a nice colours maybe have pink in it. ~ I think foundation makes your face look greasy if you wear it it looks awful stick with powder its the best . ~ Your eyes have to stand out and your lips there the main too your eyes have to look dark and eyelashes long ~ get a lip gloss which makes your lip stand out like which gives them a shine and sparkle.

Answer #20

to start off with start spending extra time with your hair instead of just keeping it wrapped up in scrunchy the glasses part you could can get sum name brand glasses (very stylish) or get sum contacts now if your skinny it shouldnt be hard for you to find trendy clothes so go out and shop for girl stuff instead of baggy clothes but if your kind of on the thick side dont buy clothes for the size you want to be but clothes thats trendy but sexy and it would help if you get sum make-up and accesories

Answer #21

write I will start with new cloths and work my way up. I was a tom boy and my mum broughtme new cloths and I started to change. then I started to put make up on 1)change cloths 2)put a little make-up 3)start to build your convidence 4)start to talk to other people

that is what I did and now I am popular I hope you take my advice. you willbe more girly in no time oh just add a little aditudie to yourself itmight getyou in trouble but you will be more cool!!!

Answer #22

When it comes to eyeglasses you need to use the personalized service at They can make you look the any way you want from girly to sexy to smart whatever just ask. Remember you get what you pay for and they are the best.

Answer #23

ok well…4 your hair ponytails are still ok,but try somethin else like crimping it,or making it wavy!! 4 your glasses get contacts!!! NO MORE BAGGY SWEATERS!!! wear some really cute jr.clothes!!!

Answer #24

hmmm well first yu should leave behind yr sweatshirts, . if yu have a nice body show it, and it not yu should be happy with wat yu have c: and also let yur hair take a breather, keeping yr hair up in a pony-tail breaks yr hair, another thing is that yu should find some out fits that yu see the other girls wearing, try american eagle, holister, ect. yu might feel a little weird at first but after a while yu will feel so much more better about yr self, and maybe that guy yu.v been keeping yr eye on will put his eye on yu

-xoxoxo-Shannon c:

Answer #25

Okay heres my answer… I know how you feel I grew up, sporty, shy and a tomboy. I then went high school and realised how I much I wanted to be more girly. The trick is to slowly work your way up. Start wearing fitted jeans…and t shirts. Then start wearing your hair down. wear your glasses…they’re cool. start to wear girly tops. I hope that helps.

Im fourteen, and very very sporty. I have great friends. I wear jeans and girlyish tops. I sometimes wear dresses when I go out for a meal. I have never worn a skirt for school. and I never wear make up.

I may dress a bit more girly then when I did a few years ago…but I’ve never changed who I am personally. im still a tomboy at heart =D I hope you can feel the same way and I hope my advice helped =)

Answer #26

First of all yhu qotta be confident in yhurself iif yhur nt confident 4qet bout beinq a qirly qirl.Okay first iif yhu don’t have qirly qirl clothes just qo 2 rue 21 or maybe aeropastle,,bt with the makeup just make sure it matches with what yhur wearinq.The shoes make them nike or maybe flat shoes. With the qlasses yhu can keep them,,bt make sure yhu look cute with them on.With the hair just ponytail or straighting it

Answer #27

Good question! So many people ask how to improve their looks and leave zero info on what they actually look like!

So, my cute little dorky friend. I had the same problem that you did. I didn’t know what was what. Firstly, go to your hairstylist and have her give you a different haircut. Something you are comfortable with, tell your stylist that you wann get out of dork mode and look more feminine, but you also need something that is easy to do because you’re not used to styling your hair.

That’s number one. Then, start wearing light lip glosses. Experiment with different colors and brands and you can go pretty dark with them because they are so light when you come on. Get used to seeing yourself with a bit of sheen on your lips. Then maybe a tad bit of light blush or light mascara (depending on how old you are–I didn’t check). If you have a cool mom or older sister or friend of the family–ask her to help you find something that’s you.

Then work on your wardrobe one item at a time. Just go and start trying stuff on at an inexpensive place like Target or Marshalls. GO ALONE. Just spend an afternoon trying on different fitted blouses, a dress maybe, some jeans stuff like that. Then try on shoes. Even if you think you won’t like them, just try them on.

Learning how to be a girl takes practice and interest, that’s all. You already have the interest, now just practice. Don’t solicit for too much advice from women around you though–you’ll go nuts listening to everyone’s opinion on hair and make up.

Just baby steps. You can keep the glasses–maybe look into getting a funkier, hipper pair? Ask the people at the glasses shop–tell them you want something with personality that’s a bit funky and feminine. They will totally help you!

Good luck!

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