I want to get pregnant

I know this sound crazy but I want to get pregnant how do I do it???

Answer #1

if youre not even sure how to have a baby,then im guessing your not exactly old enough.if you arent,wait until your older,its a lot better and more safe.If you are old enough, you cant just find someone and have a baby though, you have to wait for the right person,fall inlove with them,get to kow them…you should wait until youre married to be preganan atleast..

Answer #2

“I am 14 and I want a baby. So do I what to do?”

Go to bed with a male and have sex. Do this frequently for a month and you are almost certain to become pregnant.

In nine months (when you are 15) you will have a baby. It won’t be a toy that you can discard when times for its attention aren’t convenient for you. It will be demanding and will tax your time and attention.

You will have to drop out of school to give the necessary attention to your child (unless you have a very loving mother who is willing and able to assist you) and you will find that the lack of a high school diploma will come back to haunt you.

You will also find that having a baby interferes with your social life. A lot of your friends will disappear because you and they will be living in “different worlds” and you no longer fit into their social scene.

Then we come to your boy friend. He either becomes less interested in you because a child doesn’t fit into his plans and social life, or he attempts to fulfill his role as a father by getting a job (at the expense of further education) and providing for his new “family”.

Because of his lack of a good education he may be required to take second-rate jobs. Maybe his income alone won’t be sufficient for the needs of the family so you will be required to work too which will create hardships for the child and will lead to family (relationship) problems between you and and your boy friend.

Then there’s the possibility down the road that your boy friend comes to the conclusion that he has bitten off more than he can chew and he leaves (deserts) you and the child.

Or maybe as the child is growing you and/or your boy friend take it out on the child for the fact that you’ve missed out on some of the best times of your lives by having a child prematurely.

True, you, and maybe even your boy friend, may think right now that you and he are able to work things out and overcome all obstacles. That’s a nice dream but the facts and life are against the two of you at such young ages and lack of worldly experience.

The two of you would be many times better off if you wait until you are in your early twenties. That really isn’t so long a wait and it does give both of you a lot more time to get to know each other and life itself.

We often want what we want, right now! But, if we get it right now we often times aren’t really ready for it.

Demonstrate your maturity by giving it time and growing in those ways and with those lessons that are going to serve you for the rest of you’re lives – which will be a very long time.

To sum it up, quit being selfish. Think about what’s best for that potential human being’s NEEDS – not what simply satisfies your current WANTS.

        Simply a Rose to brighten your day,         And maybe lessen the cares in your way;         And also, too, to help you to know,         That in knowing you, many others grow!

Answer #3

Also, you young teens think pregnancy and childbirth are so glamorous and fun:

The Pregnancy: -the swollen body parts that ache -the constipation -the hemmroids -the aching breast -the not being able to get up of the sofa by yourself -the strechmarks -the morning (allday) sickness -the kicks the baby gives to your ribs -the frequent urination -the constant pap smears -the blood work -Wanting to eat everything in sight -The bad teeth - a lot of pregnant women’s calcium get’s sucked out during pregnancy, -The Uncontrollable Gas -The heartburn -Peeing on yourself when you sneeze

The Birth: -Your pushing something the size of a watermelon out of something the size of a pea. -You are most likely going to tear, sometimes from front to back. -You get stitches. -You get poked in the back for the epidural -The epidural usually just takes the contractions away not the pressure -The pressure is a whole different kind of pain, imagine all your intestines, trying to escape from your vagina. -The contrations are like period cramps times a million. -The nurses are coming in every 30 seconds, to stick their fingers in you to check for dialation, give you a catheter to drain the pee out of you, and to poke around down there. -You can not eat or drink the ENTIRE time you are in labor. All you get is ice chips. -There the ring of fire, as they call it when the baby’s head crowns, it really does feel like your vagina is on fire and ripping! -90 percent of women take a crap while they are pushing the baby out, you can’t stop this from happening.

After the Birth: -Then afterwards, you have the fun adventure of bleeding for up to 6 weeks. The first time you get up out of the hospital bed after giving birth, blood and fluid gushes from your vagina all over the floor. -You’ll most likely pass blood clots after giving birth too. If you dont get to the bathroom fast enough, they can fall down your pantsleg. -Dont forget, no tampons! Only big nasty pads for the next 6 weeks! -Your breast will be engored and sore and will leak milk from anywhere from 1 week to 3 months. It is painful and you have to wear bra pads in order to keep from leaking through to your shirt. -No sex for 6 weeks

Answer #4


You have posted a million times about how you thought you were pregnant - you freaked out every time - you are WAY to young to TRY and get pregnant. You really need to sit down and think about some things, because this is ridiculous.

All of your questions have been pregnancy related - you are only 14/.15 years old! Also, your not old enough to work or drive. A baby the first year cost 10,000 dollars, that is NOT including the medical bills and doctor bills. Where are you going to find 10,000 dollars? Even with a minimum wage job you will not make that much money. You dont have health insurance (a pregnancy is not covered on your parents health insurance) and doctor visits can cost as much as 200 every time you see them (which is once a month and every week in the third trimester). Then you have the hospital bill - mine was 9,000 dollars for my delivery.

I’m sick of young girls turning something as beautiful as pregnancy and childbirth into a huge joke. You should not be trying for a baby right now, who is going to take care of it? Dont say your parents - they did their job by raising you - it’s not their responsibility to raise your child. How are you going to pay for child care, a crib, medical bills, formula, baby food, cereal, clothes, towels, wipes, diapers, blankets, a stroller, a car seat, medicine, etc. You are not thinking clearly my dear.

Answer #5

If you dont know where a baby comes from and how to get pregnant then your to young to get pregnant. If you truly want a baby think of this Can you afford a baby in today world by your self? Can you provide a house, food and loving life for it if your only 15 or so?

Answer #6

Am Not Trying To Be Rude In Anykind Of Way ,, But If You Dont No How To Get Pregnant Then You Should Pay Attention In School ,, And Onestly Look How Young You Are ,, And Your Asking This Question,, You Should Think About It x

Answer #7

I dont wanna be rude, but if you dont know how to get pregnant, then you have no business getting pregnant. and having a baby is more than just havin a cute baby to play with and dress up. you gotta be mature and be responsible. youll have to take time away from yourself to attend to your baby. and if youre a type of person to dump them off on friends and family, so you caan go out and have fun, then you are VERY low. its YOUR kid and YOUR responsibility. I dont know your age, but judging by your photo, your too young to have one. grow up and have fun and wait til you find your true love that youll spend forever with (and wait on marriage) then have one.

Answer #8

You have sex.

Answer #9

If you don’t know how, then you’re not old enough to care for a baby.

Answer #10

another kid trying to bring another person into the world that wont get taken care of like 99 percent out there

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