How can i trick my husband into getting me pregnant?

I want a baby but my husband isnt ready weve been married for to years and we have sex with and without a condom... how do I trick him into getting me pregnant ebcause I really want one

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Marriage is based on trust - not whether I can 'trick' him / her just to get my way.

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It is indicated that your husband is not ready to have a baby.
How does it make the marriage better if you trick him into
having a baby when he feels he is not ready to?

How would you feel if the situation were reversed? Suppose you were not ready to have a baby and your husband tricked you into getting pregnant when you were not
ready to be.

Think about it...

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well my husband and I are 21 with a baby and TRUST ME its not as fun unless you both want it...youll get pregnant and hell resent you for it...wait till your both ready

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my opinion is that u could bite a hole in the condom and put it on his penis and eventually it will break.

good luck

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don't put a hole in the condom... don't trick him , you may end up being a single mum and losing your husband... you need to talk to him to find out when he thinks he will be ready to start a family... is it worth losing him??? you may only need to wait a few years, but tell him how you feel, he may change his mind.

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dont do that to ur husband theres obviolsy a reason why he is not ready for kids , mayby finacally and all that. my mum tricked my dad into it and he wasnt ready, he was to young and he wanted to wait until he got a family house together and to make sure that he cud give his kids the best futrue possible. he dosnet regret having us now but he was so angry with my mum at the time they almost split up, but he stayed in it for us kids!!! just talk to ur husbadn find out why he dosent want kids at the moment and just see how it goes, but dont do anything behind his back ur regret it one day!!!

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Don't trick your husband. That's something you'll go to hell for. If he loves you, he'd want to his baby in you. What if you get pregnant and he walks out? Can you support a child on your own. Today's standards it costs 100,000 dollars to raise a child to the age of 18. Talk to him again, let him know how you feel. I'm only telling you this because I wish I had a woman to be with and it makes me happy that your wanting a baby but take a needle and poke it to the end of the condom so when he cums the sperm will go to your egg.

Name the baby after me,


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Well, to actually answer your question without judging...and...if you have sex with and without a condom than I would suggest that he wouldn't be extremely upset if you were to get pregnant. If he really didn't want to have kids than he would wrap it up. Just have sex when you are ovulating. Use calculators online to figure that out...

but if he isn't ready than you may be taking on more responsiblity for the baby than if he was ready and willing...just a thought! Don't do anything weird will come up...just try to have sex without a condom when you are most fertile.

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I,m in the same boat!!! I just waited till I was ovulating had intercourse that evening, he came just below my stomach, when he turned around I scooped it up and put in my vagina, I did the same think the next morning. I know I'm going to get a lot of heat from this answer, but oh well, I wish us both luck!!! I love my husband and I want a family desperatly. Dont judge unless you know my whole story.

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If his mindset is that he is not ready to have a baby at this time, then there are reasons.
He may feel that the financial situation is not capable of handling a baby's expenses at this time. It does cost a lot to raise a baby in today's world.

Whatever his reasons, he has made it clear to you that he is not yet ready for a baby.
And you may rock the boat if you persist with the issue. I would wait 6 months or so, and then see how he feels then.

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This is the equivalent of rape. Violating your husband in a sexual way, but with an innocent life involved, and long term consequences. "Don't judge unless you know the whole story?" You don't have the right to have a child by defeating your partners birth control. How about the man who violates a woman just because he wanted sex? He has needs too, who are you to stand in the way of the rapist who wants sex? Maybe because it's not your choice?
You're violating your husband just because YOU want a child? While there is no force involved, there is betrayal, I keep saying this but "violation",

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I didn't acually mean like trick him I ment like how can I talk him into it things to say

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well, how would he feel if he found out if u were pregnant?

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if hes your husband and you love him you shouldnt trick him? u should wait untill hes ready too.

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Why do you need to trick him? Does he even want one? Maybe if he isn't ready maybe if you really loved and respected him you would wait.. Hunny, 2 years isn't a long time. You have plenty of time to get pregnant.

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Tricking is easy. With my bf we didn't live together at first so he didn't know if I was really taking my pill in the morning or not. After we both got tested he never wanted to wear condoms so he just made it easier for me.
Basically if he thinks you're on bc and doesn't want to wear a condom it should be easy.

With our second and third it was a bit harder because after we had our oldest daughter we moved in together and we saw each other in the morning. Sometimes I would just pretend to swallow it (put the pill under my tongue) until he went to a different room or something and I would spit the pill out.

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