How can I leave this country already?

I just cant stand it over here I really want to go and live in another country sooo badly but im still 15 what should I do ??I Im sure that it will be a excellent choice but what should I do, Im still 15 ??

Answer #1

You know the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. I have traveled abroad for over 25 years and now doing a job in Indonesia. And you know what the best sound to my ears? It’s when I enter the U.S. and the Immigration agents take my papers and say “Welcome back to the United States of America”. I think every American should live overseas for at least 3 months-not visit-live. there are so many things we take for granted that do not exist elsewhere. I live in a beautiful apartment in Jakarta, can’t drink the water. I brush my teeth everyday with a bottle of water. The traffic is bad, and the smog is horrendous. South America has some beautiful places. Can’t drink the water. You are likely to fall off in a hole that is dug in the sidewalk and not marked. And no tort claims act. That means you can’t sue anyone for you being stupid. Lots of crime, and you may have to pay the police to investigate if you are a victim. You can bribe your way out of traffic ticket, but as a gringo it will be costly. Everything in most of the developing world must be bargained for. The original price is a fool’s price. In Europe, the standard of living is much like ours, though most women in many of the countries do not shave - anywhere. And where ever you go, don’t ask why they don’t cook the way you are used to. In Germany you’ll have to ask for milk for your cereal - they use yogurt on it (not bad by the way). Some places use mayonnaise on french fries - called chips in England - there they use vinegar on them. You’ll miss a good American hamburger, and in Muslim countries there is no such thing as bacon and ham, or hot dogs that you probably like the most. Please do go overseas somewhere, it is a good education, just don’t be the ugly American. Learn their language, don’t expect them to speak yours. Even if it is a few simple terms and you use a guide book, they will appreciate your trying.

Answer #2

Get a job on a cruise ship, work for an 8 month tour, you will visit many countries, find out which one you want to live in, learn to speak the language - a ship co-worker who speaks that language would make a good friend/teacher, find out how much it takes to get started, find a roomate for security reasons, don’t have enough money? then work another tour on the ship. Ship food is free, ship room & board is free, it’s hard work but so is every job. Don’t like this idea? Next idea, start working out big-time, find out everything there is to know about working off-shore on a oil rig. It pays about $1200/week take home and you work 2 - 3 weeks straight, 12 hours a day, 7 days a week. Free room and food. Off for a week or two and then back at it. Find out if there are any courses or training that will get you in at a higher pay rate from day one. Then work about a year and have $40,000 cash to go move to Mexico and live like a king. My best friend has been working on a land rig for 20 years and takes home $25,000 per month - every month. If you don’t want to work then enjoy being poor like most people are in other countries. The USA is the place the rest of the world is doing whatever it takes to come here. So if you hate it here that much, you still need to wait until your brain matures a little over the next few years, get a job, save enough money to buy a fishing pole, a gun, a tent, and a Bible, and then move to the mountains in Kentucky or somewhere. Until then, just get fit, get educated, and read your Bible for free. By the time your 18 you will be able to act on a plan.

Answer #3

the USA is the place the rest of the world is doing whatever it takes to come here? First of all, that sentence is grammatically incorrect and secondly, what an arrogant, incorrent assumption.

Anyway, to answer the question. I would recomment spending a year abroad with an exchange programme. I know a few people who spent six months to a year studying in europe and south america and a lot of people who came from overseas to spent a school year here in New Zealand and all of them found it an amazing experience. Its probably not a good time to start looking at leaving your country more permanently at this stage, fifteen is a bit young but spending a year in another country while working to complete your education could work out quite well.

Answer #4

1st, Save Up Money. 2nd, Move to Australia if Your are not here. 3rd. Bring a Friend.

  • But make Sure your almost 17 :)
Answer #5

Same.I want to leave my country badly.And im also 15.Now the only thing we can do is to wait.Earn enough money then can go other country.^^

Answer #6

The best investment you can do is to prepare to live overseas depending on which country you choose:

1-Learn a 2nd language now ( at least 1 year or 2).

2-Get a skill that you will use overseas to make a living.

If you’re good at teaching English language than enroll in a ESL program and get their diploma they usually have opening all over the world.

Answer #7

hmmm..? lol

when your 16 why dont you try and get a job in a different country?? why do you want to leave anyway?


Answer #8

There is really nothing you can do intil your of a legal age.

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