Why do i want to get raped?

you c, I've never had a dad or mom in my life and I've always kinda wanted guys to like me, and I would do anything just to have a guy to like me and think im sexy and to like protect me and all. What should I do, cause I don't think my sis wants me to have sex yet either.

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I was shocked by your title, but your explanation sounds like you just want to be loved. Are you a Christian? God will fill that void. I was raped, believe me, sweetie, that is a brutal ugly thing to have happen to you.

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this is a disgusting thing to say that you want to be raped. you clearly dont know anything about rape and what a traumatic heart-wrenching experience it is. this really hurts, you titling your question this. i understand how you feel but you should have thought before writing a sick title like this.

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You can't really want to get raped. Rape means sex without your consent or choice. If you want it, choose it, consent to it, it isn't exactly rape.

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i think what your saying is 'I want to be in love and i dont know why?'. Im pretty sure you dont wanna get raped. that wud be awefull. It seems to me that all your problems are boy related. ive said it to you once and il say it again.. confidence is the sexiest thing you can own.

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no, you dont. what you want is a psychiatrist or therapist that will help you solve your deep emotional problems. dont post that title again though, im sure it attracts rapists, and makes rape victims feel very sad / upset.

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well to be honest kids who dont have parents dont get alot of attention like they need when they r younger which causes them to be very sexual and in need for attention in order to stop this need i suggest u see a phsyciatrist and find a good hobby or sport to keep ur mind off of that and when u r not doing any thing call a friend and go out and have fun it is just a stage.

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u really want 2 get raped dont peeps i no been threw it. Write me 4 this 2

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See a therapist. <- Get it.

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I... don't think... you know what... 'RAPE' means... do you?

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Your sister isn't 'you'. Only you can decide whether you're ready for sex yet.
And you need to correct your terminology. 'Rape' isn't the right word, obviously. You want someone to love you and be in an intimate relationship with you.

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