I want to get pregnant??

ok like I want to get pregnant so bad! im 15 nad in the 9th grade I know it sounds crazy but like my friend she got pregnant!! and now she has her baby and it looks so cute and sweet! and my boy-friend wants me to get pregnant! we been togetha for 22 months 1 year and 10 months! almost two years =] but yea we have been tryng since 2006 of december! never been using protection! it always cums in me! and my friend told me not to pee, like after we have sex I have to pee so she said hold it in but im still not pregnant =[ so can any-1 help me out and tell me another way to get pregnant please =]

Answer #1

well with your earlier concern about losing weight,,,well when you have the baby you sure won’t be skinny!!! You will get real fat, maybe gain up to 50 pounds and your body doens’t always go back to you kiddie weight!!! Plus you will get so tired of hearing your boyfriend say “why can’t we just go out, or I am too tired to take you anywhere with all the after school jobs I have to do to support THIS Kid!!! will he be true to you when you are fat with his baby and not free to run the streets with him…

Your parents can make you give up the child for adoption because you and your boyfriend are not financially stable to take care of it…and both grandparents can say we wont’ take care of it so it is going up for adoption… a judge can make all the decisions …so think before you jump into this!!!

Legally he can go to jail for delinquincy to a minor—I told my daughters boy friend If I found out they touched her I would take them to jail myself…I would hunt them down and take them to jail myself!!! They were too afraid of me becasue they knew I would do it!!! Think again about his as your mother has the right to put him in jail for having sex with an under age minor!!! My daughter waited until she was married and now she has a wonderful home, husband, daughter and a great job!

Answer #2

You will screw up your life so bag if you get preg. Youll have to take care of the baby, pass school and college, while still taking care of the baby, youll have to get health insurance, food, clothes, and that all will costs so much! plus, youll have to get a good job and lets face it, what kind of job can a 15 year old get that can support a child. Plus, if you want one just because its sweet and cute, your just kidding yourself. Srry, but its the sad truth.

Answer #3

First of all, to the qirl who’s asking how do I get pregnant and says she wants to but doesn’t know how OBVIOUSLY isn’t ready to get pregnant. you get pregnant by having SEX. …your parents need to have THE TALK with you it seems like,, so you’re most definitely not ready

Answer #4

Just so you know, the advice you’re getting is wrong. If you don’t pee after sex, you won’t only NOT increase your chances of getting pregnant, you’ll INCREASE your chances of getting a urinary tract infection.

Answer #5

Girl!!! baby are fun and cute but they will suck your childhood from you and believe me you are still very much a child. please don’t be in a rush to grow up being an adult isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. I hope in future you grow into to be a wonderful parent good luck!

Answer #6

I pray that God will protect your poor child from a selfish, silly child of a mother.

Answer #7

ok you think you want to get prego but you dont even know what its like you see the pros but not the cons how would you take care of it at school how would you have a life in colege and highschool to party and hang out with friends

Answer #8

you are an idiot

Answer #9

I became a mom (not by choice) at 18. I am now 26 and just recently had my second child. Some things NO ONE warned me of, were the expenses. This is going to be lengthy but bare with me, and please read through it.

Let me lay out some expenses for you, and then I’ll explain my experience.

Total cost for giving birth: $85,000 Total cost for infant care: $ 15,000 Total cost for hospital stay: $60,000

If you bottle feed: Formula: $250/month (minimum) Bottles: $ 25.00 (for about 5 or 6) Bottle liners: $25/month

The bottles and the nipples MUST be sterilized otherwise your baby can get “thrush” a bacterial infection whereby white spots appear on the lips, tongue, and inside of the mouth.

If you Breast Feed: The average breast pump: $150 The special packaging: $50/month The bottles: $25-$35

Then we move on to other necessities: Diapers: $120/month (at the very least) Wipes: $40/month

Extra Options: Wipe Warmer: $15.00

Carseat: $60.00 Stroller: $120.00 Cradle: $65.00 Crib: $200.00

Diaper Bag: $15.00 (for a cheap walmart one)

Pacifiers: $4/ for two – Trust me, babies lose pacifiers, they get worn out. You will find yourself buying LOTS of pacifiers.

Baby bath: $20 (cheapest) Feeding chair: $60 (cheapest)

Protection Kit: $45 - this does not include the stove guard or baby gates. This is strictly outlets and cabinet locks.

Baby Monitor: $40.00 (cheapest)

Bed set for your baby’s cradle: $35 Bed set for your baby’s crib: $60 Mattress for your baby’s crib: $100

Baby needs clothes: At minimum you would need the following:

8 onsies 8 sleepers 8 shirts 8 pants/shorts 8 pairs of socks 8 Bibs 2 hats If winter - 1 snow suit Mittens Total cost: $320 W/out winter gear: $250 … Mind you this is the BARE MINIMUM. You would have to wash EVERY mid week to ensure your baby had clothes

So, for your babys first month of life, you are looking at: $161,408 if you do not have insurance. Also - mind you this does not include all of your doctors visits.

Cost of one ultrasound: $450 Cost of one non stress test: $300 Cost of one office visit: $90 Cost of one office visit with Pap test: $150

…Should you have a high risk pregnancy, the costs would be even greater.

Then there is also maternity clothes. For a minimum wardrobe from walmart (we’ll say 7 outfits): $210 - not including panties, bras, and shoes - as your feet will swell, and your shoes will not fit.

Then there is also your prenatal vitamins that are $20.00 for 60 capsules? so two months… So thats give or take another $80-$90.

This does not include YOUR expenses such as groceries, shampoo/conditioner…

Then theres rent… your average 1 bedroom apartment in the slums in Illinois is at minimum $500/month not including your utilities.

When I was 18 … I worked full time and could barely afford to live.

My Rent: $620/month for a two bedroom Electric/Gas/Water: $154/month Car Insurance: $78/month Monthly expenses not including clothes for my daughter: $450/month

Some other things no one will tell you:

  • You will gain weight, you may or may not lose it afterwards -Stretchmarks - after two kids my stomach resembles that of a moldy pumpkin LOL Your skin will stretch and even after losing the weight, you have loose skin which is just so gross.

  • Morning sickness. Are you prepared to spend the first three months of your pregnancy (if not longer) with your head in the toilet vomitting until you can’t breathe because someone made bacon or some other smell that just turns your stomach? How bout not being able to eat despite intense cravings because the minute you eat - your throwing it right back up. -Mood swings, crying for no reason, yelling for no reason - a complete feeling of loss of control over your sanity? -Hemroids

  • Sore and tender breasts that at times hurt so bad you find yourself sitting on the couch with two icepacks - one on each breast

  • Swollen feet and ankles to the extent that you now have cankles and NONE of your shoes fit because you are retaining water.

  • An inability to tie your own shoes because your belly gets in the way

  • An inability to sleep because the baby is underneath your ribs and kicking you … which reminds me of teh saying, “Pregnancy is like getting your butt kicked, from the inside”

  • Are you prepared for either natural or a c section where they cut your stomach open and then staple it back shut?

  • Episiotomy? - that can be quite painful once the pain meds where off.

  • Are you prepared for severe back pain, and potential back labor?

  • Are you prepared to learn what a placenta is and what it looks like?

  • Can you handle not having ANY sleep because the baby needs to eat every three hours and you need to wake up to do so? (and I am not exaggerating).

  • Are you prepared to give up your friends and your life because you are now a fulltime parent and have other responsibilities I.e. a child that is fully dependent on you?

  • What about when this baby is sick, how are you going to care for it? Are you prepared for LONG nights of crying for no reason and high -pitched screams that wont stop and you cannot for the life of you figure out why he/she is crying or how to make them stop?

  • Which also brings me to the point of daycare.. I forgot to mention at best its $120/week.. and thats for a potty trained toddler… not an infant.

  • Are you prepared in the event the father decides he no longer wants to be a dad and leaves and pays you no child support?

  • Are you prepared to take care of this child and not force it upon your parents.

… Are you prepared for dealing with a child later on in life that resents you because while he/she was growing up… so were you?

Have you thought about:

  • Where am I going to work
  • How will I get the baby to the doctors
  • How will I feed this baby
  • Where will I live
  • How will I pay all the bills
  • What will I do if this child gets sick
  • How will I handle waking up every three hours, doing laundry so he/she has clothes, making bottles, sterilizing bottles, and keeping the house clean… when will I sleep?!

… Take some time to think about all of this. Be fair to the child as you are the one that has to sit down and explain to him/her why he/she cannot have the cool new shoes, why you live in an apartment and not a house, why theres no food in the pantry, why mommy is crying on the kitchen floor, you are the one that has to decide do I buy them clothes that fit or do I feed us this week.

Think this over carefully. Trust me, it will be a mistake if you have this child. And dont be selfish and think “Well me me me”. Think about the child - its not fair to them

Answer #10

Let’s assume that you’re not kidding: You want to get pregnant at 15 because your friends baby “looks so cute and sweet.” You are talking about bringing another human being into a world where neither you nor your boy-friend are at all prepared to care for him/her because you will be momentarily entertained. Do you recognize that this is an astonishingly irresponsible, selfish, shortsighted thing you could do to a helpless child?

You need a puppy, not a baby. I dare you to get a newly weaned puppy and care for it for one year all by yourself.

Do your first child a big favor. Wait until you’re an adult and have a ghost of chance of giving her/him a chance to have a decent life.

Answer #11

K I know that you want to get pregnant but DONT!!! It will ruin you and your boyfriends lives you dont want to do this because your not old enough to support a baby or to get a full time job especially if your pregnant so please take my advice and dont do it PLEASE!!!

Answer #12

babysitting is incredibly expensive, not to mention diapers,food,clothes,medical expenses of just having it are ridculous. I suggest you rethink this. focus on school and get you life in the position where you are married and settled down with a constant reliable income. not to mention you need to make sure that this guy is going to be the one you will do these things with and if so, great you have that step out of the way, but making a baby and the stress it puts on your life will impact the rest of your life as a fifteen year old. these are the years you need to focus and do all you can to make a foundation for when you are older and wiser and can responsibly bring a nother life into this world and give it all that it needs to succeed. I dont know you and I hope you the best and that you listen to what people with experience of wanting that same thing did and where it got them and I know older people especially parents try to make you do things and tell you oh no dont do this or that. but this is one of those times where you need to open your ears and really reconsider your thoughts and your life as it is now.

Answer #13

seriously if you get pregnant you will screw up your life.. no good job because you wont have the education, even if you go to school you will be to tired to do anything because you will be looking after your child, than you need a job to buy it food and things, and than if you and your boyfriend move in together whos going to pay the rent? how you going to get the money? you need to think of these things before you decided to have a baby, and wanting a baby just because your friend has one and you think its cute and stuff thats a lil low, you dont see what happend behind closed doors, you see these young mums who just cant take it and kill there kids, think of yourself and your health before you bring another one of us in to this world, and your probably not getting pregnant because your not mature enough

Answer #14

Simply a Rose to brighten your day,         And maybe lessen the cares in your way;         And also, too, to help you to know,         That in knowing you, many others grow!    

“I am 15 and I want a baby. So do I what to do?”

Go to bed with a male and have sex. Do this daily for a month and you are almost certain to become pregnant.

In nine months (when you are 16) you will have a baby. It won’t be a toy that you can discard when times for its attention aren’t convenient for you. It will be demanding and will tax your time and attention.

You will have to drop out of school to give the necessary attention to your child (unless you have a very loving mother who is willing and able to assist you) and you will find that the lack of a high school diploma will come back to haunt you.

You will also find that having a baby interferes with your social life. A lot of your friends will disappear because you and they will be living in “different worlds” and you no longer fit into their social scene.

Then we come to your boy friend. He either becomes less interested in you because a child doesn’t fit into his plans and social life, or he attempts to fulfill his role as a father by getting a job (at the expense of further education) and providing for his new “family”.

Because of his lack of a good education he may be required to take second-rate jobs. Maybe his income alone won’t be sufficient for the needs of the family so you will be required to work too which will create hardships for the child and will lead to family (relationship) problems between you and and your boy friend.

Then there’s the possibility down the road that your boy friend comes to the conclusion that he has bitten off more than he can chew and he leaves (deserts) you and the child.

Or maybe as the child is growing you and/or your boy friend take it out on the child for the fact that you’ve missed out on some of the best times of your lives by having a child prematurely.

True, you, and maybe even your boy friend, may think right now that you and he are able to work things out and overcome all obstacles. That’s a nice dream but the facts and life are against the two of you at such young ages and lack of worldly experience.

The two of you would be many times better off if you wait until you are in your early twenties. That really isn’t so long a wait and it does give both of you a lot more time to get to know each other and life itself.

We often want what we want, right now! But, if we get it right now we often times aren’t really ready for it.

Demonstrate your maturity by giving it time and growing in those ways and with those lessons that are going to serve you for the rest of you’re lives – which will be a very long time.

To sum it up, quit being selfish. Think about what’s best for that potential human being’s NEEDS – not what simply satisfies your current WANTS.

Answer #15

look my sister stuffed her life gettin pregnet at 15. if you real want a baby I sugest that you should wait a while. otherwise go 2 the doct because not gettin prenet 4 that long there is something wrong with your body. dont worry bout other people. hope everything goes ok!!! *.

Answer #16

DONT GET PREGNANT…u may think its cool but its not…people who are at a young age now look back and regret they had sex at a young age…

Answer #17

…have you ever asked yourself if the fact that you’ve been trying to get pregnant for like over a year and a half is a sign that, in fact, you’re not supposed to be having a child right now???

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