I think im in love, and I and pretty sure I am, but I want to make

I am almost 16 and My girlfriend and I have been going out for about 4 and 1/2 months. We both say we love eachother because we both have never ever felt this way about anyone. We have talked about how we care about eachother enoguh to do whatever is necesary to keep eachother happy. She found a quote that we both completely love and its “love is a condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own”. And I definitally agree…if she is not happy, I get sad and become unhappy and do whatever it takes to try and make her happy again. I really feel like I love her and I can see us getting married. Many people would say, “o their only 16 they’ll grow out of eachother” But I REALLY, TRUELY think that she is the one for me. I am a freshman in highschool and if their is anyone who is married to their boyfriend/girlfriend they had as a freshman PLEASE let me know. I really think I love her and just want to hear it from another person that this is the way it feels.

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And love is something you cant explain. you just want to be with them forever and ever. you would die for them. they can make you feel better even in the worst situations. you get butterflies when you talk to them or are with them. love is the best feeling ever.

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You could be in love. Questioning is not a bad thing. You should just enjoy what you have, because unfortunately good things rarely last forever. It’s hard ot know if she’ll be the right girl for you years down the line. Grow together, love and appreciate each other all you can. Probably she wll be the first girl to break your heart, because you are vulnerable, but nothing feels better than making someone else happy when you’re in love, no matter what your age. As for “real love”, it’s not something that’s just going to hit you. Love needs to be cultivated over a long time, so that you both know you can trust and depend on each other through good times and more importantly through the very hard times–Good luck.

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I know that my best friends parents started dating when they were 17 and they’re still married, like, 35 years since then. But one big thing I would suggest is wait to get married. Even if you stay togeather and everything, at least try and give yourself a foothold in the world before trying to take another person totally into your life. Statistics hugely show that the longer people wait till they get married, the longer they stay that way. Personally, I’m informally engaged to my boyfriend, and we’ve been friends since 6th grade, and dating since before Soph year in high school. We’re waiting until we’re completely done with college and everything until we get married though.

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yeah, pretty much what Chels said. You should probably wait a couple years though, to get your lives started. I mean, you guys are still in highschool! Did you ever see the movie Just Married? It could turn out like that. For the best I would just not get married or anything and stay where youre at until youve finished college (if youre going), but keep in touch a lot!

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I cant tell you if u love her or not. But if u really love someone there will never never never be a question in ur mind. No matter what happens and no matter what goes on between u 2 u will always know u love her. u just know. its hard to understand until u feel it. but when u feel it u know u feel it. haha i hope this isnt to confussing, but if u love her u will understand what im saying. u r never to young to fall in love i dont think. good luck.

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love is not simple it calls for a lot of checking you own self. love will have you doing things that you might not understand at first but soon is brought to the light. no one and imean no one can tell youyou are or are not in love. becouse it comes fromin you and im sure you heard this “ your to young” well if soo that only adults which(which I am) knew what love was there would be no such thing as divorce. or even breaking up. so if it is love then keep on loving,no harm in loving someone

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I know that my question sounded like im questioning it…im not really questioning it…i dno how to explain it…but thanks for the advice…and i really do think i love her …to death

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My parents got married at 19 and started dating at 16 and now in late 40’s early 50’s they are happily married :)

Marriage is a scary thing;; to make sure you love her ask your self this question…

Would you die for her?

if you wouldn’t you don’t love her but if you would and you know you would then that is the true definition of love but remember your school work coms first so wait until later, so you get a stable job and then get a house and start a family.

good luck :) xx

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why dont you study– the main reason for school? well, if you teenagers HAVE to be dating at a time when you should be studying hard and becoming something… 1) don’t complain later when you become a waiter, and 2) get a job BEFORE you get the ignorant little girl pregnant… :( its a sad truth: stupid teenagers have brought America’s economy down to the dumps..

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Similar situation to you, I would have died for her, long story short, it ended, sometimes it isn’t always in your control.. shit happens I’m sure right now, if it was up to you, you’d be together forever but it doesn’t take something extreme for a break up… Enjoy what you have while it lasts, live for the moment, if you get married, then you get married but for now, it doesn’t matter at all. Good luck and HAVE FUN, I know that most people haven’t had the experiences we have at our age so enjoy it, it is an amazing feelings ;)

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when in 2000 a sophmore and a senior at my school 16 @ 18 got married and last I heard they where still happly married but i wouldnt recomend getting married so young i also knew a couple that devorced after a year they married at 18 and dont speak to eachother anymore he will still tell you at the time he thought he was in love and wanted to be with her forever but enough of that I am not saying you arnt in love and you wont make it but wait untill youve been togather longer a couple years.. i have read that couples who date for longer peroids of time and are engaged at least one year are less likely to split up later….

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I am only 13, I am in love, she doesn’t understand what it is like to love someone, we are best friends though, but she just doesn’t think it is possible at our age…If you are in love, you will just know it. You’ll know.

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Love is a very hard thing to clarify my friend. Men, like us, often confuse lust with love, but that is not neccessarily our fault, if you consider human nature we are often only responding to our bodies urges, and hormonal releases, and around that age is a paticularly difficult time for both sexes, personally I cant talk for women, but I know that I thought my first serious girlfriend (at 18 so a touch older than you guys) was the real thing for me, and unfortunately it turned out not to be. I suspect however from the way you speak about her that it could in fact be the real thing. And I truly hope that she is, cause if there is one thing that this world needs more of its love.

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love is when you dont want to go to sleep bcos reality is better than a dream, u seem like u luff her lots and lots, good luck, btw my best friends mom and dad got married at 17 and theyre like in their 50’s now, so its gotta mean sumthin x x x x

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