I think I have a fear problem

I’m scared of a ton of things… some of em are so bad I think they’re phobias

but theres a little more to them than just being scared

like… im afraid of the dark. not the dark.. but what can happen in the dark and no one would know.

Im afraid of the Bogeyman but not the man under the bed… to me the bogeyman is what ever your afraid of… in some form

needles, pain, rape, scratches, choking, crowds, expolosions, bright lights, flashing lights, and most plants…

also… this one has got to be a phobia, but theres no name for it

I am terrified of corn.

corn feilds, corn on the cob, cans of corn, corn stalks.

its horrible! my friends pulled me into a corn maze last halloween and I nearly hyperventilated because I was lost and they left me in there.

I dont know why im afraid of corn.. but I am… what can I do about being afraid of so many things

Answer #1

ok, the fact that you are refering to a vegtable is a little alarming. therapy is expensive, if you’re at school, the school will be able to offer some sort of assistance, I’m sure.

the only thing you can do, is stand upand fight against it, or surrender to it.

you need to completly re-evaluate the way you think about the things you’re scared of. thing about the thing itself, what scares you and why.

when you start to break down the route of a problem, it’s only then that it can be fought.

ok, who has fears in your house? is this a learnt behaviour? what do you family do to help you fight it, not indulge it? families who assist a fear only exaserbate it, I am not disputing for one second your parents are helping you, but by doing that it may have allowed your fears to grow, because there was never a need to get over them, if you get what I mean?

Answer #2

ah I remember all nighters…falling into bed at some sily hour. can’t do that when you have kids though :O(

when I’m on a night shift, it hits about 5 am and I’m knackered. but then I do have to do the drugs and help people from about 5.30 - 6.00am, so maybe it’s just because’ I know whats coming that I get tired lol!

Answer #3

I can actually watch those and not get scared.. im not scared of anything in a movie… but when it comes to real life I freak out a little…

I mean… you cant tell me you can watch a zombie movie and not be scared, but if it happened in real life, you wouldnt be scared!



no! its 7:30 am here

I still havent slept and dont plan too

pulling an all nighter

Answer #4

and go to bed! it’s 4am there! it’s 12.19 in the afternoon in GB! sleeep!

Answer #5

and btw - stop watching god damn horror films like 8- Children of the corn 6 7- Children of the corn 5 6- Children of the corn 4 5- Children of the corn 2 4-Children of the corn 1

that can’t be helping you lol!

Answer #6

I’ve tried… its too scary… I feel like a baby… I mean… I can eat it… but only when I know its dead… I stay clear away from cans of it and cobs… because it aint dead til its fully cooked…

Answer #7

well, you can sod em’ all and take charge for yourself. you want to do it, then set yourself little tasks. the internet is a great resource (once you filter out the cr4p) but there are plenty of people, just like you who can give you support and really understand your fears.

if you do do this, don’t try to do all your fears at the same time. one at a time, take charge, work hard at school, get a great education = great job = moucha pennies ;OD

I really want you to do this, you can do this. it’s in your power to heal yourself of this fear. its not physical, it’s psychological and despite therapists help, you are the only one who can change you

Answer #8

well… no…

but… my parents dont have a ton of money…

so we wouldnt be able to afford a therapist…

we dont have money for any kind of health issue… they’ll think its no problem, that I need to grow up and get over it…

ill only get to go when he have money.. like when my gramma dies of lung cancer, and we get 40,000 in their will… which could still be months…

Answer #9

yeah.. thanks!

no one’s ever helped me so much with anything! ^_^

Answer #10

they dont do anything

we dont talk about it much anymore…

the help school gives me is crap..

when I thought I was depressed, the school gave me someone to talk to… and she didnt do anyhting to help me… she told me to tlak to my mum… which is exactly what I didnt want to do, because she thinks I fake. look for attention.. because when I when I was younger. id pretend… now she doesnt believe me when theres so,thing wrong…

Answer #11

in addition; it may be stemed from you being a baby… evidence suggests that a large number of people remember events or situations that they can’t place.

we have two kinds of memory; one is implemented, such a pictures, storys etc and the other is actual, this where we genuinly remember ‘something’.

they researched, and it turns out that one side of your brain stores implemented memory and the other stores actual memory, when people talk about different memories, that they had dismissed because of a picture stimulation, it actually proved that it was a real memory becuase of the activity on one side of the brain.

the moral is; you may not be able to conclusivly ascertain the stem of your fear, but locked away in your brain, it is still very much real. only confronting your fear will help. starting by doing small things (and I mean tiny, like having a piece of corn)like putting on the table, just one or two pieces, and leaving it there. don’t touch it or anything, just get used to it being there andmaking yourself familiar with it. maybe flick it across the table after a few days or something. basically wean yourself onto it.

and hun, not many do like corn fields…they grow too tall to feel safe…

Answer #12

I have fear problems too. I’m freaked out of the dark, windows and doors being unlocked even in the daytime, black widows, tarantulas, any kind of rodent, ghosts, something coming out of my closet, snakes, people robbing my house, car crashes, asthma attacks (my friend had one in a theater for ballet when she was onstage and had to go to the emergency room.), and most of all, being humiliated. All day and every day, mistakes go through my head over and over and I can’t stop. It ruins my mind and makes me want to die.

You should go to a therapist or counselor. My mom is one, but I don’t think she’s very good. Whenever I have a nightmare, she screams at me, which does not make the situation any better or she tells me what the nightmare was about and THEN starts screaming at me.

Answer #13

goodness me! yes, you do need to seek councilling (not a doctor for this one ;O)

many people have irrational fears…they do stem from somewhere though, could be the smallest or slightest connection…but, clearly, there is something.

the problem with irrational fears are few people understand them…and I mean really understand. they don’t seem to realise to the person with the fear, the threat is very real.

seek some therapy, you don’t really want your ife to be dominated by these roblems, do you?

Answer #14

The only way you can eliminate your fear of corn is by facing it. take a corn on the cob and hold it in your hand, feel it. Corn is a food, and keep telling yourself that. Its a vegetable, it cannot move it cannot hurt you and its only purpose is for being eaten. Repeat “its only food, it can’t hurt me” in your head whenever you are faced with it and you get scared. If you keep avoiding it, you will never understand it and you will continue to be scared. Good luck.

Answer #15

wow… it seems like that sucks…

I mean.. I would hate to be a nurse… and screw up.. and hurt some one… whats why I wanted to be a medical examiner… because then there dead.. and I mean.. I couldnt hurt them XD

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