Why do i feel sick from a sip of alcohol?

okay in Julyy I got kinda drunk...well a few days ago I had another party...and well I didnt drink much...everytime I took a sip of some type of alcohol..I felt sick 2 my stomach like I already had another hang over...
why is this happeningg?

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find whats right for you. sounds like you have a sensitive stomach. try different alcohol (make sure you know what it is) to find the one (or more) that suits your liking.

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I agree with person above, I cant drink bacardi now, even the smell wants to make me puke... your brain is apparently telling your body that whatever it is is going to make you sick, so stay away from it...

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Are you drinking the same thing as your did that one night?
That happened to me...
I can't go near malibu for the life of me now. Hahaha.

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Next time (like, when you're 21) don;t drink 'some type of alcohol.' If you're going to put something in your body, be it food, drink, or another person, it's a good idea to know exactly what it is. It goes a long, long way towards avoiding being ill the next day. Chances are, you took a big swig of something you weren't ready for, and your body told you so.

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Because you poisoned yourself with the alcohol before (and I'm not exaggerating, that is literally what you are doing) and your body is smart enough to associate said alcohol with your being sick (even if you are not)- now it knows to tell you sooner that the alcohol is NO BUENO, because it does not like going through the awful intensity of having to clean that poison out of your system. Your body says "Ouch, that sucks."

Additionally, it's called association, This happens to people with food as well if they experienced getting sick after consuming the food, even if the food did not cause the illness. Your brain says "that stuff reminds me of when I was sick last time - no thanks!"

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