How can I get famous from my singing?

So im really good at singing and wonna be famous. The thing is I dont know how. Has anyone got any tips 4 meee???

Answer #1

I Also want to Bee Famous … I Dont Think I’m Very Good But All My Teachers And Friends At School Say I Should Become Famous But I Just Dont Know How… ?? and I Would Also Love To Act I Really Wan tToo Be Reconised By Disney Soo Any Contact Info Email Me Please

Answer #2

Heyy its ashley tisdale … I know all of you want to become famous and all I got to say is “ follow your dreams “ because most of them will come true someday it could hppen when your 1 or 50 you never know

                luv yass <3 

                         ashley !!!
Answer #3

Hi this is Ashley Tisdale and I know all of you guys want to get famous and it will happen all I gotta say is “follow your dreams “ because they will come trus someday even if your 50 or 1 just keep following your dreams

Answer #4

Im a good singer too. I have always wanted to be a singer! Forever. I would just put myself out there. Sing in choir at school and have a solo. Look for talent shows that you can sign up for like in school. Good Luck.

Answer #5

You have to get recognized by someone in the business. There are so many competitions out there with some awesome contract prizes. Put yourself out there, and if you are really good, somebody will discover you.

Answer #6

well u could get an agent. or you find auditions for singing. or u could go on and w/ a webcam record u singing songs a post them on there and a lot of people hav got discovered from there. and when ur old enough go on american idol.

Answer #7

well what im going to do is get a tape an then im goingt o record my voice and then find way to be on Disney Channel and meet all the stars on disney channel so if u know a directors email adress can i pleaze email it to me

Answer #8

Eventually all actors / singers end up moving to either Hollywood or New York to start their career. So I agree with Jay start small in your own town then eventually move to a place where you will be recognized even more.

Answer #9

well my advice is like their’s i recommend u make a video or recording of your singing and then send it into your local radio station or something, and ask them what they think of it and if possible if they could play it, thats how i belive would be the best way. GOOD LUCK!


P.S. I Am Only a Year Younger Than U

Answer #10

Well, of course you have to know that nobody ever starts big! You gotta work your way to the top! You gotta show other people just how skilled you r first, and I gotta tell u, it aint about having connections! you can first start off by taking part in local events, for example, if you’re still in school, take part in a talent show or musical event or something, and show them what you got! It depends on how special your piece will be. IF you can inspire other people and talk them into thinking that u’d be a GREAT singer, you’ll certainly get feedback! IF u’re good enough, I suggest you take part in one of those TV shows like AMERIcan idol. If this music career means the world to you, then u’ll have to be prepared to do whatever it takes! Gud luck!

Answer #11

I’m a singervsongwriter currently recording my first album. it’s all about the portfilio. and never be stuck up. people hate that. send me a clip of you singing and I’ll tell you what you need to do. it’s hard, and the scrutiny is horribly. and you never get a break. everywhere I go, people flock to see me. it’s crazy. hit me up, and maybe we’ll do some stuff : ] audrey Michelle

Answer #12

do some singing for a show that they will let kids on.Generally,I have perfect pitch and Im recongnized but I really need to get out there!

Answer #13

do you want to be on disney channel? if you do then here.

Answer #14

same. I’m really good with singing and I’ve won many talent shows through out my town. but I want to really get OUT there!!

Answer #15

You can start a band. Whoever you know that plays something can help you out. You’ll eventually get somewhere.

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