How much can I get for my Wii, Xbox, Accessories, games, etc.?

I get at least $130 a week from the job I’m working now (I don’t work a lot because of school). However, the money I make goes towards gas because I have to drive back and forth from college at least 3 times a week, 45 minutes there and back. I also have to pay my mother off a sh!tload for many things; the most important being, paying off damages to her car that I got into an accident with.

I realize now that getting a Wii wasn’t the most intelligent thing to do, given my little bro has one as well, lol. What I would like to do is sell a Wii that has not been used much since Christmas (cause I can not afford games and all I have for it is Splinter Cell, which was decent). I was torn between getting the Wii or the 360 for Christmas and I feel that I made a foolish decision. But I think if I get the 360, I’ll at least be able to play my original Xbox games on it, and I REALLY want Halo 3 (which I can get at about $45 or something at Price Club [Costco]).

So what I am asking is: How much do you guys think I’d get for selling a, more or less, brand new Wii and it’s accessories (including Splinter Cell- Double Agent); Along with the original Xbox (and any games I don’t play and/or aren’t compatible with the 360 including accessories and extra controllers) to Gamestop or wherever? And if not Gamestop, where do you guys think I’d make the most money off these items? Keep in mind that I do not sell stuff online (I don’t trust it, nor do I have any experience with it). Thank You!

Also, I’m not looking for answers such as, “You need to research this kind of thing.” What I’m looking for is a rough estimate to see if I’d have enough to get the 360 before my b-day in November or Christmas (Cause I wanted a laptop for my b-day and christmas [my parents work on set budget when buying gifts for us] and I wouldn’t be able to get both). I feel that I should be the one buying the 360 cause I can PROBABLY do without it until I get enough money saved up, even if it means I have to wait till next year (which I kinda hope I don’t have to do).

Answer #1

you should sell it at craigslist and you will get a lot more money for your stuff becouse you would be cutting out the middle man

Answer #2

Halo 3 is 60$$ though.. .. and I bet like a good 400$ give or take a few..

Answer #3

I don’t think you should expect more than about $200. I bought a Wii at the second Wal-Mart release and got it for $200 brand new which is cheap. I wouldn’t expect anyone to pay more for a used one.

Call Gamestop and EB Games and get an estimate from them, they might quote you differently. Also try Hollywood video. I know they buy used games but I’m not sure about consoles.

Answer #4

I am looking to sell my xbox games as well. I would also try play and trade ( I live in Florida, I don’t know where you live) they said they would give me 5-9 dollars every game I sold to them. I thought it was a good deal seeming that my games are from 2005 and older

Answer #5

ill trade you my xbox 360 for your nintendo wii

Answer #6

ill trade you my PS3 for your Nintendo wii

Answer #7

Who the hell changed the thread title on me? That’s not what I’m asking. I’m asking about my Wii, Xbox, Accessories, games, etc… Christ!

Anyway, I went to a site last night that buys systems and games at “top dollar,” I forget the site, I’ll find it again later: This is what I was going to sell and I’ll tell you what it totalled to (I was quite disappointed):

Wii- system w/ original remote, nunchuck, sensor bar, console stand, video cable, AC adapter, Wii Sports- $130

Xbox- system manufactured in 2002 w/ controller, A/V cable, power cord- $30.60

DVD Playback for Xbox- $1.40 Need For Speed Hot Pursuit 2- $1.80 Prisoner of War- $0.80 Turok: Evolution- $0.80 Kill Switch- $1.80 Ghost Recon Island Thunder- $1.30 Ghost Recon- $1.20 Rayman Arena- $2.30 Splinter Cell: Double Agent (Wii)- $5.85 Lord of the Rings: 2 Towers- $1.80 Lord of the Rings: Return of the King- $1.70 Hobbit- $1.10 DDR Ultramix 2- $11.50

All this totalled $193.95… A little disappointing to say the least. Some of these games are better than others and yet they are priced maybe 10 cents cheaper or lower. How do they price these games? It seems they just pull a number out of their @sses. Say I sell Ghost Recon for $1.20 to Gamestop… garauntee you that they’ll end up selling it for at least $15-$30 as a used game… making themselves over 100% of a profit. I just think it’s ridiculous…

Answer #8

k,i thought u didnt trust the net. yeah,going to gamestop would more then likely be a waste of time. they dunt pay much for nething. rip. if u did trust the net, i would say try amazon,ebay,or this thing on ebay called my bf tried selling a non used wii for 250-300 on one those sites. but i dunno. that was including shipping though

Answer #9

I found another site where they’ll take my Wii for $150 and my Xbox for $70, but they buy the games for cheaper. So if I sell this at one site and the games at the other then I’d probably get about $254, which is better than it was. The two sites are and…

Answer #10

Oh, and my mom saw Halo 3 for $49 at Costco while she was shopping.

Answer #11

You probably wouldnt get that much for it at Gamestop….I would just try to sell it to someone for the price that you want. You can take a brand new xbox360 game there that is 60$ and only get like 10 or 15$ for it…..Xbox360 is the shyt!!! Im getting one for christmas too!!! Halo3 is a really fun game too!

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