I really need someone to help me with this

ok…here it goes…I really didnt want to tell anyone this bur its really getting to me and I hate it erm…im getting bullied by a really popular girl at school and I hate it she pushes me and calls me names and threatens me a realy dont know what to do because a cry ma self to sleep most nights and a really dont like it what shall I do? I dont want to tell the teachers because they always make things worse a just need you people to give me some advice please please please

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I really need some more help with this question please please plzplz please please

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ok its gotten even worse and I need some more major advice shes best friends with my best friend lauren and now shes making her feel sorry for her saying she doesnt spend enough time with her and of course she bought it and even though its rubbish because she spends the morning and after skoool wiv her because they get the car ttogether and then she plays out with her this person who bullies me is getting unbelievably nasty! I REALY dont want to tell a teacher and I dont know what else to do! HELP!

Answer #3

it seems like you show her she intimidates you so dont do it anymore. as much as she does, dont show it

shes so used to seeing you cry it just makes her laugh but if you stand up for yourself one day, it will catch her by surprise, and eventually, you will intimidate her. :)

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thaks that really did help it made me feel better and a did what you sed and it worked because a sed what you told me to say if she pushed me which she did and by the way ave got a REALLY sore back because of it and a told ma mam a fell on ma back when a dived for the football and then she sed shes putting a fat giant like me in my place and laughed with her friends and a didnt know what to say so a just walked away was that the right thing to do?

Answer #5

ugh I hate her already ;)

Stick with your friends a lot and they’ll stick up for you Or keep walking but if she pushes you,, you could say “..what are you doing?” but not in an angry voice - that way she’ll know shes making you annoyed. And try not to look upset, keep your face like embarrased for HER cause what she did was childish.

I don’t know if that rambling was any use but hope it helped and good luck :)) xxx

Answer #6

a sed a cry at night but not in front of her a wuldnt let her see me cry a dont let anyone see me cry over ir thats what makes me upset I have been bullied before and I’ve told and it made things worse they stopped then started again and was even worse. a cant smile at her its really hard to smile at her trust me! a probably shuldnty do this but a just stand there and say nothing to her once she was giving me stik and a sed something and she sed do you mind ave got sore ears off listening to you so a sed a dont care about your ears you fat cow and walked away she walked over to me and came right in my face and swed bitterly that if a say 1 more thing nasty to her she beat the living crap out of me and she get her sister to finish me off and she will aswell so a dont know what to do! help

Answer #7

just stand up to her! and dont react by what she says instead just smile and walk away…she’ll be really suprised because she really prob just wants to you get all mad and start crying…just be like ok whatever and walk away…and if that doesnt work then just tell her how shes treatin ya and if that doesnt suprise her (bc shes prob not used to people standin up to her) then just tell the teachers…or your parents…and dont cry!!! shes just trying to get to you so dont let her!!!

Answer #8

Aw darnn,,

Maybe talk to your friend Lauren about talking to the other girl about being nicer to you. That way the girl won’t exactly want to argue with Lauren because those two are supposed to be best friends.

Or try getting really close to lauren, like really good best friends, she might then want to spend more time with you than the other girl. and the bully might start to be nice to you cause your better friends with lauren than her.

Also, if you, the bully and lauren are all in a group with other people too, try hanging around with them instead, incase they both turn on you >.>

If everything fails and both of them arn’t treating you nice, then find some new friends that appreciate you more, cause im sure your’e a nice person and the bully is probably being mean cause she’s jealous of you, that’s why she may be trying to take away your friend.

if you have anymore trouble, Funmail me I’m not really an expert but ill try and help :) x

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