How can you completely embarrass someone?

what can you do to completley embarrass someone, or make them look really stupid? and no im not a b*tch you just dont understand my situation

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have you ever sex with a man ?
ask to a man?

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Forget what all these losers are saying.
If you need to embarasss someone, how do we have the right to tell you that you have no business doing so?
And like that jerk just said, life is too you'd better retaliate before it's too late.

So,...the top things that people find embarassing:

1) Smell
2) Looks
3) Intelligence

The plan...

1) Eke out a silent, but deadly fart and completely blame it on the victim. They'll be so embarassed that even if they blame it one you, everyone will have already formed mental images of the victim flatuating.

2) If that just isn't your thing, then ugliness (their's) is golden. However, depends on the person.

3) Perhaps a couple one-liners will do:

Brains aren't everything. In fact, in your case, they're nothing.

If I had a face like you, I would sue my parents.

Don't worry. A lot of people have no talent.

Keep talking. One day you'll say something intelligent.

How would you like to feel the way you look?

He is so short, that when it rains, he is the last person to know.

He is living proof that a person can live without a brain.

Are you always so stupid, or is today a special occasion?

Did he pop my cherry, or was it my period?

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forget what they said. Start a fight with them and beat them up, but be honourable about it. When they fall, dont jump on top of them and start dishing 'em rights. Let them get up and knock them back down. Continue to do this until the fight is broken up or until they get up, or even better, tell them that if they are that much of a wimp that they can't even knock you down, then you arent gonna waste your time on them. I did this before to a punk in my school who called me a queer and he was so embarrased that he switched schools because everyone made fun of him for the rest of the year.

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hey have you ever heard of karma?
well if not it means "what goes around, comes around"
i believe in it, just relax and take a chill pill
don't go looking for revenge, be the bigger person
take responsibility and accept the fact that something isn't going right,then fix it...the right way

eventually something will work out for you, just try living life apart from the negative,and start making positive changes in your life...sometimes great and amazing things come from mistakes and just need to let it happen other the causing the affect

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Okay, well, i don't care what your situation is.
Unless, someone like almost killed you, then whatever they did to you, let it go.
Life is WAY too short to spend ALL . . .
No let me correct myself, ANY of your time on revenge or hate. Just let it go and live your life. And if you really want advice, how about you DO tell us what your situation IS.
Considering you didn't tell us, I'm guessing it's probably something stupid. As all revenge is.

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It doesn't matter what your situation is.

Live and let live.

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losers! "dont try to get back at them" bla bla bla! life is short have a good time theres no such thing as carma! I would give you some ideas but I cant because im not good at embarressing people so good luck

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u should say if they are talking about say you always talking trash why dont you getup and do something stupido then say you so stupid you go sit onthe toilet and say ahh cokking is nice. then when they say something back just say shutup and listen to me are you stupid or something then say thats why ya mama is a crack head and yall live in a shack and then when they say somthing just say shutup dont no body really like you thats why you got beat up by me at the park and you cried and ran to yo mama and sat in haer lap so ha you can just shutitup now.

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