I need to buy a gift that starts with y

I am going to a wedding shower and need to find a gift that starts with Y? Any suggestions?

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yale clothing?
yankee's hat?
yogi bear stuffed animal??

ahahaha. sorry, that's all I can think of.

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LOL, I know.

That's a tough one. How did you get screwed into probably the second hardest letter of the alphabet for your present, parks? 'X' is probably a little harder...

I actually like the 'yodeling lessons' idea, it's the best so far...:)

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yodeling lessons

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oohhh definitely go with the yarn... such a practical gift haha.

yellow yarn for sure

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a yoyo is all I can think of you got a task on your hands

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pretty much anything yellow
maybe a yellow dress

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A yellow tablecloth?

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for God's sake someone help us.

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Yankee candle

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Hello! We have faypark ! you might want to try it? has large range of fashion accessories, have Jewelry stuff, hope you like it.

Faypark ·

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I normally buy them from platforms like Faypark, Aliexpress and others. However recently Faypark they don’t put lots of shades on their menu, but they got amazing necklaces and earrings. What can go wrong if I just spend less than 10 dollars and I get some good stuff. Anyone here is using them?

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