I need the correct term for certain manicure

heyy I want to get my nails done for my senior prom in a couple weeks, and I've never gotten fake nails/acrylics put on. but I REALLLY want them put on. so I want to know how do I ask for them. im not trying to be stupid, I just see like signs on windows saying "full set" and "fill" with their prices. and I have no idea what those terms mean. so when I schedule an appointment what do I say I want. cause I know a girl who said she wanted fake nails put on and people f*ked hers up they gave her some wraps? I dont even know what those are either. help

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thank you !!! <3

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Just ask for a full set of white tip acrylics nails

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get the full set that means that you want to get them all done. the fill is when you already have nails and are growing and you need to fill them again (cover your real nail.)

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Lover15 seems to have the answer. I just want to add... Anytime you're going to have a service done like that, just ask them about the terminology. Just tell the manicurist exactly what you want.

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its the full set that you want. and if you go into a nail salon that has like face masks then thats your sign to run! lol no joke tho I learnt the hard way I went to a walmart to the nail regal and when I went to take the nails off wow I seen that was barely any nail left. so just be careful lol =]

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