I need some really cute hairstyles

I need some really cute hairstyles. Just for everday. I have shoulder length hair. It is naturally curly, but I usually straighten it. Thanx

Answer #1

ok my name is emily and I have straight hair down to my shoulders or so. I love tieing up my hair to the side in a ponytail. leave the surrondding hair bump. Then tie a cute ribbion around it. It’s cute, easy, and adorable.

Answer #2

backcomb. hairspray. backcomb. hairspray. :]

Answer #3

try scrunching your hair with mouse after washing it. Let it dry naturally and it will deliver gorgous curls-(but never frizzy) straighten your fringe (or front bits of your hair if you don’t have a fringe) Then you can wear it up or down - it looks especially fabulous with shoulder length hair!

Answer #4

its good that you straighten it, but you need to do something with it. make it into a side ponytail than maybe nyou can do to pigtails, but remember to leave a lil bit of bang to give it the look!

Answer #5

I also have the same type of hair. I usually take a small clip and clip up my bangs and keep my hair down. It’s good to use Aveda’s Hang straight. It smooths flyaways, boosts shine, and resists effects if humidity on curly hair. :]

Answer #6

what I have is shoulder lenghth brown hair natuarly curly and what I do right after I get out of the shower I towl dry it then put sprunch in it only aussie sprunch it looks real good!!

Answer #7

if you have curly hair, step cut is best suited on you.

Answer #8


Answer #9

Hey, Some really awsome hair styles that I like for school are these, super easy and really stylish! GIRLS:

  • If you don’t have time to straighten your hair put it in a pony and do a fishbone plat
  • Put it in a pony that is pretty high and to one side of your head and put in a ribbon that matches your uniform/outfit (Super cute!)
  • Section off a small section of hair on the side (just above the ear) and plat it. Once its in a braid pull it back and put it in your pony or bun
  • If you curl your hair (once it is wet, towel dry and put into a loose bun overnight) and leave it down section off the same amount and place as the braid and twist it around and put a bobby pin in (from he movie August rush) looks super good especially with orange hair! BOYS:
  • Once you get out of shower, towel dry hair and rub some product into it scuffing it up to make it look wild! the girls love it!
  • DO NOT SLICK YOUR HAIR BACK WITH GEL! YUCK! no offence if you like it. [When your hair looks wild it is more appealing, also the older you get the more often you should wash it. Eg. 13yrs = Every 4 days and so on] HOPE MY TIPS HELPED! Go show your style!
Answer #10

yeah, don’t straighten your hair everyday. With the hair style I have, I have to straighten it everyday, or it just looks retarded. so I use this leave in conditioner, and it protects it from the flat iron. but if you straighten your hair everyday, it will end up falling out.

Answer #11

my hair is exactly the same its shoulder lengh and its naturly curly and I usually straiten it 2. Try putting it up half and half with a clip and add volume to the top, that always looks cute on my hair. Also try putting it up in a messy ponytail or bun, and try to always add volume(like make it poofy at the top) because that what makes it look cute. well hope that helped

Answer #12

Well here is some advice, Straightening your hair can be really bad for it ! So try scrunching it or putting it up in a pony tail for once b/c I know that if you straighten your hair too much It will fry and you DON’T want your hair to be fried!!!!! Well I g2g e-mail me if you consider this!!! c_me_cheer@yahoo.com thanx -Ashley

Answer #13

french braid it loser

Answer #14

Hey I have really thick curly hair and I usually straighten my hair. ANyway, grab a headband that is stern, steady and not huge ( you can buy them at walmart for 2$) the simply but your headband in and settle it. IT works awesomely, you can also part your hair to one side and put alittle bow in it. My favorite thing to do is make a ponytail and make sure its REALLY tight then, get your ponytail and only wrap it around a few times so its not very strong holding it lets your hair flow with a little space and looks TERRIFIC. Or you can put it in a messy bun, or side low pony! :D hope I could help! <3 Chelsea

Answer #15

aw, so cute. (: my little sister has the same type of hair as you! usually I do her hair, as I am well expirienced. DONT STRAIGHTEN YOUR HAIR TOO MUCH! it’ll go really thin and break off. when you have your hair straight I recommend you get your fringe and pin it back on the top of your head then push it forward so it makes a little bump. pin with bobby pins. if you have a thin straightner, curl all your hair LOOSELY, it’ll look like messy waves. when you dont straighten it, put your hair in a loose messy bun, then get bobby pins and pin the loose bits into coils. I hope you like my ideas.. (:

Answer #16

Well you see what I do is I straighten my hair too a lot like ALMOST everydayy!

cause my natural hair is ugly! lol so sometimes I leave my side bangs down and I part my hair on the sidee. or like sometimes I get my bangs and get a KUTE clip and like grab my bangs and put them to the side with a kute little bump everyone lvoes it at school or also you can do is put it in 2 kute messy low braids with your bangs down it’s soo kute well, on me it is lol!

everyone loves my hair everydayy! ohh && 1 tip NEVER wear your hair the same exact style in 1 week! it’s tacky and people will think your boringg!

Good Luck :D

Answer #17

ok this is what I do I take a shower at night blow dry it and the straighten it then I put some shiny stuff in it to make it shiny then I part it clip some hair back and leave some bangs down another thing is try after the shower put gel mouse and hairspray in it and scrunch it and put it up in a slopy bun for like 3 or 4 minutes then take it down it should look good or straightin it then part it how you want it to and put a low side ponytail and not to tight that one is really sexy if your hair has volume to it

Answer #18

here you go messy bun:put hair in piny tail then flip hair so that its facing your forehead the pull it throught the tie then tighten and push the excess hair back to the back of you rhead its so cute!! w/ side bangs straighten and leave or speedbump, with front bangs, straighten (sort of) and leave them in front or sweep to side–because my bangs I just got cut from side bangs to front bangs but I can wear my front bangs as side bangs if I want to so I hope I helped!

Answer #19

hh, I’m beatrice johanson, I’m 15 years old. well sometimes, what I do is…well, I ummm…I sorry, I ummm part my hair in 2, then on one side of my head, I braid it very tightly…then on the other side, I curl it and leave it down. it really helps, my mommy said that it will help me to get a boyfriend…and t-r-u-s-t me…its working, I almost have one…he’s right where I want him! Good luck!!

Answer #20

what I do is I do a bump on the Front with my bangs and a bump on the back that is what I do sometimes or you could just do a bump on the front and then put your hair in a pony tail on the side and then still if you have an a line cut it will work because I have that and my hair is very short and an a line cut and I do that hairstyle all the time. another hairstyle you can try is you can curl the bottoms and then leave the bangs alone and if your bangs are long then just curl your bangs with the other part of the hair. there you go and by the way do not put any bad comments about this because I’m only 10 years old thank you,,, ;)

Answer #21

I need a new hairstyle since some1 called me boring but im going to wear it to school. My hair is shoulder length long, naturally wavy, but i usually straighten it so do u have any ideas? please send instructions.

Answer #22

you could try just putting you hair in a normal bun but for a fun and wild hair style leave some hair sticking out of the middle of the bun…

Answer #23

well u could curl just the ends of yur hair to give it tht - just got out of bed look lol!.. or u cud just put it in a high pony tail just using ur fingers so it looks a little loose and casual , also u could create a messy bun where yu put ur hair into a mid high pony tail and put the rest of the hair into a messy bun by puttin a section of a time up or litereally scrunching it all up securing with bobbles or grips.

Answer #24

First you flip your hair upside down and then curl it after spray A LOT and scrunch and shake around after that flip your hair back up and pull two pieces from the sides of your face and pull it back into a half up half down look to show off your curls :)

Answer #25

I have long blonde hair and need some hair styles for school so pplleeaassee help me.

Answer #26

try putting braids in your hair when its damp the night before and the next morning take it out and wola

Answer #27


My hair is naturally curly too and I HATE it.  Because when my hair is straightened(wich I most everyday) Its a little bit past my shoulders and when it is curly it about a inch past my ears...So I straighten it and part it to the side and pull my bangs up and put a cute bow with it:)
Answer #28

Heey :) You could try putting it into a plait , just sweep all your hair to the side and then you tie it as if your going to have a side ponytail then split it into three parts cross the section on your right over the center section then the left one over the center and keep on going then when finished secure it with a bow , hair bubble , ect. Or if your having a side ponytail tie it then add more hair bubbles and sliding them up a little to make it more poofy . Or you can just have it down or in a pony tail . Hope I helped :)

Answer #29

My hair is naturally curly too! I like mine a lot better straighter…I think a nice style would be to straighten so that your part line makes a “z pattern” then have shorter bangs that hang over one side of your face. Do you get what I mean?

Answer #30

Actually, it all depends on the type of look you’re trying to pull off. Every day my BFF will wear a simple ponytail, sometimes with a solid headband. She goes for the sporty look. What you could do is analyze your look and see what catogorie it fits into below.

SPORTY: you can just wear a ponytail, or low pigtails. personally, I think anything sparkly or sequined ruins the sporty look, so avoid those.

SCHOOL GIRL: easy! just curl you hair and pull it back into a half ponytail. no accesories.

PARTY: this takes some work. either straighten or curl, but whichever you do, leave your hair down.accesorize, but only with what makes sense with your outfit.

EVERYDAY GIRL: go granola. this is usually the look that a guy goes for, and I use it daily. makeup, but make it look like you aren’t wearing it. GO LIGHT! also, try to make it look like you aren’t trying. when I my boyfriend asked me out for the first time, I was in a t-shirt and sweats with barely any makeup on, and I had my hair down in a kinda messy look.

Good luck!

Answer #31

what you need to do is…

  1. wear your hair natrual
  2. straightin it
  3. natural and in a pony tail
  4. straight in a pony tail
  5. some hair up and some hair down in the back (straightened)
  6. wear you hair in a bun
  7. let a niigger do your hair
  9. let you hair grow out
  10. shave you head bald (jk)
  11. you could get layers but I personally dont like the way it looks with curly hair (straightin it)
Answer #32

I love pig tails for shortish hair lol it’s so cute! you can always get bangs or if you have them (can be side bangs, too) take yur bangs pin them and make a little bump on top of your hair. or you can keep half your hair down the under layer, and pull the top layer back into a ponytail thing and make it into a messy bun and put two thin strands of hair hanging down your face. :]. or you can put on a thick headband and kinda tease it to give it some extra volume behind the headband. it looks really cute with some clips and such.

Answer #33

The wavy bob is back in fashion now, so maybe you can go for that style. You should be able to pull off the look with your natural curls. All you need is a good cut, hairdrying and maybe some hair stying products.

Answer #34

cool here is some advice!

Answer #35

well I am 10 years old and I always straighten my hair everyday but sometimes I curl it with a straightener and put a bow to hold my bangs so try to buy bows and either put it in to the side or to hold your bangs!!!

Answer #36

here is some FANTASTIC advice eh…GET A LIFE?

Answer #37

try making a loose or messy bun. that always works for me.here are the steps 1 step - put your hair in a reglaur ponytail 2 step- rap your hair around the elestic to make a natural bun 3- pull some hair out and you would have a totaly awsome hairstyle! fun mail me

Answer #38

you could do a side bun and put a headband in your hair I don’t know??!! im going to go to jr.high in about one month and I have short bob cut look and I always straighten it a bobby pen my bangs to the side but I wanna look that you can do that doesnt involve burning your hair like some kind of athletic but cute look .

Answer #39

okaaayyy girls here are some cute easy styles

  1. pig tail braids with your bangs striaghtened
  2. wavy with a head band 3.side ponytail 4.ponytail 5.messy bun 6.scrunch your hair and starighten your bangs
Answer #40

In this part you can do this look, it always helps me!!! SO FIRST you put your bangs in a poof- long or short, it always look PERFECT! After that you will pull your hair into a low, meduim, or high ponytail, it still again doesnt matter! But remember when you are tying the pony tail on the 2nd one put it in a bun and scunch it up and make it look messy- SOOO CUTE! After that again you should have saved a few hairs from you pony tail that fram your face… it will look absolutly gorgous! whenever you are done slap on some makeup and hairspray and you will have your look :)

Answer #41

hmmm ditch school and do your hair however u like

Answer #42

try this cute and easy hair style: after your morning shower, scrunch your hair with pantene pro-v curl defining scrunching gel. If you DONT have bangs, then, after your hair dries, take one bobby pin and pull one side of your hair back in that pin. you can do it w/ both sides if you want. if you DO have bangs, then take a small barrel curling iron and curl your bangs inward at the ends, and sweep them to the side. sooo adorable and no-fail!!

good luck hun!


Answer #43

half pont tail on head, pig tails, half braids down head, 2 small braids in front of head with bangs

Answer #44

I’m dani watson… what I like to do is … leave my bangs down and put my hair up high to the left in a messy bun… everyone loves it… also some days I do the same thing but with a poof… I have just about shoulder length hair a little shorter… my hair is naturally curly… everyone loves it so I curl it then I use my bangs and put a poof!

good luck ~dani~

Answer #45

I have really curly hair 2 and its shoulder length I usually straighten my hair but its not always good for your hair…sometimes when I get out of the shower I put in mousse and run it all thorugh my hair. then I bend over and blow dry my hair upside down…it gives your hair a cute wavy and wild look good luck<3

Answer #46

well I just normally leave it down and straighten it but sometimes I curl it and put a little pop or speedbump headbands look cut too and maybe you should try getting some carmel highlights they can really work magic!! —NIKKI—

Answer #47

well you could try scrunching it with moose. it usually looks good long as you dont do it too much and dont use too much moose that it looks wet. :)

Answer #48

Whether it’s a pony tail, curly hair, straightened or some type of up do, try different stlyes and chose a few that look great with your face structure. Maybe try out something new every day. If you look around online I am sure you can find some great hair styles

Answer #49

Part your hair to the side. More at an angle. Pull it back into a ponytail. It looks good for any look your trying to get.

Answer #50

i am a hairdresser and i find the cutest hairstyle always to be a cute really crazy curlie look with one side of the hair pulled back and a bow or a rose a flower or something decorative

Answer #51

I am pregnant and going to go see my husband all the way from California to Chicago and i need some really cute hairstyles. I have short hair up to my well in between ear and showder. Its brown and black. Black on the top and brown on the tips. Thank You.

Answer #52

Hey, i’m 13 and i love making my hair look really cute and childish. I make really big bows and some small ones to clip on to the side of my hair, if you have a fringe, your hair will look even more cuter.

Try Shockwave Crackle Wax to make your hair a little messy, then spray plenty of hairspray to hold it. You can use Children’s clips and Headbands, from Claires, Matalan and Asda.

Hope this has helped.


Answer #53

How about this : straighten your hair and then put it in kute messy low pony tails (you can either braid em messy kute too) and then grap your bangs and put it in a bump and clip it to hold it place and WALLAHH!! I do it sometimes and people at skewll love it ^.^ enjoyy and its very siimlpee kute and easyy .also add atleast a bright color bow .

Answer #54

Put your hair in a pony tail and curl it. let out the pony tail and shake your hair a litte. take some of your hair and part it on the side and fold your hair to the other side. gives it a neat jazz look. VERY pretty.

Answer #55

I just got mine cut it is shoulder length and cut shag; it is natural curly also. After washing/conditioning I use a mousse and then dry it with out using a brush just messy with your fingers. Then with a large barrell curling iron I grab the tips and curl up ward. Finger comb and spray with hairspray. I get so many compliments and my friends love it. And my man says it’s the best I have ever done. And I usually have at least 5 styles a season.

Answer #56

umm well I have really curly hair im mixed so its poofy frizzy and curly so what I do is this I PART MY HAIR HALF WAY ON THE SIDE THEN LIKE you R DOING HALF UP and DOWN THEN TIE IT IN THE BACK if you dont get me go 2 myspace and at the top put in briebutterylf or go here www.myspace.com/briebutterylf k good luck im 13 when you get there look at my pics and I have the pic of what it looks like

Answer #57

Hi. You can try doing a speedbump, which is when you put your bangs, or just a piece of hair from the front of your head, in a clip on the top of your head. But instead, make the bangs or hair come up a little, so it looks like a bump. Then you can either leave your hair down or up in a ponytail.

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