I need some new music. help yes?

im in the mood for stuff kinda like, the offspring, sublime and maybe the bravery?
have any suggestions?

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the media says...
the rocket summer
newfound glory-hold my hand
the summer set

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I'm pretty sure you'd like
limp bizkit

...maybe cobra starship
linkin park
cyprus hill-insane in the membrane

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3 days grace and underoath are real good bands

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third eye blind,, especially the song by them called semi charmed life

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thanks guys :]

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Im not sure if these bands are what you are looking for but...
Linkin Park
The Killers
Metro Station
Finger Eleven
Framing Hanley
Boys Like Girls
Breaking Benjamin
3 Doors Down

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three days grace- pain,riot, let it die
basshunter- boten anna. please dont go, dota, all I ever wanted, now your gone, angel in the night
darude- sandstorm,exstacy
dope- the life
haddaway- what is love
skillet- whispers in the dark
blink182- adams song, feeling this, I miss you, first date

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