I need kidney stones home remedies!

I think I have a kidney stone and I was wondering if there is a homeopathic or home remedy for kidney stones? I don’t want to pass a stone, and I am getting desperate because the pain is pretty intense. It is hard to stand, sit, walk, or lay down. My life is miserable and I have no money for a doctor.

What can I do for Kidney Stones!?

Answer #1

I always will eat lemons.need to eat 2 lemons and the acid will take the points off and cause them to pass with less pain.

Answer #2

straight cranbery juice! Works wonders.

Answer #3

I need immediate like today help for kidney stones and I have no insurance. what can I do?

Answer #4

Kidney stone pain is fairly easy to treat, and if you strain your urine and save the stones your doctor may be able to tell you some ways to change your diet to prevent more stones from forming. In the meantime heat to the painful area, and drinking fluids to flush the stone out are your best bets.

Answer #5

Just get some not from consentrate pineapple juice. mix 3 ounces of distilled water and 3 ounces of juice. add a pinch of nutmeg drink twice a day for 4 to 6 weeks. This will desolve the stone. Quit drinking your tap water ice or tea, coffie anything mad with your tap water. Or get a good filter for you water.

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I tried the lemon juice, lemon juice & olive oil, hot water, etc. methods. Nothing worked on my 4mmx3mm. Waited 3 weeks with Lomax to pass the stone. It was stuck about 3 inches from left kidney. No pain while it didn’t move, but pain when moving. Got it lasered out 5 days ago with stent and having an awful recovery. Am interested in the above remedy to prevent this from happening again. Never Never want to do this again! Worse than labor… :-)

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Hi, For the past few months I have been suffering with reoccurrent urinary tract infections. I had several xrays done and found that I had a kidney stone on my left side. I was scheduled to have a procedure done to blast it, but was cancelled because the stone disappeared, and I have not had another urinary tract infection since. Prior to the procedure, I read that 1 glass of warm water mixed with a half of “fresh” lemon every morning will break up the stones and also stop the formation - The first time I did it, I felt so much pain that I buckled over. The next day I did it and was fine, then I went to get my procedure done, and the stone was gone. Shortly after this, a lady at church approached me asking about the procedure because she had 3 kidney stones and was scheduled in two days for the same procedure. I explained to her what happened with me and she immediately started doing the water and lemon drink about 3 to 4 times that day and the next day. When she went to get the procedure done, it was cancelled because her stones had dissolved.

Also, I stopped eating foods that promotes uric acid formation: cucumber, tomato, onion and meat. I’m also going to start taking Vitamin B6 to cure the problem.

In regard to the pain that you are experiencing, my urologist told me, when I was having pain, that kidney stones don’t usually hurt except when they’re in the tube - they’re scraping the walls of the tube. In my case, the stone was not in the tube, the UTI and constipation was causing me the pain.

I hope that I was able to help you and wish that what ever treatment you do will take away the pain and cure the problem.

Answer #8

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Answer #9

One of the most effective ways to reduce your risk of subsequent kidney stones is to drink more fluids — ideally water — to increase your 24-hour urine output to 2.5 liters a day.

Aim to drink enough fluids that your urine is nearly clear or has only a light yellow tinge.

Drinking additional fluids decreases, or dilutes, the concentration of substances that can contribute to the formation of new kidney stones

Answer #10

can you please tell me what to do for a kindeny stone attack I have a lot of pain on my left stone and also in my lower back

Answer #11

Unlike what is commonly believed, kidney stones don’t occur overnight. Stones tend to form when the kidneys suddenly develop a metabolic condition where it becomes unable to keep urinary wastes from clumping together. Once the blood carrying toxins is filtered by the kidneys, the these dissolved wastes quickly move out of urine and begin forming solid blockages.

Unless this blockage is quickly reversed the stone can cause serious harm to the kidneys and can cause extreme pain when forced out. The answer to quick relief lies in new findings on how stones form in the body and how this process is easily reversed.

How Do You Know If You Really Have Stones? The symptoms are usually classic such as pain in the the lower back or groin area. It can be dull or extremely excruciating depending on its size and shape. Sometimes people see blood in their urine. You may even feel a sudden urge to urinate or have discomfort while passing urine.

The fact is that if you’ve felt any symptoms the stone is already large enough to either get lodged or cause severe irritation and damage on its way out.

Kidney stones are becoming one of the most common urinary disorders affecting people across the world. In the US alone according to National Institute of Health over 10 million people are diagnosed with kidney stones each year. Kidney stones are a recurrent problem that keep forming once you’ve had them. The only way to permanently treat the problem is to resume the kidney’s ability to keep minerals dissolved in urine.

Why Do Kidney Stones Form? New research on kidney stones has revealed startling facts about how they form. Unlike popular belief, kidney stones are not a direct result of your diet. Most kidney stone sufferers have a metabolic inclination to form stones, however the condition is triggered at a certain point when the kidneys become overburdened to maintain mineral balance in the urine.

Once the kidneys lose their ability to keep excess minerals found in the urine dissolved, they begin to form clumps and collect more minerals. Every time your blood empties toxins into the kidneys they begin to move out of liquid and join to the stone surface till it’s large enough to block urinary flow.

Kidney stones should not be taken lightly since they pose very real and immediate dangers to the kidneys. With effective treatment the stones can literally be disintegrated back into urine so normal urinary function can resume. This process is called natural dissolution therapy.

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Kidney stones are known to be one of the most painful of all urinary disorders. However, even small silent stones are capable causing major kidney damage or even kidney failure. Many kidney stone sufferers often wait to pass it out on its own with urine. This is not only extremely painful but as you are about to see can cause severe damage on its way out.

Waiting Longer Causes The Stone To Be More Painful Many times a kidney stone will remain silent within the kidneys without causing any pain. However with every passing day the stone comes into contact with urine and collects more minerals on its outer surface.

A growing stone causes more stress on the sensitive urinary tracts on its way out. The irregular shape of the stone tends to scrape the urinary lining as fluid pressure upstream forces the solid blockage. Many people experience a burning sensation as the stone exists and blood in the urine is common from the damage a stone causes.

Experts now believe waiting for the stone to pass is not a sound option since it tends to make the condition worse and exposes the sufferer to undue levels of stress and trauma.

Stones Can Quickly Lead To Kidney Damage Not all kidney stones pass out on their own. Almost 99% of tubules in the kidneys are less than 1mm wide. Even the smallest stones are wide enough to get lodged in the urinary tracts. The real danger from kidney stones lies in their unpredictability and potential for damage.

Stones can begin moving within a tubule just to get lodged again at a bend or narrow passage. Constant contact with free flowing urine allows it quick access to an abundant supply of crystallizing minerals that help it grow.

If a stone gets lodged in one of the main urinary tracts (ureters) it can completely block the flow of urine from that kidney. While this blockage may cause some pain initially the pain can quickly disappear as the kidney begins to shut down.

If the kidney becomes unable to empty its contents into the bladder it can swell up and even rupture. Even if the stone is partially blocking urinary flow bacteria can begin to collect upstream and cause kidney infections that can be life threatening.

One way to quickly eliminate the stone and find relief is by breaking it down naturally. Breakthroughs in urological research now make it possible to safely eliminate stones if treated in time.

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Scientists have now shown that the best way to eliminate and prevent kidney stones is by introducing natural substances in your urine that help breakdown the stone’s chemical composition. These substances are called lithontriptic agents and have remarkable scientific evidence proving they work

Based on this research scientists have developed the first natural kidney stone supplement that works immediately to dissolve and flush stones.

Uriflow - Advanced Kidney Stone Supplement For Dissolve & Flush Action Uriflow is the only product that has over 20 independent clinical studies supporting its effectiveness. Unlike aggressive kidney stone procedures it protects your kidney tissue from damage by naturally reversing the stone formation process. Once the stone begins to disintegrate it quickly moves out the urinary tracts without causing pain or tissue damage.

To effectively treat kidney stones you need to target 4 important issues:
Disintegrate the stone at a microscopic level -so that stone material completely breaks down and is able to move out easily. Completely flush out all dissolved particles painlessly -to make sure all urinary tracts are thoroughly cleansed and free from blockages. Prevent bacteria from collecting in the urinary tracts -to prevent urinary infections that are common during and after kidney stones pass. Keep kidneys from forming stones again -by resuming kidney function and allowing them to naturally keep minerals dissolved in urine.

Uriflow is the only scientifically supported product that accomplishes all 4 important aspects of kidney stone treatment. After being featured in several news articles and medical conventions Uriflow has been recognized as the most complete kidney stone therapy available.
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Uriflow is only product that specifically targets the root cause of kidney stones at a biochemical level. It’s specifically designed to eliminate the stone quickly and provide your kidneys with the necessary substances to resume normal function. The patented Uriflow formula has a distinct combination of herbal extracts and minerals. Each capsule has an effective dose that quickly delivers an exact amount of active compounds directly within the urinary tissue.

Once these effective ingredients are absorbed by the body they begin to start working quickly … #1 Dissolving Effect As soon as you take the daily dosage the ingredients are filtered into the urine and rushed to the site of the stone where it begins to immediately dissolve any mineral clumps or hard deposits. Kidney stones are held together by a sticky substance known as mucin. Specialized ingredients in Uriflow cause the stone to break apart by acting on this mucin. #2 Flushing Effect Specific herbal extracts in the Uriflow complex have a cleansing effect on the urinary system by increasing the flow of urine within the tubules. This property combined with the stone dissolving effect helps clear all blockages and expel all solid wastes. #3 Tissue Protective Effect Uriflow has known anti-microbial activity that prevents bacteria from invading the urinary system. Additional anti-inflammatories also keep the urinary tracts from inflammation if irritated by stone movement. These ingredients ensure that you are able to pass your stone without discomfort or danger of an infection. #4 Stone Preventing Effect Since kidney stones recur in over 80% of all cases it seems that the kidneys constantly form stones unless they regain the ability to keep minerals dissolved in urine. Active compounds in the Uriflow formula introduce stone inhibiting substances back into the urine and help resume normal function.

Once the kidneys are able to maintain normal mineral balance new stones are prevented from forming again and you can get back to a healthy life never having to worry about kidney stones. However if left untreated the mineral imbalance gets worse as time goes by and prompt treatment can mean the difference between a painless stone and an excruciating one.

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Uriflow™ is safe from side effects since it contains all-natural ingredients. Scientists at BioNeutrix Labs isolate the active compounds within specific herbs to maximize the effectiveness of the formula.

The exact blend of herbal extracts in Uriflow is unique and is the only formula that has been used by over 80,000 people worldwide to painlessly pass their stones. The final blend is perfected in a state of the art lab facility that chemically certifies the final product’s effectiveness.

The powerful Uriflow formula contains the following ingredients:

Boerhaavia Diffusa has both anti-inflammatory and urine producing effect. This vital ingredient allows the urinary tracts to relax and uses increased urinary flow to move any lodged gravel

Crataeva Nurvala is a remarkable herb that has shown to cause stones in the ureter and bladder to spontaneously pass out. To increase its effectiveness BioNeutrix extracts the bio-active compound found only in its bark for precise action.

Tribulus Terrestris has aspartic and glutamic acid content which help in disintegrating the stone outer shell.

Lawsonia Inermis and Raphanus Sativus an incredibly powerful combination that has very effective anti-bacterial properties. This prevents any urinary infection from stone movement or irritation.

Bergenia Ligulata is a very well studied herb whose extract has shown to cause pre-formed stones to weaken in structure and easily collapse back into surrounding urine.

Fiscus Racemose is one of the key ingredients in uriflow that has carminative effects and helps ease the gripping pains common during a kidney stone attack. It’s fast absorption helps bring quick relief from kidney stone pain.

Didymocarpus Pedicellata has been used for centuries in Asia for treating kidney stones and preventing new calculi from mineralizing in the kidneys. This ingredient has great results long term for recurrent cases.

Achyranthes Aspera have a specialized chemical in their seeds known as saponins that stimulate the kidneys and help flush out gravel buildup in the urinary tracts.

Hemidesmus Indicus is a powerful kidney flushing agent that works to clear out blockages within the tubules and major urinary tracts

Asphaltum is a fast acting mineral that rushes to the site of the stone and aids in fragmenting its structure for faster dissolution in urine.

An exact blend of these extracts makes Uriflow one of the most effective kidney stone treatment and prevention product anywhere. In clinical trials patients have reported immediate relief and quick removal of stone gravel even before the completion of medication course. Uriflow is made from safe and effective compounds under strict FDA guidelines. Each batch of capsules is chemically fingerprinted to ensure it has all the necessary active ingredients. Each batch is released only when all capsules pass the certificate of analysis for purity and absence of microbial or chemical contaminants.

You can rest assured that when your Uriflow bottle arrives it contains only the most effective and fast acting ingredients. With Uriflow kidney stone relief is just a capsule away.

How does it compare to other treatments?

Since most cases of kidney stones get worse by simply waiting, hospital procedures may be used to eliminate them. While hospital procedures are becoming increasingly common they tend to damage kidney tissue and can cause significant pain during recovery. The rising costs and risk of complications from surgery is making many patients reconsider what’s the best way to find relief.

Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy (ESWL) has become one of the most common procedures performed to treat kidney stones. An external device is used to generate high energy sound waves aimed at the site of the stone to shatter it. This procedure is performed under general anesthesia and may need to be repeated several times before the stone is completely shattered. Internal bruising is common and blood may appear in the urine. Doctors also warn of internal injuries that can occur from the shattered fragments.

Ureteroscopic Stone Removal is another common procedure that attempts to physically capture the stone through an invasive technique. The urologist inserts a tube up the urethra, through the bladder to the actual site of the stone. At that point the doctor may use laser to break the stone apart of simply capture the stone with a basket device. Patients describe this procedure as extremely uncomfortable. Risks from this procedure include punctured urinary tracts and tissue damage. Stones that do not break up may even require more aggressive surgery.

Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy (PNL) is a more invasive and risky procedure that involves making an incision in your back and tunneling to the stone within the kidney. This procedure permanently damages kidney tissue to some extent and cannot be performed many times. Recovery time is a lot longer than other procedures and this type of surgery has a higher chance of post-surgical infections.

Expectant Management (Wait-and-See) is probably the most common approach and relies on misinformation that if you wait long enough the stone will pass. Research shows that this rational leads to thousands of emergency room visits every year. A stone is a rapidly mineralizing clump that grows as more urine pours through the kidneys. By waiting longer you allow the chemical process to keep pace and proceed to grow the stone. The result is either a stone that is extremely painful to pass or too big to move.

The only solution to any kidney stone condition is to naturally disintegrate the stone by targeting its chemical structure. New compounds derived from natural substances have been shown to quickly break apart any stone within the kidneys and flush out the sand-like gravel safely.

Uriflow saves you the torment of passing the stone and prevents your kidneys from damage. Even though some of the procedures may be able to eliminate the stone, it does not prevent them from forming again. The proprietary Uriflow formula is the only natural supplement that resumes normal kidney function by reintroducing stone inhibiting agents.

As compared to other treatments Uriflow is the only effective solution that provides complete relief and is clinically proven to work.

Answer #12

my mom got it and it hurts really bad she drinks a lot of cranberry jouice and says it helps wit the pain

Answer #13

My mom had them and she was a wreck. The doctor told her to drink LOTS of cranberry juice and water to help pass the stones.

Answer #14

blimey (to above) This is abit late for you, but will benefit others; Just hit the lemon juiceand hot water ! it breaks up the stones.

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