What if I love him and he hates me?

I haven’t loved anyone this way before…He’s cute, funny, loving, and I am in love with him. His name is Casey. He means the world to me but im just invisible. He knows I exsist…I mean we used to get in huge arguements but that was in the past. When he found out that I liked him everything changed. He never talks to me and I try but I am to scared to talk a lot or make a fool of myself and I cant even give him a hug. I mean I catch him looking at me sometimes but I dont know if he likes me or not. I mean everything is so weird. Were not even like friends but I love him. I am in the 7th grade and I know your thinking no she doesnt love him shes to young but really this is the biggest problem ever. I love Casey. I can give advice about it I just cant take it. I mean I try to find topics to talk to him about its just they wont come out. I have no idea what to do anymore. Its just he always says he doesnt like me in that way and I understand that but I cant handle even walking away from him…I mean I want to tell him I love him but I can just IMAGINE what would happen then. Its so hard. I need some serious help please. I need to know how to get over him, or tell him how I feel, or what I should do!! Oh aand I also tried to play hard to get..with out looking at him and everything…but I CANT do that!! Its so hard not to look at him…seriously.

Answer #1

I think you should write him a note, or call him. Just straight out tell him that you like him. But dont say that you love him, because it might freak him out a little haha. Like seriously, what have you got to loose?? The worst thing that could happen would be for him to say that he doenst like you back, and then you would need to focus on getting over him… but I think its worth the try. You will hate yourself if you dont and you will always be wondering, “but what if…” Never pass up an opportunity :) go for it girl! good luck! <3

Answer #2

I’m on the opposite end of the stick… I’m a guy, and I love this girl named Kylee… I’m pretty young too, I’m only 14, but I’m sure of it. She can make the wierdest faces, and she always makes me laugh… She has this really wierd smile, too, like whenever she does it, her eyes squint up for some reason! She’s also really foul - mouthed, a real rebel… We have just about everything in common, too… I don’t know what to do, because she says that she hates me, but she doesn’t act like it at all… She’s still really friendly and stuff, and I don’t understand why. Please help me…

Answer #3

I absolutely know how you feel. I fell in love, literally for the first time about 4 months ago, and my best friend liked him. He picked my bff and since then, he’s absolutely hated me and I can’t get over him, so… But the thing is, nobody in my school likes me technically, everybody makes fun of me and stuff because I’m a little overweight. Well, my bff told me his reasons of hating me, and he said because I’m fat and everybody else hates me, so he wouldn’t be caught dead with me. ;( My advice for you, is find somebody way better. There’s always going to be boys in your life that you think your in love with, but your not really. I promise you, if you just move on, you’ll be much better than waiting for him to catch you, because eventually you’ll just fall straight down, and he’ll walk away. If you don’t want your heart broke, trust me, move on. I’ve been down that road. :) Good luck with your problem, I hope you follow my advice.

Answer #4

I’ve got the exact same problem! his name is cam and I really like him well I fancy him and im still in high school and hes got kinda a nice moppy head and rather nice but he absoloutly hates me, I’ve been out with him before like but I didn’t ever feel this way the last time I went out with him it felt wierd but now I love him but he hates me! can one of you people tell me what to do? he won’t talk to me anymore and I think if I told him I fancied him he would hate me even more! please help me im dieing to know what to do!

Answer #5

I have the same problem with this kid named Raymond and he hates me because I go to his house and he shuts the door on my face:( so I have no help sorry

Answer #6

get over it dam girls are so crazy

Answer #7

Don’t what ever you do make him feel bad. It makes you feel worse and then he deffinately won’t speak to you ever again :’( I love you Anthony Martin I don’t think I’ll ever be able to get over you. I miss you.

Answer #8

same here! love at first sight(at least for me)he was different with all the guys I’ve met,I wrote him a text on his mobil to tell him that I was falling in love and since then every thing changed,he just completly ignores me!!! that’s fine.just love him wish him well stay away from him and move on.

Answer #9

Well, I like this guy named Jered, he’s in 10th grade, and I’m in 8th. We dated at first, and then he cheated on me with his ex. I said some horrible things, and threatened to fight her, but it did no use. Now, he hates me. And thats my fault. The best thing you can do, is just let him go. If he likes you, or atleast talks to you, then tell him how you feel, but don’t freak him out, or go to far with it. Just tell him, I like you, and I don’t know if you feel the same, but I just wanted to tell you how I feel. It worked for me at first(: Good Luck!

Answer #10

Me and Gavin were really good friends, but now when he talks to me, instead of being kind and friendly as he used to, he is cold, like he doesn’t want to speak to me :’( We were really good friends, and I never even told him I love him

Answer #11

if u love him please don’t tell him that because he will nver gonna talk wiz you AGAIN… just wait and try 2 solve his problems … make him happy all time by making him laugh hehe…

Answer #12

I know this is old, however; For two years, two months and 21 days, I’ve been in love with someone. His face is the second most beautiful thing in the world, the first being him in his entirety. He was into me for the first few months, but we had a falling out (our first fight) November 22nd, 2006. Since then, this boy has not liked me. I believe he started out confused and angry, but by now he must be indifferent with a side of hurt. I still haven’t accepted the fact that he doesn’t love me, and he never will. Mainly because we have next to everything in common.

Tell him you love him, that’s all I can say.

By the way, I met my sweetie the summer before 8th grade, and was in love with someone else before that. I don’t believe anyone is too young to love.

Answer #13

I know exactly how you feel. I’m going through the same thing. except, I’m in ninth grade, and the guy I like, Cody, is in 10th grade. last year, he dated one of my friends, and I got REALLY jealous. and I did some bad things, and now he well, straight out hates me. people say that he doesnt hate me, but I doubt it. I’m in love with him, and I just told my best friend the other night, she freaked. the thing is, if you really love him, go for it, he might love you too, you never know.

Answer #14

yea but what he will start hating her more dat happened 2 my friend. so 1 think i can say is dat u should wait a little bit more and then it has to come out some how

Answer #15

Oh god, i feel the same way. We were never friends but i had secret crush on him and no one knew.Soon he faund my diary and found out ALL i feel for him. Now he ignores me.I have no chance becouse e is kind of famous and everyone likes him and i am invisible…I just try to get over him.U can tell him what u feel on skype or fb or what ever u use for online chat or u can send him note. U have nothig to loose

Answer #16

Oh god, i feel the same way. We were never friends but i had secret crush on him and no one knew.Soon he faund my diary and found out ALL i feel for him. Now he ignores me.I have no chance becouse e is kind of famous and everyone likes him and i am invisible…I just try to get over him.U can tell him what u feel on skype or fb or what ever u use for online chat or u can send him note. U have nothig to loose

Answer #17

@ Morgan, still love him @ Mr Cool, idk know to tell ya. wait for morgan to respond

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