How can I change my style?

hey so I want to change my style. like scene. can anyone help me??

Answer #1

when your scene you,

have big,choppy,colorful hair. you wear band shirts that no one has ever heard of+ skinny jeans(usually colorful or animal printed)+converse ,chucks,vans,and usually wear childish things like hair bows or colorful headbands.Im scene and this is the things I wear.u usually say the word “rawr” or “rad” on a daily basis.just cause you wanna.:P scenes are different from emos.scenes have more confidence and they arent depressesd all the time.scenes listen to bands like metro station,all time low,paramore,and yeah you probally never heard of any of them.scene kids often shop at hot topic or claires.well thats pretty much it. :D

Answer #2


  Be random!
  Be random!
  Know what you're expected to be. The genuine scene girl is often described by society to be very bold,Over-confident, and at times, random. Although you could aim to be the cute, shy scene girl.Also be really nice to everyone you meet because scene girls are not to come off as rude teens. Well, except the posers you come across.
  1. Get a MySpace,(this is a big thing that can be optional. But to be a true scene you must have a myspace.) as just about every scene girl has an account. Create a ‘scene’ page with a whole bunch of pictures of yourself in MySpace different poses. 3. Dress the part. Dress the part. Dress like a scene girl. Clothes are very important, and you must dress the part in order to be successful in this venture.

      Converse are popular.
      Converse are popular.
      Wear flats like ballet shoes and even metallic/designer flats. Tutu like skirts are a must. Also, colorful BAPE and Nike shoes are getting popular. Slip-on Vans are very popular among scene kids.
    * Skinny jeans; shirts with a metallic sheen, leopard/zebra print, polka dots, or stripes are also highly acceptable.
    * Cartoon characters used to be very popular. But you'll find many preps wearing Hello Kitty & invader Zim as well as talking about Pokemon. It's best not to wear them often.
    * Pyramid stud belts, and classic white belts are good.
    * Huge sunglasses are a must, and the bigger the better. The newest edition to the scene girls sunnies are the old fashioned "cop" style sunnies (Ray-Ban Aviators).
    * Over-sized pearl necklaces or other long necklaces are a must. There are a number of ways you can wear them that will make you look like a mature young person.
  2. Get piercings if you like. They are automatically considered scene. So go for it as piercings are very popular among the scene kids.

    * Septum, Monroe, Snakebites, Spiderbites, and Browbreakers are acceptable piercings; since your ears will probably be hidden under your voluminous hair you can either wear big earrings or none at all. You can try pearl earrings for a dash of preppy style.
  3. Wear bright eye makeup. Pink, purple, blue, green, and red would do just fine. Remember to use , black/silver/blue eyeliner. The makeup can be plain black eyeliner depending on how scene you would like to be.Do not go to over board with your black cause you could come off as a emo.Just some eyeliner maybe a little thicker then usual is accepted.It is also scene to add a little design to your make-up.Such as wings. Although you can also go for the clean, pretty scene girl look with just lots of mascara and some pretty eyeshadow. 6. The ponytail The ponytail Get a new hairstyle, but keep it classy. The most important thing you should do with your hair is part it to the side, with bangs sweeping in front of your face instead. Little girl clips and dying your hair multiple colors are to be expected and a bit dated, so try wearing a Nike sweatband instead and styling your hair around it.Also,you don’t have to have long hair to be scene just tease the top of your hair and put your bangs to the side.

    * Short, choppy layers are very scene.
    * The scene mullet is popular, and is seen sported primarily by Asian scene girls.
    * A hairstyle that is quickly becoming popular with scene kids is straight hair with bangs. It is very simple to do if you want something not too extreme. You want long straight hair, of any color, and bangs that go straight across your forehead hanging in front of your eyes some.
    * Another classic scene style that will not turn heads as fast, and therefore is more acceptable to sport around your parents and other non-scene people, is tying the back of your hair in a ponytail and allowing chunks of hair to fall down where your sideburns would be.
    * Slightly long hair with ultra layers and choppiness right at the ear, below the ear slightly, or above the ear is considered extreme scene.
  4. Color your hair. Dye it black or platinum blond.If you go completely black be careful.Cause you could come off as an emo.So if you go black put some neon colored chunks in it. Any other dark color will do (maroon, purple, or red). Even brunettes can be scene without dying their hair any more than blond highlights. Extreme colors have gradually become more popular so don’t be afraid to try a risky move. 8. Enjoy the music. Enjoy the music. Listen all types of music except for country. Meaning anything random and cool. Listen to techno and rock bands.

    * Some good bands to listen to are Metro Station, The Medic Droid, Sky Eats Airplane, A Rocket To The Moon, The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Mindless Self Indulgence, Boys Like Girls, 3OH!3, Story Of The Year, Something Corprate, Tokio Hotel, The Devil Wears Prada, Paramore, Alesana, Kill Hannah, Dashboard Confessional, Bullet For My Valentine, Chiodos, Cute Is What We Aim For, Jeffree Star, Drop Dead Gorgeuos, Shiny Toy Guns, Cobra StarShip, A Day To Remember, As I Lay Dieing, From First To Last, HelloGoodbye, Against Me!, The Used, My Chemical Romance, Jimmy Eat World, Meg and Dia, Within Temptation, and any other emo/screamo, alternative, metal bands.
  5. Use scene lingo, and adopt certain words into your vocabulary, such as “hella”, “rad”, “stellar”, “pimp”, “hot”, etc. The word dank,and hip-hop slang are also scene.

    * Don't be afraid too be yourself:] Just be repectful of other peoples styles, but don't them get you down if they don't respect yours


Answer #3

omg lmao dont change your style girl, first of all I wanted to be scene back in the day and got all my piercings and totally regretted it scene is embarassing sure as hell be influenced by it but going round in bright pink and tiaras and converse isnt really a good look/

Answer #4

Who CHOOSES to be a stereotype???


be urself you fckin poser.

as Ralph Waldo Emerson once said “To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment. “

and “We are a puny and fickle folk. Avarice, hesitation, and following are our diseases.”


Answer #5

I agree with her 100% but dont all of the sudden change in one day or else…congrats, your offically a poser. but anywhoo…she pretty much said it all, XD. Pe@cE <3

Answer #6

same go to youtube and look at videos of it lol…Or go to a salon…

Answer #7

rolls eyes

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