I need a good movie to watch

So I have seen a tonnn of movies and am having a hard time finding any other ones to watch. I just want to watch some more good movies. I feel like I’ve watched them all though lol which I know is not true. Help.

Answer #1

hah thats my problem. I went through all those top 100 lists and have watched basically all of them. I have been watching a lot of the classics though trying to catch up on them, there are just so many of them

Answer #2

I recommend finding a director that you like and watching some of their films. I recommend Terry Guillam, Brazil is an amazing movie. Also there are thousands of films in that you probably have not watched from other countries, Akira Kurosawa movies are classics that inspired movies like star wars. If you like musicals The Umbrellas of Cherbourg is a brilliant film from the French new wave movement.

Answer #3

Try Captains Courageous starring Spencer Tracey. A classic, great action, great relationship story about a spoiled, rich boy who gets lost at sea and befriends a fisherman who chisels away at the boy’s spoiled-ness. It’s my all-time favorite movie. Sounds like you’re a real movie buff…try branching out into the classics…like Citizen Kane, the best movie ever made. Check out AFI’s top 100 lists too, in all of their categories. Enjoy!

Answer #4

I like to watch basically anything to tell you the truth. Im not a fan of corny movies, but thats about it. I like Drama, Action, Horror, Comedy. I watch it all really. Im not really into the really corny action or corny kung fu. I like a good jet li movie. I like any good drama but im not into documentary movies or chick flicks. I really like zombie movies but im pretty sure I have seen every single good zombie movie ever made lol. Also the same goes for comedies. Im not a huge fan of like corny comedy. By that I dont mean I dont like like will ferrell or adam sandler. I dont find that corny just stupid comedy which is still funny. But really just recommend something you’ve really enjoyed watching and hope I havent seen it yet.

Answer #5

The Princess Bride.

House of 1000 Flying Daggers

Steel Magnolia

The Polar Bear King

Madea’s Family Reunion

The Count of Monte Cristo

Anchorman (though I’m sure you’ve seen it)

Answer #6

alvin and the chipmunks, strange wilderness, fingerprints, austin powers, be kind rewind, hating allison ashley, and if you dont mind waiting till boxing day…alvin and the chipmunks 2!! heheee

Answer #7

yeah hah many times, shaun of the dead, dawn of the dead (both), diary of the dead, dance of the dead, day of the dead, basically any of the dead. 28 days later, 28 weeks later, all the resident evil movies, and a lot more lol

Answer #8

I saw this movie and at first I thought it was lame but as the story goes it got really interesting it makes you think a lot the movie is call “The Man From Earth” just so you know there are no fighting, or action or any kind of special effects in this movie but I enjoyed it very much which was very weir since it doesn’t have any of that but the story really caught my attention.

Answer #9

I’ve seen teh running man. not really a big fan of arnold to tell you the truth. there are a few movies I like with him but not many.

Answer #10

The Running Man

Best… movie… ever.

Answer #11

seen all 3 godfathers, pineapple express, all the fast and furious movies, and mission impossible 123. But thanks for trying lol

Answer #12

I’ve seen every single simon pegg movie, so yes hot fuzz lol

Answer #13

hot fuzz?

Answer #14

haha yeah like I said I’ve seen a lot of movies. I’ve seen that as well.

Answer #15

awesome thanks. Have not seen that one and it looks promising.

Answer #16

yup. sgood

Answer #17

What kind of movies do you like to watch?

Answer #18

orrr little miss sunshine

Answer #19

zombies? so uve seen shaun of the dead?

Answer #20

oh! from dusk til dawn. you HAVE to check that out

Answer #21

seen it.

Answer #22


Answer #23

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