What happened on House tonight?

I missed House on Tuesday. Who got fired and when are new episodes?

Answer #1

It seems pretty accurate, except in paragraph 8- he doesn’t suffer heart failure, he suffers respiratory failure.

Answer #2

Wow, I was going to comment, but broadwaystar101 pretty much summed it up!

Answer #3

Here is a summary! And House is on on Tuesdays at 9:00 ET

A punk rocker, Ian, is hanging out in an alley with his band and grabs his friend’s new guitar… and wrecks it. The guy hits him with it but they’re called in to the club. The rest of the band goes in, but Ian starts coughing up blood and then collapses.

House is watching his soap opera when Cuddy comes in and demands an answer on which two fellows House is selecting for his team. When he refuses to choose, she threatens to make him pay for them… and take away his parking spot. House tries to find a patient with Cameron and ends up seizing on Ian, who has all the symptoms of a drug addict. House suspects some underlying disease and brings it to the fellows. He also notes the fellow who solves the case will be hired, and he’ll use arbitrary points to decide the second selection. The fellows immediately start coming up with differentials but Foreman notes that Ian will only withstand one test at a time. House goes with Amber’s differential and orders her to test.

House visits with Wilson who reveals he misdiagnosed a patient, Mr. McKenna, who as it turns out doesn’t have cancer. Ian goes into the bathroom to take Amber’s test while she waits outside, and Thirteen notes that he’ll probably smoke in private… and has an oxygen tank. They’re interrupted by an explosion.

Wilson explains to McKenna that he doesn’t have cancer, while House sits in. McKenna reveals that he’s sold his house and spent all of his remaining $6,000 on one last trip.

House meets with the fellows while hiding from Foreman, who still insists Ian is simply suffering from drug addiction. Thirteen lashes into Amber who wants a new series of tests. Chase finds Foreman, who is staying close to the patient to try and find the team. When Ian starts thrashing about, Foreman goes in and reveals Ian has covered himself with nicotine patches. Taub notices blood clots in Ian’s fingertips, proving Amber wrong.

It’s back to differential and Thirteen suggests malaria. House goes with her theory but notes that she isn’t happy with Ian and his drug addiction and tries to pin her down. Thirteen admits she wants to win and be happy, but House figures she isn’t happy that Ian is happy despite his condition. Meanwhile, Taub is picking up Vicodin for House and admits to Thirteen that he isn’t interested in Ian, but just in winning. They arrive at Ian’s room and discover that he’s gone.

House is in Wilson’s office listening to Ian’s old record, and notes that Wilson has a blank liability form and his checkbook ready. It turns out that a guilty Wilson is going to pay McKenna the money he spent. Taub and Thirteen come in to reveal they lost the patient, so House sends Taub to find Ian while wanting to know why Thirteen is trying to help Ian. He still doesn’t believe her explanation that she just wants to help people.

Taub and Thirteen track Ian down to Pediatrics where he’s entertaining the children… and then collapses. Cuddy goes to confront House and he asks her advice, much to her surprise. She recommends Taub and Kuttner, and the fellows report he doesn’t have malaria but does have bad blood fragments. House talks to Ian’s bandmates and figures out Ian has been sharing needles–and blood–with one of his friends, explaining the blood fragments. Ian falls out of his bed with heart failure.

It’s back to differential and House now goes with Kuttner’s diagnosis, but Amber calls him on it that he simply wants an excuse to run tests so he can come up with a real diagnosis. House is impressed, then confronts Ian and wants to know why he doesn’t try at anything, and Ian admits most people shrug and disregard him. House finds some unusual lumps near Ian’s heart but Ian seems more intent on House liking his music then trying to save him.

Wilson tries to pay off McKenna who rips up the check and insists that Wilson owes him much more, and plans on suing him for giving him happiness and taking it away.

House meets with Kuttner and Taub for differential and Taub suggests a MRA to see if a blood vessel wrapped around his trachea. However, he’s not sure how to hold Ian still so they go to Chase… and House asks him who he should hire. Taub manages to convince Chase to do surgery so they can see Ian’s heart directly… by blackmailing him into doing it, noting if he refuses it’ll look like he’s trying to get revenge on House for firing him. Chase recommends House hire Taub and Amber, then goes ahead with the surgery but Ian goes into respiratory shutdown.

It’s back to differential but Foreman thinks that House is still more interested in the game then finding a cure. House fires Kuttner and Thirteen, who start tossing out theories and end up with a contaminated drug theory and possible heavy metal poisoning. House’s attempt to provoke them is successful and he withdraws the firings. Amber tends to Ian who thinks she’s unhappy and refuses to give up his dealer’s name.

Wilson goes to see House, who is listening to Ian’s music, and House tries to get Wilson to stand up for himself against McKenna. Wilson thinks House is trying to control everything and is trying to avoid pain. Kuttner comes in and reveals that Ian works with abandoned kids. House finally fires all the fellows… then has an idea. He goes to Cuddy to ask for a brain biopsy and notes that all four fellows’ theories contributed to the solution, even though they were wrong. Ian was exposed to measles and his immune system was destroyed by drugs. The virus is in Ian’s brain but Cuddy needs neurological symptoms before she orders the biopsy. Amber notes Ian swallows constantly and Cuddy authorizes the treatment if they can stimulate a seizure. House uses Ian’s music to set off a seizure and they go ahead with steroid treatment.

Later in the lecture hall, House meets with the fellows. He starts with Amber, noting she has to be willing to lose sometimes. He then fires Thirteen, noting he’d keep her if he had a third slot. That leaves him with Taub and Kuttner.

Amber goes to see Ian, and admits she’s trying not to care. Ian admits it’s not easy.

Cuddy talks to House and says she recommended Kuttner and Taub thinking he wouldn’t hire them, and he needs to hire a woman. She tells him to hire Thirteen as well… and then realizes that’s what he wanted all along.

Answer #4

House was popping more pills.. Such a silly show..

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