Should i go to a vocational tech or job corp school?

Okay my good friend wants me to go to this college thats like five hours away from my hometown. But I want to go to the vo-tech or to jop corp for cullinary arts, but I dont want to let her down by just saying NO. What should I do?

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you have to go to school for you, not for your friend. in the end, your education is going to be supporting you not her. I don't mean to sound mean but I went to school because my best friend did and it turned out that I went to a high priced college and she only went cause she got a discount due to her mother working there and I had to pay full price, anyways, I had to drop out. I couldn't afford it. now we don't even speak anymore. I use to live with her and we were friends for 11 years but then I got pregnant and she figured I wouldn't be fun anymore cause I couldn't go out. it's been 2 years and we haven't spoken, I miss her a lot though

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I'm going to vo-tech =)

I dont know what to do when I leave school

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Thank you, I think I have made up my mind, but she wants me to take a tour with her to that college. Should I go just to see what its like or...?

northwest tech highschool in Florissant, MO
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Do not go to job corps! They will control your life! I went there. Yes you get paid! Very little money though. The food is crappy, you have no privacy at all, every aspect of your day is monitored. They expect you to act like an adult but they don't treat you like one. Hope this helps.

Who knows the insides and ovt about job corp?

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