I'm having problems with being a good person

ok, so, I’m glad I’m better than others in “school”, but I’m not glad to have problems because of it! I’m always treating everyone good, and they do too, but right now, they’re outta control!! one of my friends (let’s call her F), she keeps hitting me all day long, and she thinks it’s funny while it HURTS!! I hit back sometimes, but I’m not as strong as HER!! she’s a lil’ fat, and she thinks she’s not, I never call her fatty or chuby, or anything that makes her feel bad, cause I know she will feel bad, she’s sensitive, in the end, she’s not a good person! today, I was cheerleading for the ones playing basketball against high school students, and when my turn was over, I sat down to drink water and rest (on the floor), and she came from behind me and started hitting me on my back, and I was screaming at her and telling her to stop, but she wouldn’t!! so I started hitting back!! then she walked away, and I ignored her, when she came to me and asked me if I got mad, I also ignored her, and I didn’t smile, so my friend told her that yes I was mad, and it’s true, I was mad that if I just look through her eyes I will start hitting her!! Right now, I’m not talking to her, she’s not talking to me either, and she’s going’ around tellin’ everyone not to talk to me, wich is something I’m also ignoring, I’m ignoring everyone who’s ignoring me, and I WON’T RUN AFTER THEM AND SAY I’M SORRY, CAUSE I’M NOT!!! what should I do? I don’t want them to believe her, and think that I’m a bad week person, and she lies a lot!! I mean… it happened to me a lotta times!! when I get mad at someone, they make me the wrong person while it’s someone else!! what the f*ck?!!! I’m human, I have feelings and rights!! yes, I do fight for myself, but my friends help me sometimes, but when it comes to a bad person they fight for him not me, why? I have no idea why they’re doin’ this to me! and I also have no idea why she’s hitting me like that and all the time!! once I had to wear a jacket to hide a line she drew on my shoulder!! and there’s another girl who’s also hitting me, and when I ask her why she’s hitting me like that, she tells me: “I don’t know why, I just want to hit someone” why do they choose me?!!! I got marks on my shoulders and stomach from “F”, and she’s like a piece of ROCK!!! UGH!!!

PLEASE TELL ME WHAT TO DO WITH THIS B”TCH!!! (sorry about the bad names, but I’m truly MAD!!!) actually going’ around with a red frowny face!!!

Answer #1

I used to be lonely a long time ago, and I’m not any more, and yes, I do have friends who will stand with me, but they’re not smart enough to do the things I need them to do!! they either hurt hearts to heal others, or heal hearts to keep others away from the ones they healed!! wich means, if I ask their help, I will only be able to sit with them! and I truly want to have other friends! 2 are not enough to stand against the whole damn class!! I’ve stood for some girls who never stood for me! and now they’re so childish around me! it’s like they’re saying: mummy please hold me, mummy she hit me :’(, ooo, he’s so hot, oh common, you guys make a good couple, (those are the ones who I stood for them while they never did) and I hate this kinda girls!! so I can’t trust them!! and when I ignore my friends who hit me or don’t, they keep nagging nagging nagging and nagging to get me back, and I tell them “with my mouth” that everything’s alright, but they have no place in my heart, and my mind! when I sit alone, they come and nag again and again and again! I feel like I’m never going to be able to just make them leave me alone!! ok, they like me so much, but I don’t!! and they become my friends so I can do their homework and stuff while I don’t! I never even thought about saying yes and do their homework! what do they exsactly want if they’re only putting me in trouble and I’m only making them feel better when they come and tell me their stupid problems?!! I mean… find another person who will listen to you and solve your problems, I’m not a psychiatrist yet!!! and I don’t want to start my job from now!! I’m too young!!

Answer #2


I hope you won’t take offense, but I think you think too highly of yourself in relation to your peers.

Granted, you seem to have had better opportunities than most of them and you are pretty smart for your age, having a background of knowledge that most of your peers don’t have.

But one thing you need to learn to really be a success in this life is tolerance. Most of your peers may not be your equal in ability or knowledge, but you have to accept that, accept them as they are and be tolerant of them.

Don’t sell your friends short. Their friendships can help you through hard times. And your next few years may bring some hard or confusing times as your hormones, emotions and even your brain start changing things about you and your life that you don’t expect.

Always be positive and look for the best in others and know that there is always a positive side to all your experiences.

Answer #3

Well, hitting. A common issue. It just means that the person is childish. And that’s all. They are childish.. And you have growed up. They thought they are funny. But you know they are not. They thought you will play with them. But you know you will not. They go around and spread rumours.. But you know yourselves the best.

Since its their hands, legs and mouth, so you cant control them. Tell yourselves that they will get their retribution someday. So dont do any silly things.. It doesnt worth it.

Those people who doesnt help you when you’re dealing with bad people but help you when you’re dealing with good people are just cowards.. So I dont see a point for you to use your time thinking of why they dont help you..

By the way, it seems like that “f” really hurts your body.. And its very serious and dangerous. Stay away from those who hurts you. You deserve better. Anyway, its okay to be alone. Just like me, im use to being alone. So now I enjoy being alone. Just get use to it and you will feel better.


Answer #4

Hi hitting you for fun is not funny at all to be honest its really weird.maybe you should find other people to hang out with who don’t think hitting other is fun.The girl who is hitting you may have some deeper emotional problems that are causing this behavior.hitting your back can be dangerous aswell.

Answer #5

I already did!! she never stops!! I told you, she thinks it’s funny!!!
the other girl was my best friend!! (she’s not any more though) and I never knew that those two girls would do this to me!! they’ve been nice to me from the begening of the year! what happened now?

Answer #6

It could very well be that they are jealous of you and are seeking attention from you. You might try communicating with them that you are willing to be their friend but only if they stop beating on you.

Answer #7

Based of your question you haven’t pulled her aside yet and asked her nicely to stop hitting you. Id start there. :)

Answer #8

clearly she doesnt sound like your freind and its not right for you to kind of keep leading her onthe more you hit her back, the more shell think what shes doing is ok same with if you dont tell her exactly how you feel she shouldnt hit you, neither should the other girl and you need to tell them that, or just stop being there freind you should have freinds who think its okay to hit you as well as ignoring them, just let it all go let them go, and let everyone else who you think or beleive is against you go either its not worth fighting and arguing about silly things like this!

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