I'm 15 & never had a boyfriend, im really shy & dont know how to k

Hey, can anyone help me? im 15 and have never had a boyfriend. all my friends have had loads and im starting to feel left out. as I am shy I find it hard to get to know boys in the first place.I also go to an all girls school so theres no boys there either! I dont even know how to kiss and where I come from its too late to learn how! please help me ,I feel so bad! dont think that I stay in all the time though, because I dont, I may be bad with boys but I do go out hehe
please! x

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Wow I'm the same way, I'm really nervous to and when a guy tries talking to me it's like I ignore them but not on purpose :(

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If your nervous about kissing get a friend to teach you. I bet your thinking eww gross. But if they know what they are doing and they are willing to teach you then they can help you quite a bit. One of my friends taught me and we practice don each other, I'm not a lesbian either. I don't swing that way. But if a friend asked me I would help them, it's just a good way to learn.

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I'm just like that sorry i don't know what to do either!

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Believe it or not, a most girls your age are in the same boat as you. I sure was when I was your age. =) I didn't get my first kiss until I was 17!! And I was in a normal co-ed school! Don't feel so bad cause its never too late to learn how to kiss. It may feel like you are being left out of the loop cause of this, but trust me you are not missing much at the age you are now. Just give it some time and one day you will get that first kiss and it will feel more magical if you let it come instead of forcing it. Just enjoy what life offers you now. You'll miss these days when you get older!

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Listen...its ok! I remember on my 15th birthday making a promise to myself to get kissed before my 16th birthday,well, I didn't get my first kiss until two days before I turned 17. Not knowing how to kiss is alright! Not having a boyfriend, well, at your age you aren't missing out on anything. Start becoming concerned when you are 20, but by then I am sure you will of found a great guy. Kissing isn't really something that can be taught. Just go with the flow, it's more of a natural instinct. And don't be afraid if you think you're bad at first, as time goes on you notice your kissing styles change, and with each guy they change again. Best of luck, and don't let your friends let you think you NEED to have a guy, because you really don't. Learn to talk to them first. A relationship is nothing without communication.

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Look Im 15 too and sometimes I have the same worries and fears about boyfriends and kissing like " will I find HIM ? ", " how do you kiss the KISS ? " all natural. My friends have also had HUNDREDS OF BFS but the key is to sit and wait. I know it sounds stupid and it'll take forever but im works and im hoping that in my college years ill find him and the kiss lol. Good Luck

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im in the exact same situation and every girl in my school always is talking about their boyfriends I like this one guy but I never know how to talk to him ! im not desperate just sometimes I feel like im the only one...

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hey, im a guy...just a tip...im my girlfriends first boyfriend and we started when she was 15. What I would do is slowly start meeting guys...dont immediately go for them just start becoming friends. and try to doll urself up a lil once your comfortable talking as friends...get a little closer talk more yadda yadda yadda..if you find a guy whos a keeper tell him you like him but be subtle somewhat..not shy. hopefully if you did a good job and hes worth it he should ask you out eventually..also you might not want to tell him that you like him unless your fairly certain he likes you back..just make it known you do but not flat out...

as for the kissing its ok..as long as the guys a nice one he just likes that your kissing...just kinda kiss normally like you would expect a normal one to be and hopefully if your making out you can follow the leader..also google it if your really worried haha..

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give it time hun your only 15 don't go to guys let theme come to u...
and when they talk to you just start talking to theme dont let em know your shy and if yall hit it off really well Get there Phone Number

Anyways that how I got my Boyfriend I was shy at once too..lol..dont be ashamed...u got plenty of time to find you someone...the kissing part come's Naturally...Or you can get a friend to introduce you to somebody like there friend then get to know that guy...anyways goodluck if your havein anymore problems E-mail me at Eatonsissy@aol.com Buh bye

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ahhh im in the same situation and there are loads of guys asking me out and I just say NO to them even if I really like them because im scared that they will find out that I never had a boyfriend and might just laugh at me! And there is a guy that I really love atm and he asked me out about 3 times and I keep saying no because I know that he had many girlfriends! I dont know what to do :(

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Don't Worry. Heaps Of People Your Age Haven't Had Boyfriends Yet... It's Better To Not Of Had Any Than To Have Had Loads. :> You Can't Just Rush Into These Things, You Have To Find Someone You Actually Like First And Just Start Giving Him Little Hints, Such As Smiling, Making Eye Contact, Walking Infront Of Him, Etc. I'm Sure One Day You'll Find The Perfect Guy. :) x

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