Lost my phone, but it's on silent. How can I find it?

ok I lost my phone,but before I lost it it was on silent. is there a way to find where my phone it?

Answer #1

When my phone is on silent it vibrates, so I can still kinda hear a buzz. I just tell everyone to shut up so I can hear it when I call it. It can take a while, but you might as well do it now before the battery runs out.

Answer #2

lol ok thank you

Answer #3

if you turn of the lights and call it,then your phone should light up and ta dah try this in every room

Answer #4

try looking down in the in the couch that you love to sit on. did it have a pink cover over the phone just wondering?

Answer #5

you could tell your mom to get you a new one because its like impossible to find it now.

Answer #6

no, it may light up though. try to remember where it was. I hate it when I do that.

Answer #7

right now im haveing the same trouble, im suppose to be going to a friends but I dont know were my cell phone is so my advise is check in your bed room everywhere. underbed-closet-behind bed-in bed-on dressers anywere in your bedroom!

Answer #8

ok is it on vibration if not

search in places like under sofas beds yeno in your car yeno places like da xxx

hope I helped :)

Answer #9

So, my phone is missing. I called it listening for the vibrator. Nothing. I waited for the voicemail in every room of my house, in the yard, my car. I waited till midnight for it to be dark. Then I called and listened and searched again, looking for the light. Still nothing. PLEASE! I’m about ready to BAWL MY EYES OUT! I think I may go into shock or something. Especially when it comes to telling my ‘rents. Can cell phone companies use satellite or gps or somthing to tell you where your phone is?

Answer #10

Sometimes if you take a nice long poop you will remember. Good luck squeezin one out.

Answer #11

I lost my phone and I am suposed to call my boy friend. hope he dont get mad at me.

Answer #12

im in the same situation right now and I am so sad I cried. the only thing I know is that its in my house and my house is extremly small it is like an apartment! thank god because that takes some of the stress off.I have a feeling were it is and thats inside my couche but my couche is closed up with fabric so im in a bad situation. I know how I fell I mean the only reason I criedis because your phone is your life. your phone is that thing that holds that text that you just dont want 2 delete. Or the pictures that you look at every day because they make you laugh or even cry. even if it takes you weeks to find it just think it your life you lost_:) so dont give up on looking

Answer #13

ok so just last night I had my phone. I txt my cousin brother and two of my friends this was at eleven o’clock at night so I was laying on the couch! I went to bed and when I woke up it wasnt there anymore! I looked everywhere! literally! bed room, dinning room, kitchin, in between the cracks in the couch under the couch in the fridge and even in the garbage! I dont know what else to do please please please someone help me :(

Answer #14

I lost my phone to and I have to call my sexy boy friend, how can I find it?

Answer #15

cant find my phone anywhere! AHHH! I left it on the counter when I got got back from my BFFs house it wasnt there! my mom said that it was ther when she got home from work and nevr touched it! then… TADA! GONE… but there is one site that realy helps its free too! its called… wheresmycellphone.com check it out!!! it helps lotsss! irt saved my phone bunches of times!

Answer #16

okay so I need help finding my phone I last saw it yesterday in the car outside my aunts house I sent a text to my couzin then I got out the car so my dad could put my aunts weelchair in so I went back inside then it was gone. and to make things worst I had it on vibrate.! we looked everywhere in the car and all the places I was last I dont think it could have fallen out and not have heard it hit the ground.. well at this point I have no idea were it could be or if someone came up on it yeah it sucks it seems like a part of me is missing so any advice.??

Answer #17

I’m in the same exact position right now, although my phone has probably died by now.. You could always try calling your carrier and asking them to reset the settings on your phone. It will most likely make your phone have volume. Call it then.

I hope that works, if not, sorry. Sucks.. I won’t have a phone for at least a couple more months..

Answer #18

I am in the same position right now XD All I can suggest is looking for the light, or if your cell makes a lsight noise on silent turn all the lights off and make it completly quiet you might be able to find it then

Answer #19

First of all, this is a thread for HELP, not sob stories. Second of all, princessbay, no one cares that you have a “sexy” boyfriend to call so just take your attention-craving self out of here. If you have no answer, be smart and don’t reply/ Notice how the title of this text box is “Your Answer”. Duh.

And now, my answer: try taking a walkman radio, etc., and take it around where you think you might have lost it. When you hear static on the radio, it may be nearby.

Hope you find it. :)

Answer #20

I lost my phone too and I checked everwhere including the places it might not be and its still missing also my mother is saying no to buy me a new one and im getting the silent treatmetn from her HLP HLP HLP

Answer #21

ok is it on vibration if not

search in places like under sofas beds yeno in your car yeno places like da xxx

hope I helped :)

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