What if I like a guy who has a girlfriend?

I really like this boy. I thought he was starting to like me to ,till I juss saw a picture of him and his girlfriend kissing!!! (they started going out since 11-19-07) what should I do, I really like him I cant stop thinking about it

Answer #1

I have the same promblem, I went for it, it didnt bother me he had a girlfreind I really didnt care to me she was no competion. I ask him if he loved her and he said yes I was shocked at first because he can have me. I know that I sound veryy concited… anyway I didnt want to break them up so I guess you can say im his friend he flirts with me and visit me in my last period of classs I love it because I know he likes me. but dont ever let you are friends go up to him thats so immature

Answer #2

ummm im mad that you knew the exact date? stalker much? lol, but ANYWAYS.. he has a girlfriend, just think if you were in his shoes, and you hada boyfriend, and some other HEFFA wanted him.. umm you wuld be mad.. sooo theres plenty of boyz jst like TINATODDER said..

Answer #3

If they haven’t been dating long, it might not be that serious! I suggest you leave him alone, who knows, maybe they will break up in a week or so and then you can go for it! If not, there are sooo many guys out there that could be right for you, don’t ruin another girls chance at love and go find your own!

Answer #4

Omg I have the same problem but umm my guy and his girlfriend have been on and off for years and shes crazy…she put a girl in a coma over him last year im scared

Answer #5

he has a girlfriend, it may be hard but you have to get over him.

Answer #6

OMG … we have the SAME problem I love love this guy but then I found out a week ago that they were goin out then I spoke his girlfriend she was totally fine me stil liking him I dont no if he likes me as a friend thats the first thing I did … then when they broke up he talked to me cause I was his close frien then I said to him that I like like him then I tlod him so you ok with that then I wanted to ask him out but later he asked me out and now im goin out with him till now dec 8 …long story…lol…it did take for me 2 years to let him tyr to like me and now it woked it can wrok for you too!goodluck<3

Answer #7

I had a crush on a guy too!And im LIKE IN MIDDLE SCHOOL so I started to flirt with him but out of no where somone had asked him out I had gotten so frekin mad!She anyway had been like one of my BFFS. I still cant stop thinking about him but right now im getting over him and you can too. -GOOD LUCK with your guy!

Answer #8

dude this is happening to me too! I like this guy and weve been texting a lot, and he told my two friends he liked me, and that he was going to ask me out. so I was all excited, you know? then today my friend calls me and says “okay I have bad news, and good news. the bad news is, (the guy) has had a girlfriend for three months.” THREE FRICKING MONTHS!!! and the guys friend said that he liked me too. so kevin (the guy) had totally been lying. it was insane. plus were going to the mall this thursday and I don’t know if it will go ovre well or not. but the good news was that he got into a fight with his girlfriend and that he liked me. so my advice? just take life how it comes. its just another guy in the sea of love. youll get through it, I promise.

Answer #9

well the same exact thing is hapening to me. I think about this guy jordan 24/7, I even dream about him. he asked me to be his science partner and I said yes. my best friend talks to him and I know he likes me but he has a girlfriend. he is probly going to ask me after the project is over. I say you should get involved with him through a project too. (I mean the guy your tklin about.) this has really takin our relationship a step forward. hes really sweet he teases and flirts with me non-stop. he even picked me up before. like 3 times. any way I hope you get your guy and also wish me goodluck. :)

Answer #10

He is a player. He plays with minds for power and control. A kind of drug a rush.

Answer #11

The same thing is happening to me I’m like the youngest girl in 7th grade and I have never gone out with a guy I have always had a lot of guy friends and now I met one this year that I really like he has asked me many times if I was single but has never asked me out my friend wants me to ask him out becuse he likes me but I’m too shy and now he has a girl friend who is a total snob every1 thinks that we have soo much incommon and we talk a lot he always tells me the right guy will ask you out when he’s ready but I don’t know if he means him I didn’t plan to like him at first it just kinda happend now his friend likes me but I don’t like him and I have only told my best friend sence 1st grade that I liked him so she is going to tell him to ask me out But I woulldnt know what to do cause I’ve never had one ? And he knows that!!

Answer #12

the same this actually happening to me right now… but I think my problems worse, not only does he have a girlfriend.. hes also two years older… AND is on of my brothers good friends. I really like him.. we started talking over the summer. and I really really liked him then … then I found out he had a girlfriend… I didnt get this. cause he ALWAYS flirts with me. but anyways.. I stopped talking to him for a long time.. and I stoppeed liking him.. but hes pretty much like a drug … he started talking to me last week… and now I just cant stop talking to him again and I like him.. AGAIN! its driving me crazy . cause him and his girlfriend are really serious… but were so alike. and flirt so much . he even asks me things like if I would go to a movie when hes single and if I would kiss him and what kind of kiss. SO flirty .. it drives me crazy. and once he asked if I would ever like him… I lied and said I dont know. and I asked him if he would ever like me. and he replied fast with a yes!!! :) … makes me mad.. but im just sticking it out until I find someone within my reach :)

Answer #13

im having the same problem see im inmiddle school and we started doing the ZAP thing and my friend got the guy I liked and looked at it. when she asked him out he said SURE!! I was sooo mad bedcause I was gonna have my friend ZAP me and put him but sadly I was too late. but I know they will break up after like a week because his happened today and someone has already started rumors and she dumped her las boyfriend because of rumors. luckily for me the rumors have already started they just need to get to her and then I can go for him but im way too shy around him so it might not work and im super scared to ask him out. I will either have my friend do it or my friend ZAP me.

Answer #14

I went through the same thing my freshman year. and honestly its been so hard for me to get over him but I try to everyday. he has a girlfriend that hes been dating since last nov. and so its kinda obvious hes serious. We still talk constantly and flirt and I know its not healthy for me but I still love it. You just need to show him you dont care about him, even if you do. most of the time if a guy is taken all he really wants from you is that feeling of you wanting him. He doesnt deserve that and neither do you. Take a step back and dont waste yuor time waiting. The best advice is to let everything slowly take its own course. You cant make things happen, let it happen on its own[:

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