I like a boy who has a girlfriend, but he seems to like me

there is this guy I met at the YMCA. he's a lifeguard. he calls me almost everynight and we talk for hours. whenever he's working he likes me to come and hang out with him. I found out he had a girlfriend but he never told me. so I confronted him about it and he told me that he didn't tell me because he didn't want me to stop talking to him. he says he loves the way I dress & he smiles at me constantly and is always looking at me straight in the eyes. what should I do, keep talking to him...or just drop it because he has a girlfriend?

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Im going through this right now. I think that it is best to act your self around him and don't flirt so much. Be kind and sometimes go out of your way to do little things, just to show him you care.:) If you guys become closer he'll see that his backbone(you) was there all along and he can't stand to be with out you.
P.S.- Don't flirt around his girlfriend.

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hahaha NEVERMIND. i'm new to this, so sorry.

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how can i see who says something?

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Just keep on talking to him and be his friend he will start to like you if you play hard to get it might take a while but it will work i went through the same problem. talk to his friends talk to other boys that are near him act like you dont like him and soon he will get jelious and start to like you!

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can someone help me? I love this boy is name is kevin he is in my area then he told me that he has a girlfriend, I was shocked I really love him and I think he seems to love me too ; when we talk he look at me straight in the eyes smile at me . I really love him then thre's this other guy he love me too or I like aswell what shall I do? but I prefer kevin he is hotty!!! someone help me

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I love someone who has a girlfriend. they have gone out before this, and I told him I loved him but I said I was going to back off, he said he loves me too but that would be best. I just cant do it though, I love him too much! and I think him and his girlfriend are going to last, what do I do!! ):

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Not worth it girls!!! My last relationship was with a guy who had a long distance but serious girlfriend. I liked him a lot and was in denial of him having a girlfriend. Whenever his phone rang my heart would skip a beat because it could be her calling, so I had to end it and ended up getting very badly hurt. THEN... a few months later, just a few weeks ago, I started going out with someone else. I was really happy because he was really sweet with me and really attentive. Then I found out that he also has a serious long distance girlfriend. When I found out I walked out of his place right then and there and the only time I've talked to him since, even though I see him almost every day, was to tell him that I didn't deserve him treating me that way and that he's a liar and a cheat. Although it still hurts when I see him, I feel much better about it.

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I Really Like A Boy Atm He Has A Girlfriend But When Im With Him He Makes Me Feel Special And Wanted He Tells Me He Loves Me But I Duno What To Do because I Dont Wna Hurt His girlfriend But At The Same Time I Dont Wna Get Hurt Myself:( Help Someone Please!?!?! x

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I like dis boy but he has a girlfriend but when were at school he flirts with me and one time he told his girlfriend that I was his cousin ,and he lied to his cousin and said he doesn't have a girlfriend !what should I do!!!

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Personally i think that you should leave him alone because he has a girlfriend. The fact that he didn't tell you is kind of shady to me. I think that maybe he just wanted to have a girl on the side and you need to find someone more worthy of your time.

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yeah thanks, im going to just leave him alone. i don't need that...and i feel bad for his girlfriend. so when he asks me why i don't talk to him, answer his calls, or go see him at his job anymore... i'll tell him "i'm sorry, i don't feel like being anyones side chick. i deserve better."

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I also have a guy a like hes like 3 years older than me tho :/ I saw him today with his girlfriend and my friend said is that him I was like no no no , but I felt my heart drop so walking homee I was realllyyy upset :( can someone helppp meee !

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I'm going though this right now. he tells me he loves me and we go to some places together. but he has dreams about me every night and he talks to me more then his girlfriend. but I hadn't met his girlfriend or even seen a picture of her so I dont know if he really has one or not

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I knew a dude that was *maybe a 5/10* on a good day.
He wasn’t ugly, but he wasn’t particularly attractive. But he was nice enough and had a normal job.
He was definitely dateable and wanted a girlfriend.
A cute girl, right up his league, would be flirting with him at a social function.
After, I’d say,
“Hey man - you should take her out. She seemed to like you.”
He’d say, “Eh. she’s not that attractive.”
Another girl, cuter than him by translation:
“Eh - she is ugly. I can do better.”
Then, he’d go and start macking on some chick who was so ridiculously out of his league, and who was clearly uncomfortable talking to him.
He was so disillusioned. It was frustrating.
This cycle repeated itself - he’d turn down signals from great girls over and over because he thought he deserved some Instagram model.
Spoiler alert - 10 years later - he is still single.
Too many people have ridiculous expectations in the dating world. “Hot” people aren’t the only ones who are vain. Same goes for relationships with a huge level of cheating. I would suggest an amazing specialist on infidelity cases. see villahacker001 at gmail. com. He his the perfect specialist for all infidelity related issues

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