I kinda still love him...

okay, so I have one of my best friends. who is a guy. and I used to be really in love with him a lot for like the 2 weeks after I ment him to like a couple weeks ago I was madly in love with him. about a mounth ago he asked out my friend (who is els really close) and she said yes, I was really happy for him. and for her. she would be his secend girlfriend and he would be her first. :) but the thing is as they started dating more and more I lose feelings for him and I started to like this guy at my school (who happends to look just liek him xD ) but the thing is I felt I was really over my guy friend but since they started dating me and him got really closer. and im starting to like him again. but I dont want to get in the way of him and her. and she already knows this too. help?! what to do?!

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Bahahahahahaha! Now I will get serious!
You should talk to your friends:P and tell her what you are feeling...maybe you will get even closer...if you know what I mean!

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well I think your being a great friend by not wanting to get inbetween them ,hoever you cannot help your feeling but tell your friend you do nto wish for them to break up and try to concentrate on this other guy or no-one if you wish, and try to distance yourself from her boyfriend :] hope this helped

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Did it work?!
by my point of veiw, it didnt!

luv or love?
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well you've got to see who means more to you, him or her, because if he means more to you than she does then he needs to know. But if she means more then you need to let her be happy. You'll never know until you've tried, hope i've helped

I love him

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