Why haven't I started my period yet?

im so worried and mad in way b/c almost alll my friends have started their periods and I’m 14 and still havent started mine! some of my friends younger than me have even started,but I dont really know what it will feel like or anything so HELP! o yeah and, I have had a white/clear discharge on my underwaer daily 4 about I dont know, 6,7 months give,take a few,but people say once you have that, you’ll start,well I havent started and I have had it long enough to get on my nerves b/c its all over my underwear. ok well thats all 4 now, please help me w/ your advice b/c I dont know when its going to happen!

Answer #1

dont worry x

abwt it ,, and ma because was 20 when she started soo dont worryy x

so dont worry x

when it does come you will wish it had nevah come :)

Answer #2

I’m fourteen and still havn’t started mine. I get discharage like so bad that I have to wear pads in my underwear. I hate t wear pads when I’m not even on my period. by the time I do start, I’ll wanna wear tampons. I read somewhere that six months after you start getting discharge, is when u’ll start. I starte getting really bad discharge towards the beginning of this year. if school started in august, then I’ll probably start in…February or so. I don’t know but I’m tired of all of my friends saying stuff about theirs. I feel like such a loser just standing there changing for gym practically by myself because all of the other girls change in th bathrooms when they’re on their periods. I’m just so surprised that everyone else is just like me. I hope mine will come soon so I’ll get rid of this discharge shit. :/

Answer #3

im 14 and I am 15 in febuary, I have no period just dicharge which acts like a perios because it comes for about a week a month :S I’ve had it for about a year and I have been worried sick once now im not.., and dont worry if anyone here has tried a tampon and it KILLED, its because yr not supposed to use em until yr used to your periods…and everyones down belows are different, some are flabby some are skinny some are small sum are bug theyre like boys bits in a way :/ so no one worry because everyones different just relax and enjoy your freedom it will come when it comes :) hope this helped any one

Answer #4

I agree with the person above periods can start from the age’s of 9 or earlier up to the age of 19 :) your time will come and when i does you will regret wanting it ^_^

Answer #5

dont worry bout it, its prollie on its way. i had a friend who didnt get hers until she was 19 & she had the discharge too. just start wearing panty liners and it will help the discomfort =]

Answer #6

Don’t feel left out or left behind. It will come soon enough and believe me you’ll be saying this sucks.

Answer #7

I Havent started mine either! Damn This Sucks! All Of my friends have! Okay Im 13 And I have had sex! Like more then once. will that damage my body if I havent started yet? I No im only 13 but who cares!!

Can you please help me!!

Answer #8

I am 14 and I always I often get white crusty discharge and im small boobs hurt like crazy, spots have popped up fromno were and my best friend started the other week and she had a lot more discharge than me and she keeps saying im gonna start but my mom didnt start till she was 16 so whats this all about.

ps to be honest I dont even want to start because its really horriable so all the young people who wanna start think twice about getting excited ?

Answer #9

I’m 13 and like all my friends have had their periods and I feel all left behind because the have big boobs and I feel imbarresd, they all talk about how 32 D’s and 34 C’s don’t fit and all these bra sizes and I don’t know what to say, I think my boobs are growing but, I’m getting a lil chub here in there, personaly I think I’m fat but, everyone I ask say I’m not. But, I’ll use the restroom and I’ll have this goowy stuff in my underwear, then somethimes it’s like crusty. I can’t talk to my mom about this becuase I don’t know what she’d say. My nipples always hurt! My doctor says I’m going to start my period but, it’s been 3 months and nothing! My friends younger cousin hasn’t had her period yet but she has almost D boobs. :L Am I ever going to start my period and what is the goowy stuff that is in my underwear? Will anyone help me?

Answer #10

I have just turned 13 at the start of this month and I have had this goowy like white/clear stuff in my underwear, and I still havent started my periods and my mam said she started hers a couple of days after her 12 birthday and I still havent started mine, does anyone know when I will start or anything.

Answer #11

Im 14 almost 15 and I still haven’t had my period yet and I have this white discharge in my underwear. Is this normal? all my friends have started their periods and I feel all left out.

Answer #12

hi im 13, 14 in january all my friends have started their periods and I feel left out, they talk about them all the time on how they go through like 10 pads a day and tried tampons the other day, they all have big boobs aswell and I have flat ones and all the boys dont look a me because of I I’ve been having discharge for ages but they still havnt come has anyone got any advice or anythig to say to make me fel better :/ xx

Answer #13

I was 10wen my perido came and belive mee you dont want itt all my frends were talkinn aboutt there first bras and I was sayin I got bllod in myy pantss im noww 13 andd 5 months pregnant !

 seriosulyy nufink to worry aboutt
Answer #14

I know I’m the same. all my friends have started and its kinda annoying when their all talkin about it. just don’t freak out.thats what I’m trying to do. I know we all don’t wanna be one of those girls who didn’t start until they were 19!but sstill just because your thirteen doesn’t been its too late. you probbs end up starting in a thew months. if you wan’t to make your self esteem higher you could try asking for a bra and shaving. this might make you feel more grown up until you start your period and you won’t be as left out. you have the whole summer holls to transform yourself into a woman. try at first asking to shave and then when your with you mum shopping ask for a bra. get yourself a new haircut and when you get back to school you will feel older. if your having discharge like me for ages don’t worry.our periods should be coming in either 6 to 18 months. gud look and hope you don’t feel too down. I had a great talk with my mum. it contained a lot of tears about low self esteem but know I’m ok and I can accept that I’m not a freak and I should start my periods soon. if it helps create targets for yourself. my target are to get a bra, permission to shave and to start hormonal and body changes by the time I go back to school. sometimes it just gives you some patience and guidelines.

Answer #15

so? we’re all different. This is normal, or at least within normal range. What worries me is that I realize I’ve had that “discharge” all my life, as long as I can remember. Now THAT’S freaky. In fact my sister and my two friends started when they were nine. Also in fourth grade all the girls had boobs except me. I was known as “flat-zilla” by the guys, who were very shallow. as for what “understandingchick” says, I’m SO annoyed by that. When my mom doesn’t notice I don’t wear a bra because I don’t care if it isn’t “proper” in public, and I also don’t shave. maybe once in a while for the feel of smooth legs haha but really, seriously, not everyone wants to be like that, you don’t have to listen to her if you don’t want to.

Answer #16

Well It’s probally becuase of your weight. Are you under weight for your height? If you are, thats probally the reason why you have not started your period yet. Your body needs a certain amount of fat to have your hormones working properly and if you do not have enough fat on your body, and you are over the age of 14 and is under weight, this can cause serious health problems later in life and can probally lead to cancer. Im 24 and I have me PHD in medical care so I recommend, if you have an eating disorder, or you are to skinny for your height, then start gaining weight in a HEALTHY way to start your menstrol cycle and eventually start your period.

Answer #17

Seriously - don’t worry. I’m near the same age as you (a bit younger) and I haven’t started yet but if you worry about it then the longer it will seem before it happens. Also everyone starts at different times. If your mum started later then you probably will too.

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