I have never thrown a party... HELP

Ok here’s my problem, I am 24 and my fiancee is 38 his b-day is in 2 weeks and I had already invited 20 people to our little apartment when finances suddenly got low, I lost my job and he got sick and missed a lot of work, it was supposed to be surprise but one of his friends let it slip and he knows and is really excited… I would just as soon cancel b/c money got really tight and now I am at a loss for what to do. I have 171.71 to spend on this thing and that’s it, I need to figure out what to serve/how and what to decorate with etc. we have 8 chairs and I am freaking out… I am in over my head but I it is too late to cancel on another note I recently found out he hasn’t had a b-day party since he was 15/16 so now I feel it is really important to do this. He is 38, a vintage toy collecter who loves superheroes and such… our apartment is really small and we cant afford ac, I want people to have fun and be comfortable please someone help… phillygrl4life85@aim.com

Answer #1

hotwings from hooters it saved us one time

Answer #2

I think thats a lot to deal with how about caso-velvetta chesse and rotel sauce into a crockpot and cook…a hot dog bar-mustard,ketchup,relish,onions,chesse,chilli,…also people can use the chilli and chesse to make nachos…and burgers and chips…buy coke and liquor..there shud be a place where you can rent chairs for like 59cents a piece..also look on ebay for a good gift..decor there is noo need hes turning 38 not 3..lol..but goodluck I know you can do it..

Answer #3

It’s not uncommon to ask guests to bring drinks and food to a party. My friends and I do it all the time. Nobody should think poorly of you, especially considering your current situation. If anyone is offended by your request to make your party a potluck and decides to boycott, then the bright side is you won’t have to squeeze 20 guests into 8 chairs in your tiny apartment. And you learn who cares about you and who cares about free food and drink. :) If the party is in the evening, open the windows and hope for a cool breeze. Borrow fans from friends and family to keep air flowing.

Buy a box cake, and bake and decorate it yourself. If you don’t have a cake pan you can get disposable ones at the grocery for pretty cheap.

Decorations aren’t necessary. If you must have them, you can get a bag of balloons and a roll of crepe and that should be fine for decoration. Dollar stores are great places to find cheap decorations. Make a card on the computer or get some cheap paper and crayons and draw something cute for him.

Don’t let finances stress you out. You have a home and friends and a fiance’ who will appreciate this gift you are giving him. Most importantly, you have each other. Have fun!

Answer #4

Ok here is some advice. first of all dont stress this is supossed to be fun. So your’re on a budget, Try going to like a dollar store and getting cheap streamers..ballons..happy birthday signs and stuff like that to decorate with. pick a color theme. Also they have napkins, plates, cups spoons/forks all that stuff also. (which means easy clean up w/ no dishes) for Food stick to appetizers, and easy dips. chips and cheese cubes crackers.. instead of buying pre-made dips make them yourself the night before by buying the packets that you just mix w/ mayo or cream cheese. If you feel comfortable enough w/ the guest invited ask a friend to make a dish to bring…if you feel okay w/ that. If you plan on serving alcohol try to stick to simple choices..cases of miller or bud. maybe a couple bottles of big wine..It will all start coming together once you get in the planning mood. just dont stress. Good luck!

Answer #5

Okay, well I’m a great party thrower so her goes: First you need a guest list, make sure you don’t invite too many people. You need some great banners and balloons, there is a part shop called ‘Fun’ you could get supplies from there. Make sure you give everyone notice and invitations, to make it better, make it into a surprise party. You can let your fiance come home and be surprised to a family and friends party. For food you could higher a caterer, but it would be easier if you go to Marks and Spencers and bye a whole bunch of cakes, and food- unless you can cook which is probably nicer. Anyway, I hope I helped, enjoy the party, and after this, you’ll be throwing parties all the time :) have fun! MISS FF

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