How to know if you're a good kisser?

well me and my boyfriend are really close and he wants to kiss me because he has tried. but my other friend wants to get a picture of us kissing.I have never kissed before well not a reall kiss. How do you kiss and how do you know if you are a good kisser or a bad kisser?

Answer #1

I havent had my first kiss yet and I am totally scared because my boyfriend and I are going to Lazer Adventure with me and some other friends, I am 13, and scared that I will act all dumb or mess something up. idkk what to do..

Answer #2

write your name in cursive with your tongue in his mouth. I use this all the time and guys seem to enjoy it. just dont use too much spit, NObody likes that. and make sure you just follow him. my best advice is to put your hands on his neck, that gets them really into it. if not, around the waist works fine. (:

Answer #3

I didnt kiss a boy until I was 14, and I though I kissed about 4 boys after that, I didnt “make out” until I was sixteen, it depends on the person, but as long as you dont lick their face, then you will be fine., your kissing style often matches the person you are withs kissing style

Answer #4

When you’re kissing wait till he opens his mouth, then open yours to, but just a little. Then just poke your tongue in his mouth a little, so that your tongues meet, and slide against each other, Then pull your tongue out and close your mouth and kiss regular. And keep repeating till you are both done making out.

It’s always better to star out slow,

Don’t ever stick your whole tongue in his mouth, You might gag him.

And if you do mess up its ok, it happens to the best of us because no 2 people kiss the same.

If he gives you tips don’t be embarrassest just say ok, and then do as he tells you.

You can put your hand around his waist. On his neck, or in his hair.

Answer #5

is it just me or when everyone has there first makeout everything in the world just stops?

Answer #6

isit just me, or when anyone has there forst makeout with a guy they REALLY like everything in the world just stops?

Answer #7

well first how old are you? im not gona judge and say your too young either!!!

Answer #8

always check how your breath smells!!…thats really important, I mean how would you feel if a guy kisses you and has bad breath :S…yuk :P !!

Answer #9

Be calm dont laugh ,keep you’re lips closed unless it last more than 9 secs than lick his lips he might lick yours if he does than that means he wants to french (only do if you want to french)-From a boy

Answer #10

Well there is an ice cream test if you can remember how you eat ice cream. If you lick it while turning the cone, then you are a good kisser. :) Also, how to kiss… I can’t exactly tell you how, but just go with the flow and even if you don’t do well, there is always ‘practice’. :) Good luck.

Answer #11

to answer jess 8 ‘s question I just turned 14

Answer #12

I had the same question until I was 13. I was scared to death of kissing a guy.I wantd to,but I was too scraed I’d do it wrong,and look stupid,or that I wouldnt know what to do. Honestly though,when the time came,It was completely natural. The first time I made out,It came naurally,I didnt even have to think about what to do.

Just a few pointers though;; Dont breathe through your mouth when your kissing,breathe through your nose. Otherwise its kinda awkward.

Dont be awkward with your hands. Either keep them to yourself,or go for their neck,back,or hair.

good luck:]

Answer #13

just follow your partner, assure him that it is your first time and you are a little scared since you said that you 2 are close he should understand, personally I wouldnt suggest you take a picture of your first kiss itll make it a little less scary. dont worry there will be plenty more for you to take pictures of, your partner will usually tell you if you are a good kisser ir not but dont fret too much about it cause everyone has a different interpretation on it and like different things and you will get better the more you do it just follow your partners lead. as for how to kiss well other techniques other then following your partner

  1. keep your mouth closed if you dont want to french but I find it a little harder to kiss with your mouth closed.
  2. to tell that your partner wants to french he will lick your lips most the time
  3. you may move your mouth which I find a little easier to do when making out or kissing for a short time … in order to move your mouth you move it in kindof a circular motion dont worry it is much easier then it sounds 4 you can practice on your hand but I find it a little easier to just do it with your partner hope I helped and if you need nething else funmail me ~kaitlyn~
Answer #14

My first kiss I was 12 (I’m 13 now)and it was with this boy that I really liked, but I didn’t go out with him, then me and a nbunch of mates went swimming and he asked me out, so now I’m with him :D basically just got with the flow, I put my arms round his nek or play with his hair, he usualyy puts his hands round my waist. Let him make the first move (with the tounge) then just let him lead, close your eyes though, because if he closes his he doesn’t want to open them to see some big eyes just staring at him LOL, move your tounge with his, but after a while take it out and just kiss normally, and then pop your tounge back in LOL, basiccally just let him lead and do what you feel comfortable doing :D

hope I helped xx

Answer #15

I freaked out abt this until my first kiss…which was recently…I thot what if I was a bad kisser and was terrified of loooking dumb..I think it comes natural to most people…just dont try to eat their face-keep your lips moving but in contact with their mouth(I hope that makes sense) hope I helped!

Answer #16

well im 13 and I just had my first kiss yesterday its not really as hard as it sounds the first time round you may just want to put your arms around his neck and his arms around your back then close you eyes and before you know it its over … but that one kiss then it will keep him coming back hope this helps :)

Answer #17

well I turned 14 not long ago and like you I’ve been wanting to do it. and the time came for me when I started going out with my boyfriend. I really like him and knew that I wanted him to be my first. he knew I had never kissed any body before (with tounge) and he knew how I felt. but the time came and it just happend. and to be honest it was really good. I really don’t noe if im good or not but to let you know, its sort of adictive and you can really get carried away. once u=you start you can’t stop. but just tell him you want him to be your first and he will understand. then just let him take the lead because I think its just easier if he takes the lead. other wise I might go into panick mode.

I hope I helped :D

Answer #18

I’m 15, turning 16 in two months and I’ve never kissed a boy. I’m such a loser :-( I feel so ugly and rejected.

Answer #19

learn from the best you cld practise wth a friend but practie makes perfect

Answer #20

Hmmm well lets see. My first kiss.. Was at 13… Heh. I the hottest guy I knew. He was 18. And thought I was 16.. Lol long story. But yeahh. It just came naturally. I soon found out that alottt of guys kiss differently. first kiss was all sloppy with it. But neat.. Hard to explain. Then my second,(hottest guy I’ve ever known) had the same tongue pattern over and over which was just in circles. Then my 3rd..he didn’t use much tongue. Then I don’t remember therest of my kisses. But yeah. Just go with the flow

Answer #21

I didnt hve my first kiss until I was well 12.I kinda feel wround bout it cause my parents don’t know. so I told my boyfriend he was the 1st guy I kissed and well turns out he told me “its all good im your first im happy so btw=by the way YOUR A GREAT KISSER! best than anyone else” so that helped me calm down

Answer #22

When I was younger I was really scared and I was wondering how it is gonna be? I got my first kiss with the guy I really liked and I was 14 it was amazingg! The only way to know if you’re good at it is your feeling while doing it “kissing” if you’re enjoying and you think you’re going okay with it you’re good and if that wasn’t there it means you’re not .Watch yourself if you’re totally numb with it you are a good kisser :) I hope I helped . xx

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