I have gym first period !

I just got my schedule for school and found out I have gym for first prd. :( and thats bad because im going to be sweating ! so have you ever had that do recomend anythang I need like perfume or anythang its also going to mess up my make up / hair and everythang :(

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I used 2 have it 1st period in year 7 just make sure you use some deodorant and splash some water over your face.

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I think it helps to get your face wet with cold water. and then dry it off with a paper towel or something.

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I have it first period too! =(

but im aloud to shower

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yeah I knoe I straighten my hair and then the get curly/frizzy

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ME 2 DOESNT IT SUCKK!!??? cauuse my bangs get sweaty and get all curly! AHH :'(

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I have gym first period tmrw too =/
just bring some makeup with you in yer bag, deoderant, perfume extc and when you go to the locker rooms to change back to yer normal clothes [im guessing they make you change fer gym because thats what we do] then fix up yer makeup and what not...its not that big a deal :]

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I say just bring some face wipes, some make-up and take in either role on deodorant or anti-perspirant deodorant. You could also buy a body spray to put on your clothes aswell :) I used to have P.E. first thing on a monday morning :/ I looked like a weirdo for the rest of the day because my hair went crazy lol :P But I used to bring in all that stuff that I listed above, kept me smelling fresh atleast! :]

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I had it for first last year, at least you get to do p.e. before it gets waaayy too hot, you do get sweaty sometimes but just make sure you have deodorant and perfume with you or whatever else you need:)

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BEST WORKING deoderant is Dove Clinical protection if you sweat a lot, make-up all I'd say is bring some with you ...cant do much about that, and perfume, yeah bring some it can help! :)

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Also try to straighten your hair because if you leave it natural it goes fizzy (if your hair is like mine) or if you curl it they just fall out... or maybe platt it. Or try styles with your hair up... experiment !

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I got gym first to xP, dont put on any make up untill after and ya prefume and colone helps to ( bring brush). If you have showers take one after, oh and tie your hair up real high so it doesnt stick to your face.

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OMG I have gym first period too this year and I sweat a lot so this is what I'm going:

1. clip both my hair and bangs up so my hair dosn't get wet and wavy.
2. get the scented lady speed stick so it stops you from sweating as well as makes you smell good.
3.perfume but not a lot that it makes the scent overwhelming.
4. bring a hair brush so when you put your hair down you can make it stay down

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